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Biba Pearce
Biba Pearce is a British crime writer that writes the “DCI Rob Miller” series. She grew up in post-apartheid Southern Africa. During her childhood, she lived on the wild eastern coast and explored some of the subtropical forests and surfed in the shark infested waters.

Biba, who is now a full time writer, lives in leafy Surrey, and when she isn’t busy with her writing, can be found walking through the countryside or kayaking on the river Thames.

“The Thames Path Killer” is the first novel in the “Detective Rob Miller Mysteries” series and was released in the year 2019. A deranged serial killer, and an ambitious young detective in a case which could destroy all that he holds dear.

When a young woman is discovered strangled and raped along the Thames River path, it seems like a personal vendetta by some enraged former lover. Then an additional two women die in the same way and it becomes apparent that there is a deranged killer on the loose. All three of these women were engaged to be married. Could this actually be the connection between them both.

The case gets assigned to DI Rob Miller, an ambitious and young detective, whose job it is to catch this killer before there’s any more women murdered. Rob throws himself into this case to the detriment of a fiance of his own that is planning their own wedding. Rob starts honing in on the murderer, his fiance vanishes, and Rob knows that it is just a matter of time before this killer makes this personal.

“The West London Murders” is the second novel in the “Detective Rob Miller Mysteries” series and was released in the year 2020. An ambitious young detective, and a series of savage stabbings. And one killer hellbent on revenge.

A father is discovered dead inside his posh West London home. Stabbed to death. By somebody that just couldn’t stop. There are seven, possibly eight puncture wounds. There isn’t any time for relaxation for the newly married DI Rob Miller. Now there is another man found brutally butchered in this same frenzied way. Do the police have a serial killer on their hands?

This case leads Rob and a former lover, one Detective Jo Maguire, to London’s undercover escort industry. It’s a risky world to just jump right into, and Rob’s own feelings for Jo simply don’t help at all. They realize that this murderer leaves behind quite the blistering trail of revenge killings. And the violence continues to escalate. Can Rob and Jo work together to stop this murderer before someone else pays the ultimate price?

“The Bisley Wood Murders” is the third novel in the “Detective Rob Miller Mysteries” series and was released in the year 2021. A girl disappears. And there is this connection to an unsolved disappearance rather close to home. Katie Wells disappears while she’s on her way to school. Her pink backpack is found weighted down with rocks in some local reservoir. Time is running low to find her, and every single second counts.

Acting DCI Miller leads this nationwide hunt, but there isn’t any trace of the young girl girl found. Detective Jo Maguire (from the National Crime Agency), meanwhile, notices some striking similarities to her sister’s vanishing from two decades before.

Jo’s relationship with Rob deepens, yet they do not have the time to figure things out. Possibly her sister was this killer’s very first victim. And possibly he never stopped, either. Now there is a body being found and the public is now holding its breath collectively. Could this possibly be Katie? Rob and Jo might in fact have a serial killer on their hands.

“Afterburn” is the first novel in the “Kenzie Gilmore” series and was released in the year 2021. The corpse of Natalia Cruz, a missing heiress, is discovered in the Everglades, and Kenzie Gilmore, a journalist, gets assigned the case. The victim’s husband begs her to find out the truth about who killed his wife. Could she be the victim of a sexual predator that is stalking women in Miami, or is her killer just trying to make her look like she is?

Reid Garrett, an ex-cop, does not appreciate these bodies popping up in his backyard. The Everglades is his territory. Four women in just as many months. Determined to track down whoever the person is that’s responsible, he hesitantly joins up with Kenzie, a reporter that has connections to the victim’s famous musician husband.

While they get closer to learning the truth, a stunning revelation turns everything right on its head. Can Reid and Kenzie track the killer down before he can claim another victim?

This thrilling novel is equal parts gritty and fast paced that readers couldn’t put down, and can’t wait to jump into the next one in the series.

“Dead Heat” is the second novel in the “Kenzie Gilmore” series and was released in the year 2022. One undercover assignment becomes a lethal race for survival.

When a high profile trial’s key witness gets shot and killed the day before he is set to be called to testify, Kenzie jumps at the opportunity to investigate. She infiltrates the loan shark’s inner circle, just to find she is in much deeper than she had intended on being. When her cover gets blown, she’s not just racing in order to stop this killer, however to also to stay alive.

Reid didn’t have any idea that when he separated two brawling guys in a bar that one of them was going to wind up dead or that he would become the prime suspect in his murder. Now, being tasked with finding the real murderer, he dives deep into the murky world of racketeering, along with one unsolved mystery which might have links to the case.

Then Kenzie ends up going missing, and it all falls apart. Reid has to use his own skills and ingenuity in order to locate her before time runs out. However with the killer still on the loose, every single second counts.

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  1. Sam Primiano: 5 months ago

    Will Storm Surge be released
    in audible sometime soon??
    Hope so great series….

  2. Sandra Wilson: 1 year ago

    The books in Ms Pearce’s Rob Miller series have plots that leave other popular series of this genre in the dust. Likable good guys, along with repulsive bad guys, make for an entertaining read in each of the books. I just love them! Thank you, thank you, Biba!

    • Sandra Wilson: 1 year ago

      Ms Pearce’s stories are certainly head & shoulders above other writers’ in this genre. Always fast paced, never lagging, as the narrative moves on to it’s conclusion. I really enjoy her books!

  3. alex fagan: 2 years ago

    will there be more det.miller books.enjoyed all the rest.thankyou

  4. Maureen Swope: 2 years ago

    You cannot stop after South Bank Murders…please advise me….
    Come back!!!

  5. Maree: 2 years ago

    I hope there are more Det Miller books on the way – I really enjoy them


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