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Publication Order of Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery Books

Death by Chocolate Lab (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dial Meow for Murder (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pawprints & Predicaments (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Midwinter's Tail (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Something Borrowed, Something Mewed (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Owl & Crescent Mystery Books

A Brushstroke with Death (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bethany Blake is an author who resides in an exceedingly small and quaint town in Pennsylvania, with her three daughters and husband. Whenever Bethany Blake is not writing, she can be found riding horses, wrangling a menagerie of energetic family members, which includes fearsome feline, a nervous pit bull, Robert, an attack Cardinal ad a blind goldfish. Just like her protagonist, Daphne Templeton, Bethany is a P.HD graduate who is in charge of a pet sitting business known as Berkley’s Premium Pet Care.

Bethany Blake Best Books

Death by Chocolate

In Death by Chocolate, the author Bethany Blake introduces the readers to the protagonist, Daphne Templeton, a pet sitter. Daphne resides on her sister’s farm rent-free and earns money from time to time by pet sitting and dog walking. The book begins as Daphne is taking care of Artie, an awkward Chihuahua, who needs a great home. When the ex-boyfriend to her sister, appears once more in their lives, Daphne is more than certain that nothing good is going to come out from his appearance. Despite the fact that Steve is a well-trained animal trainer, Daphne does not agree with his lifestyle. While Daphne did not agree with Steve’s lifestyle or anything that he did, it did not mean that she wanted him dead. However, after a heated exchange between the two sisters and Steve in the farm, Steve was later found dead, and the number one suspect was Piper, Daphne’s sister. Daphne knows that Piper was innocent because they were together on the night of the murder. Thus, Daphne starts her investigation so that she can be able to clear her sister’s name. As she goes on with her investigation, she meets with a good-looking police detective, who becomes interested in Daphne.

With that said, this is a great new novel by author Bethany Blake. If you are a sucker for any book that has animals in it especially dogs, then Death by Chocolate is a must read. The readers are going to fall in love with all the dogs in the story as well as their names. The setting of a small town is crucial to the narrative, because of the protagonist, Daphne knows each of the residents. Several residents had some exceedingly dark secrets. The murder mystery is great because the readers will not know whom the killer is until the protagonist stumbles into danger. Despite the fact that the protagonist is rather stupid and ditzy at times, the readers are going to fall in love with her. Just as it is the case with a majority of cozy mysteries heroines, Daphne Templeton loves to stick her nose where it does not belong. Furthermore, because the protagonist comes from a tight-knit community, it means that she knows a lot of things that the local police force do not know anything about.

From time to time, the author Bethany Blake refers to some of the famous sleuths like Miss Marple and Nancy Drew. Despite the fact that murder victim was ill-mannered he did not deserve to die. Piper, Daphne’s sister, is the complete opposite of the protagonist. Piper is not only intense, but she is also passion driven. Another noticeable in Death by Chocolate is Virginia, who is one of the main suspects. Apart from being a high-powered attorney, Virginia, who is married to a wealthy politician.

Dial Meow for Murder

In Dial Meow, we meet once again with the Sylvan Creek pet sitter, one Daphne Templeton, who is taking care of animals to make a living for herself. In Dial Meow for Murder, Daphne is taking care of a Persian cat that belongs to a wealthy family. Sir Peridot Twinkle stone is no ordinary cat; it has an attitude that Daphne has never seen before. However, she is more than certain that she is going to be able to tame the spoiled feline cat when she goes to visit the cat at Lillian Flint’s mansion. Upon arrival, Daphne is surprised to find out, that the house she had been told was going to be empty was being shown by the realtor mother to one Jonathan Black, the local police officer. As Daphne confides to her friend Moxie, Daphne is surprised to hear about Elyse’s, mother to Jonathan Black interest in the property. She also gets to learn that Elyse had also decided to use the last name of her ex-husband. There is very little time for Daphne to figure out why Elyse is back in town as well as her relationship with Jonathan Black, the local police officer.

Daphne eventually makes the discovery that Lillian has not gone away but has been brutally murdered. As the story progresses, Daphne slowly switches from a pet sitter to an amateur sleuth, by reviewing her ideas with Moxie about the motive. The main suspect in the killing is none other than her high-school classmate, one Tamara Fox. Tamara’s recent friendship with the local pastor, Pete and Pete’s disreputable church dealings provide enough motive. With Socrates, her canine companion, Daphne the protagonist searches for a killer while at the same time trying to tame, the Persian cat, Tinkleston.

Pawprints and Predicament

Pawprints and Predicament are the third installments in the Lucky Paws mystery series by author, Bethany Blake. The book begins as the Tail Wagging Winterfest is approaching fast. The Tail Wagging Winterfest is undeniably the highlight of the season, and the residents of the Sylvan Creek are all looking forward to the event. During the Tail Wagging Winterfest, there are several events to look forward to including a dogsled race and an ice sculpture display. The protagonist Daphne Templeton is extremely annoyed at one Lauren Savidge, a television producer, who has been given the task of filming the festivities. Lauren is not only controlling, but she is also critical and chilly, just like the January air. There are moments that Daphne Templeton would like to tell Lauren to dive into the lake, but she hesitates. However, despite the fact that the thought crosses, Daphne’s mind, she has no idea that they were both going to jump into the lake.

To raise funds for animals in need, Lauren, Daphne, and eighty other people, jump into the ice-cold Lake Wallapawakee. With the assistance of one St. Bernard, Daphne manages to make it to the shore. Lauren, on the other hand, is dragged out of the water dead.

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    Amazon doesn’t have a Kindle version of Bethany
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      That’s just a placeholder date. It was meant to be released March 2020 but was not. Not sure if it will ever be released


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