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Seeds Planted in Concrete (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Strength In Our Scars (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Gentle Reminder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bianca Sparacino is a poet and literary fiction author best known for her work “The Strength in Our Scars.” Besides being a poet she also works for “Thought Catalogue” as a creative director.

Since “Thought Catalogue” has been so good to her by giving her a job and publishing her works, she does amazing things for the website and all manner of things for their clients too.

In interviews, she has often said that she does not like to pen her works from a place of knowledge but rather from a place of learning.

Bianca Sparacino’s aim is to write her experiences into her literary fiction. This is the reason a lot of people feel a connection with the words since they are often going through similar experiences.

Rather than write as if she has all the answers, she usually writes in a way to make people feel significant and seen as they navigate life.

When she first heard of “Thought Catalogue,” she felt a strong compulsion to submit her poetry to the platform. However, she was disappointed when her first two submissions were rejected but still continued posting on Tumblr and Instagram.
By this time, she had lost all hope of ever getting published until something very weird happened. She had been flying and while on the flight she took a few moments to pen “How To Ruin Your Life,” an article she wrote in twenty minutes.
She was surprised at hows easily the article seemed to flow from her. She decided to submit it to “Thought Catalogue” and was surprised when it was approved.

Soon enough, she started getting messages on her author profile and realized that her article had gone viral. A fortnight later “Thought Catalogue” reached out to her with a freelancing offer and she took it.
She would end up publishing her very first work with them and ultimately became the Creative Brand Director for the company.

Given that she is a woman who reads, Bianca just like her contemporaries has her favorite works.

In actual fact, she has two as it is usually a tie between “Alterations of Consciousness” an old psychology textbook, and “A Literate Passion” by Anais Nin and Henry Miller.

The latter has always inspired softness in her heart as it has a tendency to flay one open since the letters are so beautiful and raw.

The psychology textbook which looks into the different personality disorders, sleep disorders, insomnia, and drug interactions in the brain makes for fascinating reading that she likes to paw through whenever she needs a break from spiritual stuff.
While her writing has been influenced and inspired by other authors and genres, she believes her biggest breakthrough came from herself.

It was when she realized that most people are not interested in being told how to live that she achieved the biggest growth in her writing career.

As such, she writes to show her readers that she understands them as human beings going through what are sometimes common experiences.

Bianca writes to show people that she is right beside them experiencing the highlights, the breaking, and the confusion rather than being an omniscient source who pretends to have all the answers and knowledge.

“A Gentle Reminder” by Bianca Sparacino asserts that all we ever need is a Gentle Reminder.

If anyone feels like they are not happy enough, not doing enough or they are not enough, they need the gentle reminder that time heals.

Sparacino’s work is the perfect balm for anyone going through heartbreak and even those that have not.

It is clearly evident that Bianca penned the novel to cater to people experiencing heartbreak. The work is intensely targeted to the breakup experience but the words are so healing as they always feel as if they are directly spoken to the reader.
The work is something of medicine as it deals directly with an ailment of heartbreak making this a life-saving work. Many people have said that it was life-saving as it provides the exact comfort one needs when having a heartbreaking experience.
It is a welcome relief from the many contemporary poetry collections that make you want to gouge out your eyeballs. Instead, this work comes with many lovely poems that speak to the reader.

Bianca Sparacino’s “The Strength in Our Scars” is a gentle reminder to people that no matter where they are on their healing journey, they are strong.

Making use of prose, poetry, and compassionate encouragement she walks with the reader providing them with the words of comfort they need.

“The Strength in Our Scars” explores the relatable but gut-wrenching experiences of self-love, moving on, and ultimately learning to heal.

In this work, readers will find hope, understanding, and a rock to hold on to during the storms. According to Sparacino, whatever is dark within the human experience has also carved light into the soul.
Whatever is lost in the human body can also bring them back to themselves. She asserts that whatever causes pain can also result in healing in ways you currently may not understand.
It is a book that will strengthen and encourage readers and make them feel less lonely in their experiences.

The work is like a friend whispering in your ear telling you that even as things do not look too good at the moment, you will get through it and be okay once again with time.

“Seeds Planted in Concrete” by Bianca Sparacino is a raw testament to the beauty found in life as showcased through poetry and illustration.

The author writes truthfully about the intricacies of loss and love as she speaks to the very heart of her readers to inspire a will to live and love.

The poetry collection is more of a manifesto of the human journey through life. It is a collection of words celebrating the human heart’s resilience through stages of loving, hurting, healing, and feeling.
This is an empowering read that reminds people of the need to love themselves first before anyone else.

Unlike other works, it is full of positivity and lacks the angst that usually results in one feeling depressed and sad.

Even though Bianca writes of being broken and of loss, she writes about it in a way that invigorates rather than beats down.

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