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Bianca Sierra-Luebke is a fantasy fiction author from Moline, Illinois best known for “The Replacement” series of novels. Her hometown of Moline that is colloquially referred to as the “Quad Cities” is the birthplace of the taco pizza and is also home to the popular Whitey’s Ice Cream. Bianca grew up in Moline but as an adult, she moved across the river and made her home in Bettendorf, Iowa, where she lives with her husband and children. She has always felt that she was called to work with the community and children and has been very active in pursuing this. In 2006, she got her bachelor’s in arts degree in Elementary Education and then went on to get a job as a teacher and taught for several years. In 2012, she got a job at the Rock Island Public Library working in the children’s room even as she was studying for a master’s in Library Science. Bianca currently works at the Davenport Public Library as a branch supervisor. Given her passion for working with children and young people, she began writing novels and series to entertain and inspire teens. She currently runs, a website where she blogs on teen interests including providing advice on subjects such as binge mode, what books to read next and seasonal tips.

Bianca Sierra-Luebke builds a neo-classical world though she enhances it with extraordinary abilities of her characters and advanced technologies. The standout aspect of the novels is the history and social system of the Mymerians that add a sense of mystery to the quest by the characters to understand and reconcile their experiences to the circumstances in which they are living. Bianca is a master at character building as she draws each of her characters, giving them a background and then showing their progress throughout the novels’ arc. Every character in the novels grows as the story progresses and the reader gets a fascinating look into how events in the past influenced the feelings and reactions of the characters. The Lymerians who are the lynchpin of the series are aliens from another galaxy that have made their home on planet Earth where they have been living in secrets. They are not allowed to fall in love with humans as this could put their secrets in jeopardy. The Lymerian social systems, their history, way of life and laws is an interesting look into another world. Sierra-Lubke writes novels full of romance, intrigue, drama, and suspense that she artfully weaves and gradually draws out pertinent events. Just when her reader believes they have the mystery figured out, she will usually throw a curveball and throw another unexpected tangent.

Bianca Sierra-Luebke’s “The Replacement” introduces Angelica, a woman willing to do anything for her Lymerian lover named Merrick. Merrick had told her about who he really was despite the harsh punishments that are usually imposed for such actions. Angelica is now willing to transition as she knows that while it may be a painful process, she might just get to live forever with her lover. The Lymerians are aliens that have been living on Earth in secret for hundreds of years. To preserve their secret Angelica will have to be transformed into a Lymerian through a secret process. However, she is unlike any other woman that had ever joined their ranks and hence the process is led by the deadliest of the Lymerians, the commander of the Slayers named Clara. Once she starts the process, the fate of the two women is sealed as the process cannot be undone. As Clara and Angelica descend into the dungeons accompanies by two guards, everyone cannot help but wonder what type of Lymerian Angelica will become when her transition is done. The novel is full of despair heartache and deception and makes for a compelling read.

“Remember” the second novel of the series continues the story of the Lymerians. The current Lymerians were the first of the children born after discord and a long period of instability and infertility among their race. While they were not bred for the Earth, it is all they know and hence they are hopeful that they can make a life not only for themselves but others of their race on the new planet. The most talented Slayer of the group is Clara, who can only be bested by the exploits of Victor her best friend. When she is given the assignment of killing innocent children she embarks on a journey that will make her one of the deadliest of the slayers in history. The fearless leader of the Slayers and its best champion is Victor who is often torn between love and duty. He endures a lifetime of indecision and torment as he constantly teeters between his own desires and honor. Merrick is not a slayer but he is good at deceit and pretense but killing is an entirely different proposition. He has extraordinary speed and strength but he now needs to do what he hates if he is to not lose the only woman he ever loved. The novel travels back in time and tells a tragic story of duty, love, and friendship that will, in the end, determine the future of the Lymerians.

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