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Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Beyond The Page Bookstore Mysteries Books

Murder by the Book (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prologue to Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the First Edition (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Proof of Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Page Marked for Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under the Cover of Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
To the Tome of Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Margin for Murder (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dedication to Murder (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Limited Edition Murder (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery Series” is a set of novels by mystery author Lauren Elliott. As a child, she was a huge fan of the “Nancy Drew” novels though over time she gravitated towards the likes of Michael Crichton, Victoria Holt, Lynn Kurland, Agatha Christie, and Barbara Erskine. When she went to college, she thought that since she loved reading and writing, journalism was the most logical career choice. After graduating from college with her journalism degree, she found a job reporting for a small publication. But it was not long before she realized that reporting is not something that could quench her thirst for writing. Since she had a love for holding and captivating an audience through storytelling she began considering a career as an author. She published “Murder by the Book,” the first novel of the “Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery” in 2018 and has never looked back since.

Lauren Elliot is known for her boundless imagination and her novels are known for their unique takes of the paranormal aspects as they combine suspense, fantasy romance to make for thrilling cozy mysteries. Her writing has garnered critical acclaim as it never fails to provide edge of the seat adventures that take the reader by the scruff of the neck right from the first page to the last. Elliot’s “Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery” series will keep readers in suspense all through before culminating in an explosive climax. She writes whodunit adventures full of murder, mystery, suspense, and just a touch of romance.

The lead in the “Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery” series is a likable, independent, smart, and stubborn woman named Addie. A lot of the time she finds herself in difficult situations where a lesser person would give up but she never does. She also possesses excellent research skills and an eye for detail, which coupled with partnerships with law enforcement helps to resolve the most complicated of mysteries. When she is first introduced, she has just come back home to her hometown in New England to try to piece her life back together. In the recent past, she had experienced a heart-rending tragedy that included the murder of a fiancé and the tragic accident that had killed her father. Since her long-lost aunt had left her a huge inheritance, she thought it would be best to go back home and start over. She had left her job at the Boston Public Library but wants to continue working with books back home. The good thing is that her aunt had a huge collection of rare books and with the sizable amount of money left to her she can afford to open the “Beyond the Page bookstore.”

“Murder by the Book” the debut novel of the “Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery” series is a great introduction to Lauren Elliot’s series of cozies. Addison Greyborne had a tough year in Boston and decided to leave town and go back home to the little town in New England that bore the name of her ancestors. She believes that back home, she can find the tranquility to help her heal from the tragic loss of her father and the murder of her fiancé. She had also learned that her long lost aunt was deceased and had left her estate to her, which means that going back home makes a lot of sense. With her inheritance, she has everything she needs and even an opportunity to continue working with books which is a passion. Her aunt had a ton of rare books which all now belong to her and with money in the bank, she can afford to open a bookstore she calls “Beyond the Page.” It is not long before she is making friends in town and is making herself at home. But then her new friend named Serena is suspected of murder and Addie has to partner up with her brother the new police chief in town in trying to get her off the hook.

“Prologue to Murder” the second novel of the “Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery” series continues with the story of Addie. The townspeople are not so pleased that she moved back into town even though she had been instrumental in resolving a mysterious murder. In this one, she is invited into another complicated crime mystery when a news gossip columnist working for the local paper targets her for an unknown reason. Several people around her are determined to make her life miserable including Lacey Davenport, the one-time lover of Marc Chandler, the police chief that had at one time been Addie’s love interest. Lacey is back in town after a couple of years on the west coast and intends to drive a wedge between Addie and Marc and also with the rest of the town. Over the course of the novel, the reasons she is going after Addie become clear even though there has always been dislike and tension between the two rivals. She also has to deal with a local bakery owner that does not like her one bit and has marshaled several people in town to make her life difficult. All these challenges combine to create a rift between Addie and Marc, as well as with his sister Serena and in the process also damages her business.

The third novel of the “Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery” Series “Murder in the First Edition” opens to Addie excited about the upcoming Charity Auction. She has an 1843 copy of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens that she cannot wait to donate. She had talked to her colleague back in Boston and she had confirmed that such a rare work could fetch something in the high five figures. With such an amount, the local hospital could go a long way towards building and equipping their new pediatric wing. Her mood is spoiled when the father of her late fiancé Jonathan Hemingway comes into town. He stirs up bad memories from the past but things only get worse when the man seduces Teresa Lang who is running the auction and the two run off for a lunchtime romp. Not long after, Addie goes to look for Teresa and discovers her dead in her office, and her valuable first edition gone. What sort of man would take from sick children and kill to get it? But then a northeasterly wind starts blowing bringing with it, information about Jonathan that may be crucial in resolving the case.

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