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Bennett R. Coles is a Canadian author of fiction. He is known for his fiction writing of novels within the science fiction genre.

Bennett R. Coles is the creator and writer of the Virtues of War series. This fictional series of novels first kicked off in 2015 with the release of the debut novel, which shares the same name. The sequel came out in 2016 and the third book followed it just a year later (titled March of War). The series is a trilogy with space to grow if the author decides to go that way.

Coles won an award for his debut novel. He received the CBR Cygnus Award in the science fiction and fantasy category.

Virtues of War is the exciting first novel in the series of the same name by talented author Bennett R. Coles. If you love classic science fiction or fantasy novels written by authors such as H.G. Wells or Isaac Asimov or Jules Verne, then this might be the type of book for you!

This thrilling debut starts off by showing the reader a window into a possible future time line for humanity. It would be a time where human beings and the civilization as a whole had expanded into the previously unconquered frontier of space. This book also confronts the baggage that people will inevitably bring there, emotionally and culturally.

Full of action and adventure and in a world that is decidedly more high tech than what we have access to, Coles has created a world landscape filled with science and a fantasy edge. But at the same time, it is still a story that probes into how physical and psychological warfare can have a profound effect as well as the ways that people (or characters in the book in this case) respond to certain situations.

Readers also get to meet Katja Emmes. The Lieutenant Emmes commands a platoon, but at the last minute she ended up getting a transfer. That meant that she would be the leader of a strike team instead of watching over her platoon with a team of ten strike troopers. The group would be freighted as part of the ship named Rapier, a fast attacking craft that is designed to do well in battle.

Katja has been trained in commanding but has never actually had the chance to lead troops in real life. There isn’t a single operation that she has participated in that has prepared her to do this. On top of her fears and lack of confidence, Katja knows that in the back of her mind about it all she cannot forget about what happened to her father, who was a hero of war.

Meanwhile, Jack Mallory is a sublieutenant that has just made his way out of graduating from pilot school. Now that his lessons are over, he’s come to begrudgingly accept that he’s going to need to actually do something. That means joining up with the warfare world that engages in their strange fights among extra-dimensional settings.

Even though he’s joined up in a world of war, this pilot dose the most basic of his duty while dreaming of being a fighter pilot. Jack spends far too much time dreaming of what could happen and now he’s in for trouble whenever he decides to wake up or reality does it for him.

At the same time, Thomas Kane is a Lt. Commander and he’s about ready to be promoted. His career is going well and he is about to be deployed to command Rapier. He also knows that he needs this chance to ride through the ranks of the Astral Force. He’s figured out that just doing well at his job is not going to be the extra edge that he needs.

As a result, Kane does his best to be political in that professional world and try to play that angle of the game. However, he’s going to come to realize soon enough that there will be more foes to face than just those with whom he is competing for a promotion. Some enemies are in front of your face, and some just hide out there, ready to pop out when you least expect it.

Virtues of War is set in the future and it shows a society that has gone and diverged from our own. This splintering has meant an acceleration in their evolution that has led to a civilization unlike anything we would recognize. This book shows that you still have something in common no matter how many years have passed and takes a closer look at what it is that makes us so human.

Casualties of War is the thrilling and action packed second novel from author Bennett R. Coles in the Virtues fictional series!

Coming home is not always easy, but it is a welcome option for the task force that makes up the Expeditionary Force 15. The veterans have just put down a colonial rebellion and now that the task is complete, they’re allowed to return to the home planet and come home to a warm welcome and take a break.

The only thing is, the welcome that they were wanting or even expecting might happen just doesn’t happen. There is nothing about the world that they return to that seems welcoming or anything like the home that they remember. Something about this world is just as antagonistic and hostile as the battlegrounds and people were at the colony.

The veterans soon find out that they are in the middle of a strange time in history and choose to stick together among the chaos. It seems that their enemies have followed them here, In the middle of a peace that can’t last, these soldiers are going to have to fight off whatever comes at them and figure out whether they are safe within their own ranks– or the threat is coming from one of them as well.

Want to find out what will happen in this strange and sweeping sci-fi mystery? Discover everything that will happen by picking yourself up a copy of this second novel of Cole’s Virtue series!

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