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The Orange Blossom Special (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swim to Me (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Puzzle King (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Were Strangers Once (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Souls at the Neptune Inn (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Nothing to Fall Back On (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

Betsy Carter is widely known for the novel, Swim to Me, which was officially published by Algonquin Publishers in the year 2007. Nothing to Fall Back is a memoir that Betsy Carter published and became an instant hit. The memoir then went ahead and became an international bestseller. Apart from penning novels, Betsy Carter also writes for the Oprah magazine, Glamour and Hallmark, New York and Good House Keeping. For more than nine years, Betsy Carter worked as a reporter for Newsweek. Later on she worked for Esquire Magazine as an Editorial Director. Betsy also worked for the New York Woman as an editor in chief. Currently, Betsy Carter resides in New York City.

Betsy Carter Best Books
Swim to Me
In Swim to Me author, Betsy Carter introduces the readers to Delores Walker. The book begins as Delores boards a bus that is bound for Florida. Because Delores Walker has a rather difficult past, this is a fresh start for her. She is leaving the Bronx well behind and heads for the sunny Weeki Wachee springs, which has already become an instant attraction after one of the most recent creation by Walt Disney opened up a few meters from the local attraction. Delores has always been suited for a life underwater, thus she joins several other aquatic hopefuls in the city of Mermaids. It is at the City of Mermaids that Delores discovers a world of amphibious themes and sequined tails shows. The shows are something that even Disney would only dream. It is at the City of Mermaids, a fantastic place of re-invention and make-believe that Delores Walker ends up becoming the most unlikely celebrity, Delores Taurus.

By bringing together an unconventional assortment of underdogs, poseurs, and outcasts, this poignant and wise novel, creates a time in the United States where anything is possible. Swim to Me is a story about family, finding your way and chasing dreams. Swim to Me is a story that will definitely have the readers believing. The novel, Swim to Me has also been filled with a wide assortment of characters, who can only be found in the sweltering swamps of Florida. Apart from Delores, author Betsy Carter also introduces the readers to Thelma Foote, a character whose business sense ensures that the Weeki Wachee springs keeps on running, Lester, who happens to be a merman and is also secretly in love with Delores. Alan Sommers is also another character that author Betsy Carter introduces the readers to. Alan is the person who came up with the idea that Delores would be delivering whether reports on television inside a bathtub. With that said, Swim to Me is a narrative about love, family as well as reinvention.

The Puzzle King
Puzzle King is a narrative about a few individuals who had managed to escape from Germany during the Nazi era and into America. Simon and the two sisters, Seema and Flora are sent to America at a tender age. The two are forced to leave their family behind, in Germany. Despite being immigrants, Simon, Siena and Flora become highly successful, through hard work and determination. However, despite being able to settle down in America and even become successful, the trio cannot help but wonder what happened to their families back in Germany. Puzzle King offers the readers a different perspective of World War II: from the eyes of those who had left Germany.

With that said, author Betsy Carter has managed to deliver a wise, beautiful and cracking characters, whom the readers will easily empathize with. Seema and Flora, the sisters are not only flawed but also very likeable. The Puzzle King’s plot is very interesting. Author Carter has also done a brilliant job of showing how it was for a Jew to live in the 1950’s America, while trying to remember their families as well as their roots back in Germany. When all these interests are undeniably conflicting, how does one manage to properly balance them. Unknown to the readers, the characters in the Puzzle King are realistic. Furthermore, Simon and Flora, the main characters are actually related to author, Betsy Carter.

The Orange-Blossom Special
In the Orange-Blossom Special author, Betsy Carter introduces the readers to Tessie Lockhart. The year is 1958 and we first meet with Tessie as she is pinning down her hair as she plans how she is going to make her life quite different. Tessie is a widow, who has a thirteen-year-old daughter, who means the entire world to her. Tessie has decided that it is going to be a fresh start for herself and thirteen-year-old daughter. The two decided that they are going to leave Carbondale behind as well as the pain of their loss. Tessie and her younger daughter relocate to Gainesville, Florida. Once in Florida, they come to the realization that they are not the only people, who are trying to have a fresh start after experiencing a tremendous grief.

Author Betsy Carter has managed to capture tremendously the innocence that was prevalent during the 1950’s; a period when it was much easier to endure the irreversible and startling changes of the era. The Orange-Blossom is a narrative about the relationships that people develop when they experience grief or loss.

We Were Strangers-Once
As World War 1 was looming, one Egon Schneider, a successful and elegant Jewish doctor and also the only son of world famous naturalist, manages to escape the Nazi occupied Germany. Egon sails off in the sea, not knowing what awaits him in the future. After several months at the sea, Egon lands in Manhattan. It does not take long before Egon finds solace in a number of a few immigrants, tenacious women and men who are pulled together due to the differences and challenges that they face. It does not take long before Egon eventually finds employment with the assistance of Meyer, who had numerous connections. Despite the fact that the new job that he will be stepping down from the position of a respected doctor, however, Egon is more than happy to find a new job as the cheese man. However, as more and more immigrants continue to arrive, Egon eventually discovers that not all Americans are welcoming.

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