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Any Rogue Will Do (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
West End Earl (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dukes Do It Better (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Good Duke Gone Wild (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bethany Bennett
Bethany Bennett grew up in a tiny fishing village in Alaska which required learning that included life skills like cold-water survival, and some other things which are totally useless now that she’s a romance author.

Eventually she settled in the Northwest with her two kids and real life hero, she enjoys the mountain views from the comfort of her sofa, drinking way more coffee than her doctor deems wise, and wearing a tremendous amount of flannel.

She can dictate while she is out on the road or walking with the Mini, or work in her PJs at 3 in the morning. Being a writer is awesome for those that want an incredibly versatile work environment.

The core inspiration for Bethany can come from anywhere. An article, a snippet of dialogue, or a documentary. However what you do with it that makes all the difference. She cannot write just when she’s inspired to put words down on the page. Building the habit of writing is how books get made, and she’s had to learn that while she was a newbie. This means different things for different people. Everybody’s got their own process. Some write every single day, while others have certain office hours. Some work in their words any possible way they can manage.

“Any Rogue Will Do” has this intimate scene which takes place on a balcony. This scene was the first piece of these characters that her brain spit out. She had just finished reading this article on the role that women’s fashion played in war and espionage. Basically when the skirt silhouette allowed, women would shuttle spies in and out of places. Since the “Misfits” series is set during the Regency period, using this information called for a masquerade ball and a hero that was willing to see what else he could find to do under a lady’s skirt.

“Any Rogue Will Do” is the first novel in the “Misfits of Mayfair” series and was released in 2020. The rogue that once ruined Lady Charlotte’s reputation is now the single person able to save her.

Lady Charlotte Wentworth, for one season exactly, played the biddable female that the ton expected, and all that it ended up getting her was society’s derision and mockery. Now she is determined to be in charge of her own future. So when this unwanted suitor attempts manipulating her into an engagement, she has a plan. He cannot claim to be her fiance if she is already engaged to somebody else. Even if this means asking for help from the very last guy that she would ever marry.

Viscount Amesbury, Ethan, has made a ton of mistakes, however the one that he regrets the most is ruining the reputation of Lady Charlotte. So going along with her charade is the absolute least that he can do to clean the slate and possibly earn the lady’s forgiveness. Pretending to be in love with the woman that he has never forgotten is rather easy. What is not all that easy is convincing her to give him another chance.

Fans of the novel enjoyed this excellent second chance at love story combined with enemies to lovers. Readers loved Ethan and Lottie, learning about their history and how he went and ruined her and everything that she was going through in her life. Ethan is a likable character as he tries to right past wrongs and just how sweet he was to her.

“West End Earl” is the second novel in the “Misfits of Mayfair” series and was released in 2021. Here is a story of unlikely love, secret identities, and forbidden romances which will warm even the coldest of hearts.

Most young ladies attend balls and then hunt for husbands, but Ophelia Hardwick has spent the last decade in disguise. While being the land steward for the Earl of Carlyle, she has found safety from the uncle that was determined to murder her and freedoms that a lady could just dream about. Her situation would be perfect, if she was not hopelessly attracted to her employer.

Calvin, the Earl of Carlyle, is determined to see his sister get married this season. And he will do it with the help from his trusted right hand man. However once he learns her secret, and that her life is in danger, his priorities are changed. Their attraction is a passionate one, an all consuming one, and if they are not careful, it might just take a downright deadly turn, for each of them.

Bethany delivers a delightful romp with some super steamy scenes and a pretty unusual couple. Readers enjoyed its tenderness, humor, sweet love story, and its compelling and brave heroine. Fee is an unusual heroine for Regency romance, as she is an independent, self sufficient, clever, sexy, in touch with her body and her feelings, while still being soft and vulnerable.

“Dukes Do It Better” is the third novel in the “Misfits of Mayfair” series and was released in 2022. She can either risk her heart or keep her secrets.

Lady Emma Hardwick has been living a lie, one which allowed her to keep her son and provide a loving home she never had. However now her journal, the one place that she had indulged in the truth, has just been stolen. Whoever has it now holds the power in their hands to bring the life that she has so carefully built crumbling down to the ground. With her past threatening everything that she holds dear, the single person she is able to trust is the dangerously handsome and tattooed navy captain with whom she had dared to spend a single carefree night.

Duke of Trenton, Captain Malachi Harlow, would much rather toss himself overboard than to return back to society. However the Admiralty calls him back home, there’s no room to refuse. Crossing paths with the incredibly delectable lady Emma is a welcome distraction which takes a more serious turn when they learn that they have a common enemy. Working together could really benefit the both of them, however is it also going to bring a temptation that neither one of them can resist?

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