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Publication Order of Benny Griessel Books

Benny Griessel is the leading character in a series of crime thriller novels by South African novelist Deon Meyer. Benny Griessel works as the murder detective within Cape Town. Benny Griessel is at a bad place at the start of the series. He almost loses everything he has, including his job, his family and any last shred of respect he had.

Deon Meyer, who was born in 1958, is among South Africa’s top thriller writers. He usually writes about hard-hitting crime fiction stories, some of which retired policeman Bennie Griessel is among the characters. Deon Meyer started out his Benny Griessel series in 2007 with the novel Devil’s Peak. Currently, the series is still ongoing. The first novel in Benny Griessel series by Deon Meyer is the Devil’s peak. Here is a closer look at the first two books in Benny Griessel series:

Devil’s Peak

Written by rising South Africa’s thrillers author Deon Meyer, the devils peak is a suspense gripping book about forgiveness, revenge along with the race to arrest trained killer. A terrible confession is made to a priest by a young woman. An honorable man then takes his revenge for a horrifying tragedy. There’s also an old inspector who tries to get sober as he decides to take on the most challenging case in his career. Building from the beginning, Deon Meyer creates a story of suspense and astonishing complexity, as an Inspector Benny Griessel comes against a very dangerous vigilante that has literally everything on his own side, including the public sympathy.

A frightening abuse case hits the newsstands, and detective has decided to take it upon himself so as to support Cape Town children.

A string of gory murders begins when the accused guy is found stabbed all through the heart with a spear. This creates a very dangerous dilemma for the detective benny Griessel. As a detective, Benny is always a step behind as another person murders the city’s killers. Griessel meets the avenger when a young sex worker lures both of them into a very dangerous plan and the two only find themselves with the heart-stopping problems that no other system of justice can ever make right.

This is a very exciting read from one cover to another cover. It will keep you awake and alert later than usual. Drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll: the book has got all these and much more details. The story is mainly populated by excellent characters like Inspector Griessel, the police officer who has an alcoholic problem; Christine, the ‘sex worker’ who’s more than the match for the drug entrepreneur, Carlos along with her best client. Not only has Meyer written an excellent thriller, but he has also has succeeded to depict modern South Africa as well as its several problems ingeniously. I certainly believe that that you should be reading more of Meyer’s books soon.

Mainly set in Cape Province in South Africa, Deon Meyer, the author, creates the many seemingly disconnected interesting stories together, putting the readers in suspense towards the end of every section of the story that’s often short. Normally, there must be a few connections between the separate tales. However, this will only become apparent quite well in the book, after you’ve become thoroughly immersed yourself in Meyer’s well depicted and realistic South Africa’s physical and social landscape.

The main strengths of the Devil’s Peak are characterization, sense of place and plotting. Meyer provides a very intricate story that’s based on 3 in-depth character studies that are embedded within the turmoil of the South Africa’s society, the criminal underbelly as well as the corrupt and overstretched police force. Within the course of this novel, there are back stories that are teased apart and revealed as their lives begin to intersect. The whole story revolves at a relatively steady pace, as Meyer moves carefully the inter-connecting pieces to the right place to build page-turning finale.

Thirteen Hours

Thirteen Hours is the second Deon Meyer book in Benny Griessel. Just like `the Devil’s Peak’, `Thirteen Hours’ is a real page-turner that will grip you from the first word, to the very last. The finest novel written by the undisputed king of South African crime writing who is also the 2011 Boeke Prize winner from South Africa and shortlisted for the 2010 CWA International Dagger for Best Translated Crime Fiction.

The clock begins to tick from the word go. A case an American teenage tourist who is brutally murdered needs to be solved within thirteen hours .the tension becomes more heightened with the book being broken down into time-lined chapters. This makes you to be ultra aware of the passing of minute and indeed seconds!!

The storyline is fascinating and full of tension, as the police system is seemingly not in order, undermanned with insufficiently trained and inexperienced officers; who come up against a system full of, racial, corruption and sexual prejudices; they strive to bring two different, seemingly unrelated murders, to satisfactory conclusions while maintaining some level of integrity and professionalism.

The build-up is cleverly created and it’s full of suspense, as the two apparently contradictory cases, slowly start to have common links, with clues and information being brought out sporadically during the course of day life. The book moves between plots frequently as the action hots up and Benny Griessel fights to help keep control of the situation in both the two investigations, in his role as a mentor to the new recruits who have been assigned as investigating officers.

The pace of the plot has natural peaks and troughs as you take short breaks from the action, which goes on in the background, when new clues are introduced, thus relating a fast paced action novel with the more methodical aspects of a police procedural, a format which will work well for you and will captivate your interest throughout the novel.

The characters are totally real and believable; from their barely concealed racial views; acceptance as the norm of the corruption within the force by colleagues, on whom their life may ultimately depend; animosity towards DI Benny Griessel, who they see as a drunken has-been and certainly not fit to be their case mentor, especially when they get to know of his promotion to Captain, meted out as a way of testing securing his loyalty and integrity.

A gripping, insightful read that will keep you on the edge of my seat until the very last page. Brilliantly executed by Deon Meyer.

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