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Betsey Biggalow Books In Order

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Publication Order of Betsey Biggalow Books

Betsey Biggalow the Detective (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betsey Biggalow Is Here! (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hurricane Betsey (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betsey's Birthday Surprise (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Big Book of Betsey Biggalow (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magic Betsey (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Betsey Biggalow” series written by award winning and best selling author Malorie Blackman (mainly she writes for younger readers, who are anywhere from beginning readers to young adults, but has written stuff for adults) and illustrated by Jamie Smith are short works that are intended for new and young readers. It is meant for readers who are about five years old and even older so that they can build up confidence in their reading. Additionally, so they can have fun doing it; whether or not readers will read it aloud, is up to the reader. There is also the option that they can read it by themselves, of course. There are five short story collections about this character.

The main character of this series is a little girl and is named Betsey Biggalow, and she is from the Caribbean part of the world. Betsey is inventive, gutsy, and a delight. She feels the ups and downs that any child goes through, but leads a happy life. Betsey is tricked by her siblings, has a mixed time at school, she loses things that belong to her and her family. Young Betsey sees some things that are everyday, but some things that are a little on the unusual side of things. She even sees a hurricane in one story.

Blackman’s career writing for kids started when she wrote her first book, called “Not So Stupid” that is a collection of science fiction and horror stories that was aimed at young adult readers and was published in late 1990. Since then, she has written over sixty books for children; this includes collections of short stories and novels. For a few years, she was Children’s Laureate.

Her books have been published all over the globe, and have been translated in many different languages.

“Betsey Biggalow the Detective” is the first novel in the “Betsey Biggalow” series written by Malorie Blackman that was released in the year 1992. Whatever happened to the teddy bear that belongs to Betsey? There is no trace of where he could have gone. She only has one clue to work with. Betsey the Detective wants to get to the bottom of things with the help of the detective dog named Prince. Little does Betsey know, but she is about to make a surprising discovery. There is also show that Betsey puts on for her family and she flies a kite.

Fans of the novel found these books to be great to read with their kids and it was able to help them get closer with their kids. Kids seem to be able to work on their reading skills. Whether or not some like to read, they sure did like to read these books. Sometimes, both the parents and children like to just stop and look at the nice, pretty pictures that have found their way into the book.

“Betsey Biggalow is Here!” is the second novel in the “Betsey Biggalow” series written by Malorie Blackman that was released in the year 1993. Betsey wants to take a day and help people. She does not realize that it will be one of the most difficult things that she will undertake. No one seems to want Betsey’s help. Right about the time that she is about to give up this game, someone cries for help, it is a faint one. Someone does finally need her help after all.

Fans of the novel found that these are really cute stories about a great main character in Betsey Biggalow. Kids are able to really improve their reading, especially while reading aloud. These are some fun and warm and funny stories to have your kids read. Both the author and the illustrator are able to bring this series to life, giving readers a fun time while reading with their kids.

“Hurricane Betsey” is the third novel in the “Betsey Biggalow” series written by Malorie Blackman that was released in the year 1994. There is a hurricane coming, and unlike most people, Betsey is excited to see it come through her town. Through this book, you get to see how she gets ready for the storm. She is also entered into a contest that is considered very strange. Betsey even tries to eat a hamburger that is a monster.

Fans of the novel found that once again, Malorie was able to write a book that captured their hearts and minds. This read helped their kid read a little better, and helped child and parent grow a little closer by working on the child’s reading ability. Not to mention, that there are some wonderful illustrations that the book has to offer and that the stories here are simply interesting and keep the pages turning. It keeps the pages turning and the laughs coming. It is highly recommended as Betsey is a great character to read about, unlike some who can come off like spoiled brats. She is one of the few main characters that is a good kid. It is interesting to see her get into certain situations to see how she deals with them or gets out of them.

“Magic Betsey” is the fourth novel in the “Betsey Biggalow” series written by Malorie Blackman that was released in the year 1994. When Betsey does her magic show, no one seems to be impressed with it. That does not hurt her any. She learns the importance of believing that you are capable of doing something, that practicing makes you better at doing something. Not to mention that magic is a real thing. Not just something for fiction or something you see in the movies.

Fans of the novel found that this book is a sweet and humorous read that kids will enjoy. These books, this one too, helps readers grow their confidence some more and make them stronger readers. Parents found that they got their kids, most of whom do not like to read at all, to read these books. And these kids seemed to keep on coming back for more. These are books that will help making the reading time fly by with laughs and ease. This is the series to get kids who have a tough time reading. At the same time, it is a great series for kids who love to read.

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