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Bertrice Small was a New York Times best-selling author whose books captured the minds of her readers. She was considered as an erotic romance writer long before that genre existed. If you love romance novels, this is the author to go for! Bertrice Small’s widely acclaimed books were full of talent as they explored wild romance and fantasy. Bertrice Small was born on 9th December 1937 in Manhattan as Bertrice Williams, being named after her mother’s step-father. As a young girl, Bertrice Small wrote her first unpublished novel at the age of 13 in which a princess commits suicide rather that submitting to a man’s advances. Bertrice Small attended a girls’ school called St.Mary’s in Peekskill, that was run by Anglican nuns. Interestingly, Bertrice Small later enrolled in Western College for women in Ohio but dropped out. After that, she transferred to a secretarial school (Katherine Gibbs) and then got to work in advertising agencies as a secretary.

Bertrice’s husband, George Small, was married to her for forty nine years since 1963 and sadly died in 2012. George Small was a photographer and a designer. They both lived together in Southold on eastern long island with a cockateil named Nicky and a cat called Deuteronomy. Bertrice was passionate about her family and life.Bertrice was a proud mother of one son called Thomas and four grandchildren. Interestingly, Bertrice lived in eastern long island for thirty years. Regrettably, Bertrice died on the 24th day of February, 2015 in New York after a long illness. Her fiery passion in writing will be greatly missed by the many fans she touched and continues to inspire, in her writings. She wrote her first book “The Kadin” after five years of research and writings.

Bertrice wrote over fifty novels, including “The Kadin”, and the series,”Skye’s legacy”, “The Silk Merchant’s daughter” and “The O’Malley saga.” She has appeared on best seller lists like Los Angeles Times,Publishers Weekly and USA Today. Bertrice inspired many with her work and ended up winning awards including Outstanding Historical Series, reviewers awards from Romantic Times, Best Historical Romance and Career achievement for Historical Fantasy. Notably, Bertrice got a Lifetime Achievement award from Romantic Times magazine for contributing to the genre.

The Silk Merchant’s daughters series is an amazing read. Bianca, the first book of the series opens up with a Florentine Silk merchant called Pietro d’Angelo and his wife. They both want to marry their daughters to very rich men of notable distinction in the society. Unfortunately, their son implicates Pietro in an accident and it seems like their eldest daughter, Bianca should save the situation. Pietro ends up being blackmailed by Sebastiano Rovere, who is a powerful man. To buy Rovere’s silence, their beautiful daughter, Bianca, has to get married to him. Sadly,Bianca gets married to Rovere and the marriage proves to be a disaster. She ends up sad and tormented by Rovere. Her mother helps her to escape and she eventually seeks shelter in a villa at a seaside. The possibility of her opening up to love at last opens up with the death of Rovere. She ends up falling in love with Prince Amir, someone whom her society would never approve of. Bertrice entices one with the passionate details about the two lovers, from different cultures, venturing to stick together despite it all.

Francesca, the second book of the silk merchant’s daughters, transports one to yet another fantastic imagination. The story continues with Pietro learning form his mistake in choosing the husband for Bianca. Now, all he wants is to give Francesca, his next oldest daughter, more freedom in choosing a husband to marry. Contrastingly, beautiful Francesca has no desire to marry, instead, she proceeds to drive her suitors away. However,Boscoco, the Duke of Terreno is seeking a wife for Rafaello,his heir. He therefore invites possible brides for Rafaello and Francesca in one of those possible brides, who are intended to meet Rafaello. Pietro and his wife are happy about this news and think that Rafaello could be a good match for Francesca. Yet Francesca is stubborn, she refuses to consider the possibility of going to meet Rafaello. Pietro is thus forced to make a promise to his daughter. He tells her that if Rafaello does not suit her, she may return home. The story gets more captivating as Bertrice takes one into the details of the meeting between Francesca and Rafaello. As fate would have it, Rafaello chooses Francesca as her bride and Francesca is shocked about it. Pietro and his wife are happy with this news and agree to that proposal without Francesca’s consent. Feeling betrayed, Francesca gets mad and furiously flees away from home, into the woods and finally takes shelter at an inn.In an interesting twist of events, she is forced to work as a servant to earn money for survival. Francesca has no idea what the gods have in store for her, for it is here that she meets a man that sweeps her off her feet. However, Francesca’s future remains uncertain as she is still promised to Rafaello.

Lucianna, the third book of the silk merchant’s daughters introduces one into the third daughter of Pietro who ends up married off to a bookseller! It is surely a book to look for as it is captivating and can brighten your day! Bertrice’s small’s diligence with her description of her characters won her many readers who followed her work. Bertrice was part of “The Avon ladies” who were a group of authors who were published by the Avon books. They were widely acclaimed as being one of the first modern classic romantic writers. Bertrice’s female characters were protagonists who stuck to their opinions as well as their decisions.

Bertrice Small will inspire you, transport you to new worlds and brighten your day. You can sit up with one of her books in one of those lazy afternoons and you cannot be dissapointed! She is bold, fierce and passionate. So are the characters she portrays in her books. Bertrice Small is a brilliant author and I strongly recommend her books.

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  1. Carolyn Caldwell: 2 months ago

    I’ve read all her books, some more than once. I wrote her once and she wrote me back, it’s time to read her again, all of them. Greatest writer of all time. RIP great lady.

  2. Mary Louise Foerster: 7 months ago

    Yes I too am a lifelong reader of Bertrice Small. She was a wonderful writer…I’m sad that I will never be able to read another novel by her….RIP…

  3. Carla: 8 months ago

    I own all of her books, I too have been looking for Serena. I was sad to find out I’ll never have a complete collection of her works. There will never be another like her.

  4. Karen Williams: 1 year ago

    RIP Bertice Small.. I have read everything she wrote. She is my favorite author by far. Love many others but Bertice is the best.

  5. Louise Stein: 2 years ago

    I have been hunting for a copy of Serena since the death of Bertrice Small, if anyone has a copy to sell or lend please contact me. I have read her books for many years and miss her writings. RIP.

    • Barbara Topp: 2 years ago

      Unfortunately it was never Released because of the death of Bertice small


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