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About Beth Hoffman

The American author Beth Hoffman is well known and very well regarded for her fiction, as well as her paintings and design work. Uniquely creative and gifted, she definitely understands what it is people are looking for when it comes to her work, along with expressing herself in an idiosyncratic way. Setting herself apart, she has managed to carve herself out a niche in the literary industry, reaching scores of readers from around the world. Many of her stories reflect the uniqueness and singularity of her vision, identifying her as a leading creative figure with a lot to say.

The success of her work can be clearly seen in her sales, as she has gone on to become a bestselling novelist as well. From her characters to her settings, she definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to paying attention to detail, as it’s clear she has a passion for her craft. The stories she tells are timeless, with characters that resonate, regardless of where her readers are from, as they speak to a universality. Engaging her audience, she keeps them held there with each and every page turn, allowing her to hold their attention constantly throughout.

This has allowed her to create a brand around her name as well, as she has become synonymous with a creative vision quite unlike any other. She has sold the rights to her novels to publishers from around the world, making a name for herself as an award-winning writer with a lot of influence. Her fiction has proven to be highly immersive, drawing readers in with her inventive and richly drawn worlds that entertain throughout. There’s definitely more to follow too, as her writing career grows onwards and upwards, with more and more to come with every passing every day.

Early and Personal Life

Throughout the life of Beth Hoffman she has always shown a strong creative streak, whether it be art and design, or literature. Developing a style that would soon come to be very much her own, she would build upon her voice as an author with something to say. Starting out in an interior design studio, she would gain a lot of publicity through her award winning work there, reaching a wide audience.

Working as the president and co-owner of her own interior design studio, she would soon establish an award-winning reputation for herself. Not only that, but she would produce a number of highly sought after paintings, many of which would be featured in corporate and private collections in the US, the UK, and Canada. Currently living with her husband in Kentucky in the United States, she lives in a restored Queen Anne home, where she continues to write to this present day.

Writing Career

The first book that Beth Hoffman would write was titled ‘Saving CeeCee Honeycutt,’ which would create quite a bit of interest around its release in 2010. This would be a stand-alone, and she would later follow it up with the novel ‘Looking for Me’ in 2013, which would also be its own novel. Her first book would go on to become a New York Times bestseller, leading to her publishing internationally.

Often speaking straight from the heart, her work is always set around something she is passionate about, telling the stories she wants to tell. While she doesn’t focus on series as such, she tells self-contained stories that are easier to pick up than they are to put down. She’s a writer who clearly has a lot more to say and write too, as her writing career carries on growing from strength-to-strength.

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

Originally published in 2010 on the 12th of January, this would go on to become a bestselling publication around the world. Establishing and introducing Beth Hoffman as an author for the first time, it would clearly show what she had to offer as a writer. With its beautifully told story, it carries readers along into its world seemingly effortlessly, and is a must for all those who appreciate a well told story.

With a somewhat historical underpinning, this is definitely a well researched story, as there’s close attention paid to period detail. The characters are also very well established, creating a strong rapport with the audience that works extremely well. There’s a carefully crafted narrative too that keeps the reader engaged and caring about what happens right until the end.

Set in 1967, CeeCee is taking care of her mother at just twelve years of age, as her mother believes it to be 1951 and that she’s been crowned the Vidalia Onion Queen of Georgia. That’s when CeeCee’s mother, Camille, ends up completely losing her mind, as she’s seen blowing kisses to passing motorists, leading to CeeCee being taken away by her aunt Tootie Caldwell from Ohio to Savannah. Here she meets the female-led society of the deep south, as she meets a cast of both colorful and eccentric characters, all while her aunt attempts to save historic buildings. Where will CeeCee’s journey take her? Can she deal with this new turn in her life? What will happen when saving CeeCee Honeycutt?

Looking for Me

Initially published through the Viking books publishing label, this would initially come out on the 28th of May in 2013. Another stand-alone novel, this would also not be a part of any series, telling its own story that was completely self-contained. It would again be a novel set in the deep south of America, with the environment itself almost becoming a character.

Finding a broken chair beside a road in Kentucky that’d simply been discarded, Teddi Overman fast develops a passion for furniture restoration. Opening her own shop in Charleston, she turns it into a successful business, restoring furniture, but all the success and customers can’t hold back the fact that her brother disappeared in mysterious circumstances many years ago. Drawn back to Kentucky with news that her brother Josh may be alive after all, she seeks to bring her broken family back together. Will she be able to manage it all herself though? Can she find her brother Josh? What will happen when her brother realizes that there are those ‘looking for me?’

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