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Beverley McLachlin was born September 7, 1943 in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada. She is the former Chief Justice of Canada, being the first woman to ever hold this position, a spot she held from the year 1988 until 1990. McLachlin also served as a Puisine Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada from the year 1989 until 2000.

She was the oldest child of Elanora Marian and Ernest Gietz. Her parents were fundamentalist Christians of the Pentecostal Church and were of German descent. Her family was poor, but their lives were rather rich in all the ways the matter most. Beverley had an innate sense of justice, which her parents reinforced with lessons the taught her: Everybody deserves dignity. Everyone is equal. Those that work hard will reap all the rewards.

She got an LLB degree (getting a gold medal as the top student and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Alberta Law Review) and both an MA and BA in philosophy from the University of Alberta.

In the year 1969, McLachlin was called to the Bar of Alberta and in the year 1971 to the Bar of British Columbia. She practiced law from 1969 until the year 1975. From 1974 until 1981, she worked as an Associate Professor before becoming a Professor with tenure at the University of British Columbia.

Beverley has been married twice, once to Roderick McLachlin, whom she married in the year 1967 and has one son with, named Angus McLachlin. He died in the year 1988 from cancer. He died just a few days after she was appointed to the post of chief justice of the B.C. Supreme Court. She would remarry, to Frank McArdle, who is a lawyer and executive director of the Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association, in the year 1992.

Her debut novel, which is called “Full Disclosure” was released in the year 2018, and is from the mystery genre and features legal elements, with its main character being a lawyer.

During her youth, she spent plenty of time reading the “Hardy Boys” series and the “Nancy Drew” series of novels. This provided a lot of the wonder that filled her childhood, as well as the other books she was able to find at her local library.

Getting access to education, especially for girls, was tough. While trying to get a philosophy degree, she found that her passion lay in the real world, not academia. Things like solving problems that are directly related to the lives of people close to her. In the law, she found tools to allow her to do just that.

Beverley quickly realized, however, that the world was unwilling to accept her, at times. During her early years as an articling student and lawyer, she encountered things such as old boys’ clubs, sexism, and exclusion everywhere she turned. Personal loss as well as tragedies hit close to home, out of the courtroom. McLachlin was still determined to prove what she was worth. Her love of the law as well as the pursuit of justice was what pulled her through during her darkest moments.

She urges aspiring writers to just write. Just get the words in, and get the characters down. Along the way, it will become clear if the story is going anywhere or not. It is something young writers owe to themselves.

When writing “Full Disclosure”, she threw in some tidbits here and there that come from her own experiences, but she says that the entire thing is fiction.

While she began to approach the Supreme Court’s mandatory age of retirement, she started writing. At first, before she went into work. Then on the weekends. Beverley at first did not believe she could really pen a publishable novel, but she still decided to give it a try anyway. Pretty soon, she had a bit of a story happening.

Beverley finds that the book could only have been set in Vancouver, as it attests to her deep connection to the city and it is also a wonderful place. Her editors would tell her that they liked how Vancouver is one of the characters.

“Full Disclosure” is the first novel, which was released in the year 2018. The truth is the only possible defense, when everybody has got something to hide.

There is nothing that Jilly Truitt likes more than winning a case, especially when she goes up against prosecutor Cy Kenge, her former mentor. Jilly has got her own baggage, which is the residue of a dark time that she spent bouncing around from foster home to foster home. That is behind her now, though. Now she is building up her own criminal defense firm and building up a name for herself as a tough lawyer that is willing to take risks inside the courtroom.

Vincent Trussardi, who is an enigmatic and affluent man, is accused of killing his wife Laura. Jilly agrees to defend the guy, despite predictions that this case is a definite loser and warnings from those who are close to her to keep away from the Trussardis. Jilly investigates Laura’s death, determined to prove everybody wrong. She is hoping to find any evidence that could very well give the jury any reasonable doubt. She is instead confronted by uncooperative witnesses and some damning evidence everywhere she turns. There is somebody that is not telling her the truth. But who could it be?

With Vincent’s life and her own reputation on the line, Jilly attempts to unravel the web of secrets that surrounds Laura’s death. While she digs deeper, she finds a startling revelation that is going to change not only this case, but her own life forever.

The book delivers some interesting details about life inside the court system. This is an excellently woven thriller with some twists and turns right when you think you have things figured out. Each of the characters are interesting and are blended together quite beautifully throughout. You share each of their losses right along with each of their victories. Some enjoyed getting to know Jilly and hope she is going to return to solve more cases.

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