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Big Girls Book Club Books In Order

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Publication Order of Big Girls Book Club Books

Something on the Side (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Girls Do Cry (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Torn Between Two Lovers (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Big Girls Book Club series is a popular series of romance, cultural, and adult fiction stories written by a NY Times bestselling writer named Carl Weber. This series is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2006 and 2010. Each of the books of this series is based on the values of friendship, love, betrayal, sex, etc. The books’ stories revolve around the lives of six female friends named Nikki, Egypt, Tammy, Tiny, Isis, and Coco. These women form a book club called Big Girls or the BGBC, they have just one rule to add anyone as a member of the group. That is, the girl must be size 14 or above. Tammy serves as the president of the club. Throughout the series, the bodacious ladies are depicted as getting involved in various events that make their lives and that of the others close to them go for a spin. Author Weber has primarily done the setting of all the books in New York. In addition to these women, the other important characters mentioned by Carl Weber include Tim, Richmond, Desa Rae, Roc, Avery Belmont, Duke, Brenda Hampton, La Jill Hunt, etc.

Each and every book of this adult fiction series is widely popular. They are appreciated by numerous readers all across the globe. Many critics and fellow writers have spoken highly of author Weber for coming up with such an interesting series of novels. Most of who have read the books have given motivating reviews in various literary magazines, journals, and online platforms. All of this has boosted the confidence of author Weber and has made him even more popular as an author. With the huge success of this series, the readers turned their attention to other book series written by Weber and eventually became his fans. Over the years of his career, Weber has found success in developing a large fan-following for his work.

Carl Weber is a renowned novelist from the United States, who is mainly popular for writing successful urban romance novels. Some of his most popular book series include Looking For Luv, Choir Director, Family Business, and the Big Girls series. Weber is credited to have found the the publishing company called Urban Books. He publishes most of his books under this banner. He is also the owner of a chain of bookstores called Urban Knowledge. Author Weber achieved his graduation degree from Virginia State University. Then, he went on to earn his MBA degree in marketing from Virginia University. He started writing novels from 2000 onward. The debut novel written and published by him is Lookin’ For Luv. Author Weber’s books have appeared in the bestselling list of NY Times. He has also featured as an Essence bestselling novelist. The other achievement of author Weber includes being listed as the year’s top publisher by The Blackboard.

So far, 14 books of Weber have become bestsellers. Altogether, he has penned twenty two books. Many critics believe that author Weber possesses a unique style of writing that makes him stand out from the other novelists. Very often, he likes to depict the culture of Afro-America in his books. Because of his wide success in this field, Weber is regarded as a premier writer of the nation. As Weber has to perform duties of the President, Publisher, and CEO of his company, Urban Books, he considers writing as his secondary job. Weber only writes in his spare times as his full focus is in making his publishing house much more successful. Over 2,500 novels have been published by the company so far. His dedicated efforts have made Urban Books the biggest publishing house of the world that an Afro-American owns. Author Weber is also appreciated for his bookstore chain. Recently, Weber has started doing screenwriting. He has penned the screenplays of three films that he has produced himself and adapted from his own novels. The films have also done well and have helped to increase his popularity even further.

The debut book of the Big Girls Book Club series written by Carl Weber is entitled ‘Something on the Side’. It was released by the Kensington publication in 2008. This book consists of the main characters as Tammy, Tim, Coco, Tiny, Nikki, Isis, and Egypt. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that the 6 women are the members of BGBC. They have set up the rule that no other woman will get a chance to become a member of this group if she has a size less than 14. Tammy heads the club as its president. She seems to be in love with her life and enjoys every bit of it. The thing that she likes the most about her life is looking after her husband’s business. Tammy’s husband, Tim, trusts her blindly and thinks that she has a better business mindset than him. On the occasion of Tim’s upcoming birthday, Tammy plans to top all the previous birthday surprises by organizing a threesome for him with Egypt. Tammy didn’t ask Egypt before planning this surprise, thinking that she will not mind as they are best friends. Coco is known to have explored her sex life a lot. She has messed with many married men in the past, but now, she has found the man of her dreams and settled down with him. Coco’s husband appears to be the fantasy of every woman because of his charming looks. Coco doesn’t mind him messing around with other women. The only thing she cares about is to ensure that he does not stray. The friendship of the women gets tested when they find that each one of them has something to hide from others.

The second installment of this series is called ‘Big Girls Do Cry’. It was published in 2010 by the Dafna Books. This novel’s story revolves around Egypt and Isis, who are sisters & original members of BGBC. At the beginning of the book’s story, it is depicted that Egypt has done been able to give a child to Rashad and so their marriage is in doubts. They decide make a final attempt at having a child by opting for surrogacy. But, their problem increases further when their selected surrogate backs out at the last moment. Seeing no other suitable option, they turn to Isis, Rashad’s former love interest and Egypt’s sister. Isis sees this as an opportunity to get Rashad back in her life by letting him have biological children with her. When Egypt finds out about this intention of her sister, she becomes distressed. In a desperate attempt to save her marriage, she gets Isis inseminated without her knowledge. But, Egypt’s life doesn’t get easier as she faces more problems.

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