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Publication Order of A Bewitching Mystery Books

The Trouble With Magic (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Charmed Death (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hex Marks the Spot (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Rest for the Wiccan (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where There's a Witch (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Witch In Time (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home for a Spell (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

The novel series ‘A Bewitching Mystery’ is a mystery and thriller novel series written by the noteworthy author Madelyn Alt. The novel series comprises of eight different novels published from 2006 to 2015. The series is based on the author’s vivid characterization of Maggie O’Neill, who works as a clerk in an antiques shop. The series also revolves around the lives of other important characters like Felicity Dow and Marcus Quinn. The plots of all the novels of the series are set in the town of Stone Mill, Indiana, United States and has the depictions about the stories featuring thrilling supernatural and paranormal activities. The main protagonist, Maggie O’Neill often gets involved in investigations relating to the paranormal and supernatural activities in the town of Stone Mill with the help of her ghost hunting friends. Her investigations also link her to brutal murder plots and convictions of her close ones, whom she strives to save by all possible means. The series is full of mysteries along with hex appeals. The first novel of the series ‘A Bewitching Mystery’ was released under the title of ‘The Trouble With Magic’ in the year 2006. The Berkely Prime Crime publishing house released the novel all over the world. In this novel, Maggie O’Neill is depicted as a simple lady working as a clerk in one of the antiques shop in the town, to make her living. Her relation with her boss and owner of the antiques shop, Felicity Dow seems quite weird.

The author has set the plot of the novel in a small town of Stone Mill in Indiana. At first the things go smooth between Maggie and her boss Felicity. But soon, things begin to change for the worse and the relationship between Felicity and Maggie begin to turn sour. As time goes by, Maggie comes to know about the truth of Felicity and discovers her to be a witch. She feels a little weird about her true identity and does not know how to react to the fact. Soon, Felicity gets convicted for committing the murder of one of the citizens of the town. Her Witchy characteristics cause her to get stuck in the murder plot in spite of being innocent. On one hand, everyone thinks of Felicity as the murderer and justify her conviction and on the other hand, Maggie O’Neill feels the other way round. She is sure of the fact that Felicity could not have killed the victim no matter how Witchy she was and that she decides to help her come out of conviction by carrying out the investigations herself. At first, Maggie meets Felicity’s friends to gather information about the paranormal activities happening around the town of Stony Mill. Then, she tries to look at the reality of criminal activities taking place behind the masks of supernatural happenings. Her investigations based on her spellbinding talent and sheer determination bring her close to the real culprit of the crime. She decides not to stop at anything in trying to bring the killer to justice and save her Felicity Dow from wrong accusations. In her attempt to save Felicity, Maggie comes close to her and becomes her best friend forever. She even makes sure that the paranormal activities do not affect the peace and love of the town.

The next installment of the series was titled ‘A Charmed Death’. It was released by the Berkley Prime Crime publishing house in December 2006. Just like the first novel of the series, this novel too depicted the life of Maggie O’Neill and Felicity Dow under the witch influences of the town of Stony Mill. The author Madelyn Alt has once again done a great job in setting the plot of the novel in Stony Mill, a small town in Indiana, United States, just like the first novel. A Charmed Death features the not so pleasant life of Maggie O’Neill, who used to get stuck in odd jobs very often. She was hardly able to earn sufficient amount of money to take care of her daily needs. The author has depicted her in the novel as a girl from the small towns having to lead a dull life, However, her true characteristics are revealed in the later parts of the novel. Leaving the not so helpful odd jobs, Maggie begins to work in the antiques shop named Enchantments. The shop is one of the mystical and finest antiques shop in the town and Maggie had started to feel a little better working there as a clerk. Later, she is revealed to be the newest witch in the town and is shown exploring her new special powers. At first, she finds it pretty tough to cope with her new powers, but slowly develops her habit of using them efficiently.

Even though Maggie gets blessed with the special powers, she is not able to enjoy them as there is a lot of burden on her head related to the work of the antiques shop. She has to maintain the records about the stocks of the shop and is also required to keep the stocks organized and well structured. Apart from these, she has to keep doing her duties of a private investigator in order to keep the criminal activities of the town in check. She used to do this as a personal choice. Another important job that is needed to carry out is to remember to tape the reruns of Magnum, her favorite show. Hence, Maggie O’Neill is shown to be a super busy girl, who is forced to be on her toes all the time. She hardly gets any time to rest. On one fine day, she witnesses a small fight between two of her regular customers in her shop, one of whom was a young local girl. After some time, the girl goes missing and is later found dead. This forces Maggie O’Neill to start investigating the case privately and catch the killer. Initially, the police is not able to any clue related to the murder and it seems that the murderer would get away with the crime. But Maggie has some different plans. She uses her special tricks and powers to do a thorough investigation and find any clues that would take her to the criminal. Her mystical intuitions, spells and charms help her in the investigation. Maggie is joined by her boss, Felicity Dow, who decides to help her in the investigation in order to return the favor that Maggie had done her in the first novel of the series by saving her from a murder charge. Felicity had become one of the favorite witches of Maggie due to her special powers that proved to be quite helpful in the investigation. Maggie O’Neill’s spellbound attitude and determined nature take her closer to the murderer. She is required to act quickly in order to avoid becoming herself as one of the victims of the killer. She and Felicity make sure that the killer is made to pay for his criminal activities and that no such things happen in the peaceful town of Stony Mill in the future.

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