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Beth Morrey
Beth Morrey is a general fiction writer known for her debut novel The Love Story of Missy Carmichael. The London-based author got inspired to write this book when visiting the part on her leave. Morrey previously worked as the creative director of RDF Television and also had a few articles published in different journals. Beth Morrey now writes fulltime and is keen to craft several best-sellers in the next few years as she also takes care of her husband and two sons.

The Love Story of Missy Carmichael
The Love Story of Missy Carmichael is like a celebration of the extraordinary power of family, friendship, and forgiveness. This book stars Missy, a seventy-nine old woman who has had her fair share challenges. Now at the sunset of her life, this woman has to deal with her life all alone. The only thing she does is scrub her kitchen and enjoy some sherry alone in her large home. The loneliness is taking its toll, and if Missy doesn’t make some drastic changes, her life can only go from bad to unbearable. When her grandson goes back to Australia, Missy decides to start going out, even if it just to sit in the park.
Missy lives all alone in the large family home in London. To say that she is lonely is an understatement. Missy’s children have all left home. With her son and family living in Australia and the estranged daughter she has not seen since the big argument, there is little if any family connection. It does not help that the love of Missy’s life is gone, so she literally has no one to talk to. Missy makes an effort to bring a ray of sunshine into her life by going to the park. At least after a day watching fish get electrocuted in the park, Missy is sure that she will have a story to tell her grandson the next time the two get talking.

At the park, Missy meets Angela, her son Otis, and Sylvie. The meeting happens in the strangest way. Missy feels herself falling into blackness as she watches the fish. She is woken up by the sweetest of dogs cuddling her face. There is also a worried group of people surrounding her, among them two amazing women. Sylvie is holding a wet napkin to Missy’s forehead. After introducing herself, Sylvia invites Missy for coffee, an offer she graciously declines. Obviously embarrassed and a little bruised, Missy goes back to an empty house where she whines more about her lonely life. What Missy doesn’t know is that these two women she met in the park are going to change her life.

As fate will have it, Missy will bump into Sylvie the following day at the chemist. Once again, Sylvie invites Missy for coffee, and she declines. Sylvie tells Missy that she will bump into her again, and there is no doubt that a strong friendship will grow between them. Another chance meeting with Angela, the other woman from the park, seals the deal for Missy. Angela goes back with Missy to her home, and this marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Angela invites Missy for a day to the park together with her son. Here, they run into Sylvie, who, in turn, ask them to her home once again. This time around, the three sit down to share about their lives and enjoy some time together.

As Missy Mulls over her loneliness, you will learn that she thinks about her daughter, Melanie, a lot. There are a lot of regrets, and Missy feels guilty about the fall out with her daughter. Missy lived a rather solitary life, and aside from her family, she did not have many human interactions. While Missy enjoyed her own company when younger, age comes with a painful lesson, friendships are essential. Missy also learns to take care of herself after spending a good portion of her life-giving her time and efforts to her family.

The narrative takes the reader back into different parts of Missy’s life. The author highlights the important events that shape Missy’s life. With each page, you will learn a little more about Missy. There are a few surprises along the way and enough lessons for those who are keen to learn. Friendship is one of the main themes here, and through Angela and Sylvie’s friendship, Missy learns how to live again. Instead of staying locked up in the house all alone, Missy gets out and enjoys her time together with her newfound friends. At her age, she also learns that it doesn’t take much to make friends. Missy just had to be herself, and she would easily attract the right people.

This is an excellent read for parents who are experiencing the empty nest syndrome and young adults who cannot wait to get out of home. Parents who have survived teenagers will also find the story relatable in so many ways. Looking at Missy’s life, it is clear that this period of loneliness was coming. Leo, Missy’s husband, occasionally played with the children, but most of the parenting was left to her. The mother of two threw herself into motherhood ad over time, learned to enjoy her own company as her duties left her with little time for anything else. Despite all the mistakes she has made, Missy chooses to make changes just before her 80th birthday. This should give hope to anyone who thinks it is too late to change.

The Love Story of Missy Carmichael tells the intriguing tale of Missy’s life. While most of the story covers a year of her life, the author references a few past events that affect Missy’s confidence and attitude in her age. Missy is a determined woman, and it is admirable that she refuses to give up despite the challenges she encounters in life. There is also a number of intriguing characters that you will grow to love. The story is a slow burner, so it will take some time for you to get emotionally invested, but once you get to a certain point, there will be no going back.

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  1. Mary Matilda Black: 2 years ago

    A delightful book. I am leading the discussion next month at our book club meeting. Please keep writing. Mary from Ontario Canada

  2. Helen McFarlane: 2 years ago

    Just love Saving Missy! So good for the soul .
    It’s my Audio book of choice f I can’t go back to sleep . So gentle and soothing ! I also choose it as an audio book for long trips when I have a group of ladies in the car . Everyone falls in love with it and I get to enjoy it all over again . Definitely up there with my favourite book ever !
    Well done Beth . I am now looking for other books of yours to enjoy !


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