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It All Comes Back to You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Beth Duke is an award-winning novelist who has won many awards across several continents in addition to being an Amazon bestselling author.

Like many authors, Duke has loved words for most of her life but somehow she found herself working in advertising.

As a copywriter making advertising copy, she realized that she preferred writing fiction better and that she missed living in her Southern home rather than the city.

It was to an extent a reaction to watching “Sweet Home Alabama,” with an audience who seemed completely fooled into believing the hackneyed stereotypes in the movie.

As such, her very short stories were an expression of her love for the people of Alabama and the state, which she had never seen expressed in other media.

These works would become the means through which she would showcase the welcoming families, the Marshall Space Center, the cool mountain vistas, and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

Several of these would earn awards abroad and in the United States and this would lead her toward launching her career as a professional novelist.

Beth Duke published Tapestry her debut novel in 2020. She now has at least five titles and her third work has become a club favorite across the United States and has also been translated for distribution in Europe.

While Beth Duke achieved some success early on, things started moving when “It All Comes Back to You” her 2018 novel got the attention of a New York City agent.

The agent told her that she loved the manuscript and that it needed to be in front of a lot more people.

It was from this that she got an offer from a small traditional publishing press, even though the initial advance and royalty percentages were insulting.

Her extremely frustrating and long journey to a publisher and agent put him in a position to earn some money, which she used to pivot to a better position.

While it was a huge gamble, she strongly believed in her work, and with an established audience, she was confident that she could do it on her own.

Beth then became an independent author investing in her novel, including hiring a cover designer, and professional book editors, which made her even more successful.
She has never gone back since, even when a new publisher and agent came calling wishing to purchase her entire catalog.

Beth currently lives with her husband in the mountains of Alabama alongside a flock of fluffy pet chickens, one ornamental dog, and one real dog.

She now has at least five titles to her name, which she loves to say are love letters to Alabama as most of them are set in the small town of Anniston where she was born and brought up.

Beth Duke feels very lucky that she gets to earn her living as an author, which is a dream that she has had for years. Far more than the monetary compensation she gets from selling her books, she also loves connecting with readers through her fiction.
Reading is her favorite thing in the world when it comes to hobbies. She also loves traveling with her family and they have been all over the United Kingdom and Ireland which is her happy place.

She has also toured Switzerland, New Zealand, Paris and Vienna. She also loves baking amateur macarons and semi-pro cupcakes and can often be found trying to improve her skills by watching The Great British Bake Off.

Beth Duke’s novel “It All Comes Back To You” is a work set in 1947 in Alabama.

This is a time when the country is excited as the war has just ended and all over people usually celebrate with swing dancing, parking above the city lights, and cherry print dresses.

Violet is a seventeen-year-old young woman who is loved by everybody and calls this beautiful world home. Fast forward to 2012 and she is still charming beautiful and has admirers all around but living in an assisted living facility.
This is where aspiring writer and licensed practical nurse Veronica Johnson meets her garnering generous male attention and not requiring any assistance.

Upon her death, she leaves a generous inheritance to Ronni, if only she can write a book about her life within the year.

Looking into the world Violet lived in Ronni is fascinated by the simpler times. She goes on an interesting journey full of revelations many of them about some of the most known men of Fairfield Springs.
Insecure, struggling, and flailing at the keyboard, she juggles a new boyfriend, her patients, and a lot of emotional baggage as she rushes to beat the deadline.

Alternating between Violet the Homecoming Queen in 1947 and Ronni’s life in the present, it is a stunning, hilarious, uplifting, warm, outrageous sad, and warm narrative.

“Dark Enough to See the Stars” is the blockbuster sequel to “It All Comes Back to You,” which became a book club favorite.

It is all about Violet Glenn, a woman who was loved by just about everyone including Sam Davidson before it moves forward to the present.

It had been left to Ronni Johnson to pen a book about the life and times of Violet and the experience had changed her life.

Once she got her bequest from Violet’s estate, she went back to working in Fairfield Springs, where she had been a registered nurse for years and loved her job and her patients.
She did not think she had another book in her until she got a bizarre email from the son of a man named Chet Wilson who wanted her to chronicle the life and time of Chet.

Even though she initially ignores the email, when Davidson’s family becomes inextricably linked with her she knows that there is a story that needs to be told.

She goes back to writing determined to put to paper long-held secrets as Violet reaches out from the past to touch her life.

It is a story of human fragility and resilience of sorrow and joy and of human ability to always find family sometimes even in strangers.

Alternating between the present where Ronni lives and the distant past where Sam had a lot of fun, the author weaves together an interesting story of love and family.

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