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Publication Order of A Song Below Water Books

A Song Below Water (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Chorus Rises (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Travelers Along the Way (By: Aminah Mae Safi) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Souls Are Made Of (By: Tasha Suri) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Self-Made Boys (By: Anna-Marie McLemore) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Bethany C. Morrow

Largely writing Young Adult fiction, the American writer Bethany C. Morrow has become an extremely creative and innovative writer in recent years. Making a strong name for herself as a novelist with a powerful imagination, as well as something important to say, she has been making waves throughout the publishing industry as a whole. Creating entire worlds within her work, she is mainly known for focusing on the science-fiction genre, taking her narratives in exciting and imaginative directions. This is something she has been building upon over time, as it is her messages that have also resonated with readers from all across the world. Her characters have also become well known for having an impassioned voice of their own too, speaking almost directly to the audience.

Mainly writing stand-alone titles, she mostly concerns herself with writing self-contained narratives for her audience. Setting her stories in fantasy worlds, she makes sure to use contemporary issues in order to reflect the real world and what is actually going on. This has allowed her to establish something entirely different and unique in her work, as she has created a voice that will continue to grow in the following years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Sacramento, California, in the United States, Bethany C. Morrow would live as an expat for six years in Montreal, Quebec. Following this she would then return to live in north-country New York, all the while continuing to develop and evolve her voice as a writer. This she would continue throughout her time studying at the University of California, whereby she would gain a BA in Sociology. With an interest in forensic psychology and sociology, she will always have a passion for writing, something she continues to this very day.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book in 2018, Bethany C. Morrow would make her big literary debut with the novel ‘Mem’ in 2018. This would establish her as an important writer to watch, gaining the the 2018 Indies Introduce pack that same year for her effort. She would also make a contribution to the short-story collection ‘Take the Mic’ with the subtitle ‘Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance’ in 2019. Currently living her partner and child, she continues to maintain a strong profile both online and off, with plenty more planned for the future.


First released in 2018 on the 22nd of May, this would originally come out through ‘The Unarmed Press’ publishing outlet. Setting up the debut solo title from Bethany C. Morrow as an author, it would manage to establish her idiosyncratic voice as a writer. Working as a stand-alone novella as well, it is a perfectly succinct story, perfectly encapsulating what Morrow has to really offer as an author.

A classic science-fiction story, this really does make the most of its material, essentially providing a clear message at the heart of the novel. With a strong character at the center of the action, it examines what it really means to be human and how people interact with their memories. It also takes a look at what memories really are and how they help the individual formulate their own unique personality. With its art-deco backdrop as well, it manages to really evoke an otherworldly feeling as well, done through its alternative take on history.

Set in an alternative past, this story takes place in the art-deco era of almost a century ago, with the main difference being a Montreal scientist and his breakthrough discovery. Finding out how to extract the memories of people, he discovers a method for extracting them whole creating ‘Mems’, which are zombie-like creatures. They are then destined to relive that same memory over and over, as they’re sent to the ‘Vault’, whey they are kept until the finally expire. That is until one day a Mem called Dolores Extract #1 is discovered to be creating her own memories, an ageless beauty who is allowed to live on her own, until the day she is suddenly called back to the Vault. Will she go, or will she be able to escape? What lies in store for her at the Vault? Just who, exactly, is the Mem?

A Song Below Water

Initially published through the ‘Tor Teen’ publishing label, this would first come out in 2020, marking the second title from Bethany C. Morrow as an author. Whilst it wouldn’t be a part of any series as such, it would tell its story in an entirely self-contained and stand-alone story. Working as a Young Adult fantasy novel it would really manage to develop many of the ideas that Morrow has as an author.

Set in an age of of #SayHerName, this is a contemporary story set around a young black girl trying to keep herself safe from the prejudices of society, whilst also trying to find her own identity. Taking place in Portland, Morrow paints a vivid picture, allowing her knowledge of the area to create the ideal backdrop for the action and story. Letting the characters speak for themselves, they feel wholly grounded and fully three-dimensional, ready almost to leap off of the page. It also allows the character to create a sense of intimacy with the reader, relating some very real and topical issues for them.

There was a time when the voices of sirens were adored by one and all, that was until they became exclusively black women. Now feared by society, their power is seen as something subversive and it is within this that sixteen year old Tavia must hide her power within the black community. Hiding within the network, she must keep her secret from those that wish to harm her at all costs, as she has already needed to run away from one small town. Coming into Tavia’s family and life for the past three years, Effie has found a new home for herself among them, as she continues to wonder why she wasn’t turned to a statue by sprites many years ago and her friends were. That’s when the lifestyle guru at school reveals to them that she is also a siren, whilst Tavia keeps accidentally using her voice and attracting unwanted attention. Will she manage to find the peace that she so desires? Why was Effie left alone by the sprites? Who will sing a song below water?

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