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Bernard B. Kerik is a published author.

Bernard was once NYC’s police commissioner, the fortieth person to hold that title. Giuliani appointed him to the position in August 2000. Before that he was a commissioner for the D.O.C.

Kerik has also served with the N.Y. Police Department in plainclothes and uniformed duty for 8 years. He also received the Medal of Valor along with several others for his services that were deemed both heroic and meritorious. He has also received national attention for his department stewardship in the tragic aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

He has received attention as well for his novel The Lost Son. The memoir became a best seller and goes over the author’s early life as well as significant events that have gone on throughout the course of his time here on Earth. Readers have praised the book as an insight into the interesting life of this individual.

Kerik has released several books under his name. These involve different subjects. He has already published a memoir and has had several more works released about things that he has contended with. These include national tragedies like September 11th or his experience with falling from grace and experiencing the correctional system.

His 2001 novel is titled In the Line of Duty. The book gets right into things, recounting the attacks on the World Trade Center on that day. Not only was New York City and the people in it drastically affected, the country itself was forced to react and act in the time following that event.

The tragedy caused thousands of deaths and the lives of still more that were connected to it in one way or another. Even though the tragedy and pain caused by that day took a toll, there were also many more heroes that were born out of that trying time.

Kerik recalls that frantic day in the history of the country as an entire population of people witnessed a singular event occur together. This event is seen from the point of view of the individuals that serve the city of New York, from those in the FDNY and the NYPD to the Police Commissioner himself and the Fire Commissioner.

The two departments were able to lead the charge together, bonding together and taking on the circumstances without fear. With great courage and personal daring on the part of the rescue and fire workers as well as police and volunteers, the women and men of those departments are recognized for their brave efforts on that day and the days and the nights following that event to help the individuals that were affected by the event find some peace and even survive in some lucky instances.

The American people’s heroism shone through strong that day, proving to a nation and a world that when disaster strikes, the strength of how we choose to handle it can still hold meaning and have an impact. This book has over one hundred pages of photographs, some in black and white with sixteen pages of photographs that are in full color that bring the story to life.

This one of a kind memorial volume is full of the brave accounts and heroism of some of the finest people in New York and how they pitched in to do what they can in the hours and the days that followed this disaster. It contains a tribute in the forward to the teams that conducted the searches and went through the rescue effort as well as their comrades that fell in the fight by Kerik himself.

Full of inspiration and a tribute to those that put their lives on the line to help others, this is a book that is a witness to the American people’s strength of spirit and the American heroes that rose up out of the ashes of a horrible tragedy to do good.

Another engaging full length book that you won’t be able to put down from this author is the novel From Jailer to Jailed. This book came out a little later than his 9/11 book and was released in 2015.

Time has caught up with commissioner a little bit and the same individual that Kerik was back when the September 11th event happened has now shifted. This is the story of his very own fall from a state of grace and the sharing of that story.

Controversial and yet impossible to put down, this compelling story is told by a police commissioner that ended up being incarcerated– and how it informed the way that he sees the justice system and its operation in America.

As you may already know, Kerik served as a police commissioner for NYC and was present during the attacks on 9/11. He helped to lead the police department through the WTC buildings’ recovery and rescue efforts and received a lot of praise for his actions.

His public service resume is a long one with many jobs on it. He has received honors from Reagan as well as Queen Elizabeth II. He has also received the Medal for Valor from the NYPD, awarded for his efforts to save his partner in the middle of a gun battle.

He was nominated by the president in 2004 to be the head of D.H.S. but things change when he becomes an inmate at a federal prison. In 2007, Kerik was convicted of making false statements and committing tax fraud. It was then that he was given four years to serve his time in the last place he imagined he would be: federal prison.

In this raw memoir, the writer speaks about the time that he spent in prison. Bernard speaks about power abuse, how torturous solitary confinement is, the torture physically and mentally of being in a cage, and the lack of power that you have as a prisoner.

Insightful and informative, this book is a cry for change and shows why a punishment in this system is not always proportionate to the crime in the U.S. penal system. A comparison of inside life with his position on the outside as a correction commissioner, this is a passionate look at the penal system and criminal justice that you can’t pass up if you love intriguing non fiction stories.

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