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Berger & Mitry Books In Order

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Publication Order of Berger and Mitry Books

The Cold Blue Blood (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hot Pink Farmhouse (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bright Silver Star (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burnt Orange Sunrise (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweet Golden Parachute (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sour Cherry Surprise (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shimmering Blond Sister (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood Red Indian Summer (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Snow White Christmas Cookie (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coal Black Asphalt Tomb (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lavender Lane Lothario (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

David Handler is one of those writers in the mystery genre that you actually get to love book by book. He is just exquisite and intelligent in the way he brings forth the story as well as the way he narrates the whole thing all the while making you feel like you are actually part of the story. He articulates word by word, thereby bringing forth creations in his characters that almost seem tangible when you start to read his books. This is especially evident in this series titled Berger and Mitry that is just on a scale of its own. The series is the right mix of excellence in this field as well as creativity that is unrivaled. The series kicks off with the first book that is titled The Cold Blue Blood and is nothing but suspense packed that will keep you wanting more each time that you flip a page. The book is significantly successful and considering the number of ratings that it has amassed, it is no secret that this is just the right book to get you started in the mood for this amazing series.

The first book finds Mitch Berger becoming a recluse as a result of the passing of his wife a year ago. He works as a top film critic for a major newspaper in New York and he is really comfortable as far as his job is concerned. He finds himself spending his time alone in his house or just in the screening room at the office and his boss is concerned about him. He does however give excellent reviews of movies that continue to make moviegoers love him the more. As a plot to get him out of his grief situation, she assigns him work that is non-movie related. The assignment is to do a story on the wealthy homeowners of Gold Coast Connecticut. After much reluctance, he agrees to do the assignment and moves to a cottage in the Gold Coast. The homeowners are not happy to have him there but his landlady by the name of Dolly is however very jubilant about his stay and plus she needs the money. Lieutenant Desiree Mitry who is black and one of the three only lady officers in the Connecticut State Police Major Crimes Squad arrives now in this time in the book.

She comes after a body is discovered in the backyard of Dolly after some serious gardening that day. She terrorizes anyone who doesn’t want to help with the investigation and she is described also as a dedicated officer of the law. She also is a closet artist and very beautiful and complicated and this intrigues Mitch a lot. He falls for her and this is where the book even gets more interesting and you won’t want to put it down for a second as the romance and chemistry between this two and the circumstances around them is just nothing short of amazing. Reading through this pages will give you a better understanding of their world and to find out what more happens in that book, you just have to get the book. There are a lot of questions that you will answer once you get the book like whose body it is that is found in Dolly’s backyard. Does these two finally get to be together or does the grief of Mitch losing his wife get the better of him. Mitry’s complications, will they affect the relationship that they are about to plunge into or will they not. All this will be answered and so many more when you get to read the book.

The second book in this series goes by the title of The Hot Pink Farmhouse and it does nothing but electrify the series further. It is however the third book that brings out the best in Handler as a writer of mystery novels. Going by the title of The Bright Silver Star, the book remains top class and puts the series in a really amazing position of going on to be just one of your favorites. The way the book is woven and brought out is just almost impossible. The turn of events will leave your jaw dropping and your eyes popping out and your brain begging for more. That is exactly the right words to describe this book. It starts out when it is high tourist season on Gold Coast Connecticut and everything is going smoothly for everyone including the film critic that we met in the first book by the name of Mitch and his budding new flame Mitry. A movie star, Tito Molino plunges to his death and this throws everything to disarray as investigations begin and the press swarming in to get the juicy story. Everything just seems to be on a downward spiral as the investigations continue and allegations start flying around. The media threatens to expose really deep and dark secrets about Tito that could throw everything yet again to even more chaos. As the allegations are thrown around Mitch and Mitry’s friends are accused of the crime and even Mitch himself is about to be thrown into that mix. Will this affect their relationship?

You will get to see a lot more that concerns these two love birds when you get the book. Especially the dark secret that the media is threatening to publish with regards to Tito. This is what is even more intriguing and just sets the book apart and makes it one of the best that you will read as far as this genre goes. The way that Handler articulates the books is just inspiring and outright genius. The way in which these two main characters are brought to make the book one to actually love each time you flip a page is what is even more memorable about the series. You kind of wish you would be having the next book in the series in your hands already as there are up to eleven books in this series. Each of these books is just as amazing as the last one and they will be a good choice made by you.

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