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Publication Order of The Cornish Girls Books

Wartime with the Cornish Girls (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas with the Cornish Girls (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Courage for the Cornish Girls (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Mother’s Hope for the Cornish Girls (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wedding Bells for the Cornish Girls (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Victory for the Cornish Girls (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Betty Walker is a bestselling author of sagas fiction from Cornwall where she enjoys coastal walks and gardening. She is also known to write under the names Beth Good, Hannah Coates, and Jane Holland.

Writing as Betty Walker, she made her debut when she published “Wartime with the Cornish Girls,” the first of the “Cornish Girls” series of novels in 2021.

The author was born and brought up in the English town of Essex but as an eleven-year-old girl, she was taken away to live in an island tax haven. It was there that she got to rub shoulders with the famous and rich and attended an exclusive public school.
She has said that since she could not become famous or rich, she decided to become a writer of dubious novels and garner herself some infamy. She made things even worse by writing under all manner of pseudonyms.

Walker currently makes her home in the Wst of England and spends most of her time thinking romantic windows while looking out her window.

She also loves to spend a lot of time on Twitter making pointless banter about the “Great British Bake Off” and chocolate making. Since she just cannot say no she has hardly any money and too many children.

Due to the success of Betty Walker’s initial novels, her saga novels have been acquired by Avon Books. The publishing house won the rights for the series from the LBA Literary Agency and started publishing the third novel of the “Cornish Girls” series, “Courage for the Cornish Girls.”
Betty Walker’s novels follow the life and times of Demelza and Violet all from Cornwall as they help in the war effort in a story of love, hope, and courage through adversity.
Given that she was brought up in Essex, it is not surprising that she writes her novels with so much realism which is what has endeared fans to her novels.

When she is not knee-deep reading or writing novels she can usually be found growing her own vegetables, sunbathing whenever she finds the time and cooking for her family.

She has also asserted that she is a lover of historical fact and can often be found meticulously investigating her family tree.

Betty Walker’s novel “Wartime with the Cornish Girls” is the story of three English women from Cornwall who lived during the Second World War.

It is a time when the Germans are conducting bombing raids all over the country and everyone is running around scared. The citizens living in the cities are an easy target and know they just could be bombed next.

Violet makes her home in the East End London suburb of Dagenham with her two nieces and her mother. She lost her brother-in-law and sister in a bombing and believes she should head to Cornwall where her aunt lives.
Another character is a thirty-something-year-old named Hazel who makes her home in Cornwall alongside her fifteen-year-old son. Her abusive alcoholic husband has been called up and has gone to war, but she just cannot seem to get rid of his shadow. She has just gotten a job offer from a man who is known to her since her school days.

The third character is London-based Eva Ryder, a woman who only lives to be free, dance, and not think about war. But when she almost dies from a bombing, her father summons her to Cornwall where he is working. It is there that she meets some handsome professor and soon falls in love.
How will things turn out for the three women?

“Christmas with the Cornish Girls” by Betty Walker sees Eva, Hazel and Lily make a comeback alongside Lily’s family and sister Rose Gray.

Given that there have been some budget cuts at her place of work, Lily will be needing a new position. Fortunately, she gets a letter from Eva informing her of a nursing assistant position in St Ives (where Eve works), at the Symmonds Hall Convalescent Home for Wounded Servicemen.
Their boss is Rose who is known for being quite the stickler for rules. Despite her penchant for adhering to rules and etiquette, Rose has fallen for Dr. Lewis Lanyon, but Elsie her younger and more beautiful sister claims he is hers.

Rose and Eva worry about the children living in the nearby orphanage and particularly the young Jmmy as they feel the caretakers have been acting weird. However, the matron has warned them to stay out of it and they may just have an altercation.
On her part, Eva is in love with Max Carmichael a Flight lieutenant that is in recovery following a spinal injury. The man has been informed that he might never walk again and has no hope left in him which makes him refuse to consider any kind of future with Eva.
Will the Cornish girls help each other through some of the hardest times they have ever faced and come out stronger?

Betty Walker’s novel “Courage for the Cornish Girls” is set in 1942 where Penzance beach has been subjected to gunfire that gets the Cornish Girls to come running.

Seeking adventure, Demelza has dreams of one day becoming a fire warden but before she can do so, she gets an opportunity to get stuck in when there is gunfire on her hometown beach.

Lily immediately heads to the beach to help the wounded and is admirable in how she takes care of the beachgoers. Her work gets her offered a new exciting position with a Penzance hospital.

On the other hand, Violet her aunt is swayed by Lily to take in three wounded men from the beach even though they turn out to be quite a handful. But even with the war raging all around, the greatest challenge the Cronish women face has to do with matters of the heart.
In this outing, the author writes brilliantly about the atmosphere of the Second World War in vivid detail. The warnings that the government gives to citizens living on the coast to make ready for possible German invasions are particularly jarring.
Even more striking were incidents of people scrambling for shelters after air raid sirens sounded.

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