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Beth O’Leary is an upcoming English novelist, who is known for writing women’s fiction, chick lit, romance, contemporary, and adult stories. She made her debut in the world of writing with the novel called The Flatshare. It was published in April 2019. Beth has obtained a degree in English from the university. She entered children’s publishing right after her graduation. Her residence is near the countryside, but not far from London. Author Beth wrote her first book during her train journey while going to and coming back from work. During her spare times, Beth can be seen sitting with a book in one hand a cup of coffee or tea on the other hand. Her writing is considered sweet, funny, and readable. In her first book, Beth has mentioned several nuanced and wonderful friendships as well as many jokes related to the publishing industry.

Some prominent critics feel that the book has a mature exploration of the consequences of emotionally abusive relationships, which is wonderful to see coming from a new author. Many other critics praised Beth for her work and this motivated her to continue cherishing her dream of being an author. She has completed another novel and is expected to release it next year. Beth says that she has always been involved in writing stories. She has made it her passion and hobby. And whenever there is a long gap between her writing projects, she becomes very antsy. Her experience in writing her first book was quite tricky. She was working a full-time job at that time and it was really difficult for her to take out time from her busy schedule for her hobby. So, she decided to use her commute wisely and write during her travels. Her commute from the house to work was a one hour journey by train each way and it gave her ample time to focus on her story. It took her around 6 months to write the first draft of her first novel’s story. Then, she spent another 6 months in editing, redrafting, and proofreading processes.

When Beth’s book was published, it felt like a fairy tale to her. She wanted to become an established author right from her childhood days, but she never thought she was going to achieve it soon. Becoming an author was more of a dream for her. She had not made it her ambition as she didn’t have the confidence to work towards fulfilling her dream. And when she received the phone call from her literary agent informing her that she has obtained a 2-book deal from Quercus Books, Beth felt like her feet were not on the ground. She became extremely happy to hear the news and celebrated it by drinking a large bottle of gin & tonic and listening to her favorite playlist. It is believed the main character of Beth’s book, Tiffy, is inspired by her own life, but she doesn’t think so. Beth is not at all good at crafting and DIY like Tiffy. Her most ambitious project in baking so far has been a yule log she prepared at work for ‘Bake Off’.

All the characters mentioned by Beth in her novel are quite vivid. Beth has said that making the characters look vivid was very important to her while she was writing the novel. Among her cast of characters, she likes Tiffy very much. She sees her as a good flat partner. Beth likes Tiffy for being bubbly and having a positive attitude. And as Tiffy is quite good at decorating, she would love to leave the task of decorating her flat to her. A major part of Beth’s book is sweet and joyous, but there are some serious themes of emotional abuse and gaslighting. Beth has presented sensitively in the book. Beth thinks that it is important to talk about emotional abuse. In her belief, gaslighting is difficult to identify because the abuser manipulates the perception of reality of the victim. So, it becomes difficult to find out what is happening to the victims.

Beth is quite moved by the fact that numerous women have reached out to her after reading her novel. Most of them have said that they felt a real connection with the story. Author Beth believes the more people talk about such issues, the more they help people in recognizing them, thereby helping them to overcome them. Beth likes to advise the aspiring writers to create stories having the elements of heart and chemistry. She also liked to advise them to see the best things in people without idealizing them. This way, they can come up with believable stories. The authors who have influenced Beth include Clare Mackintosh, Helen Hoang, and other similar authors. Beth looks forward to interacting with her fans and entertaining them with more novels in the future.

The debut book written by author Beth O’Leary is entitled ‘The Flatshare’. It was released in 2019 by the Quercus publication. This novel features the central characters in the form of Tiffy Moore, Leon Twomey, Kay, Richie, Gerty, Katharin, Rachel, Mo, Justin, and several others. The book opens by mentioning that Leon and Tiffy are flatmates. They share the same bed, but have never met each other. Tiffy Moore was in search of a cheap flat and needed it quickly. Leon works night shifts and wanted to make some quick money. So, she rented her flat to Tiffy. This solution appears to be quite crazy to the friends of Leon & Tiffy, but they find it to be a perfect one. While Tiffy is out for work during the day, Leon lives in the one-bed apartment. And when Leon is out at nights, Tiffy gets to sleep in the same flat and on the same bed.

Initially, things seemed to be working just fine for both of them. But, as the days passed by, they started facing problems that made it difficult for them to share the flat. Some of the problems faced by the two include obsessive former boyfriends, wrongly imprisoned siblings, demanding clients, etc. And the biggest problem of them all was that Tiffy and Leon have still not met one another. Later, they realize that if they want to have a perfect home for themselves, then they have to break all the rules and make their own. This novel turned out to be an amazing debut for Beth and served the stage for her to climb the ladders of success by writing many other exciting novels in her career.

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