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Publication Order of Big Sigma Books

Bypass Gemini (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unstable Prototypes (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Artificial Evolution (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Temporal Contingency (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beta Testers (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Indra Station (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nova Igniter (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quantum Shift (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Big Sigma” series by award winning author Joseph Lallo is a science fiction series, This Joseph Lallo’s first foray into the genre of science fiction. As Joseph Lallo usually writes fantasy fiction.

The series started in 2011, with the first novel “Bypass Gemini”. The series stars Trevor Alexander (or Lex, as some people call him) who raced as a pilot, but got banned due to gambling. Which he is actually guilty of. This leads to him starting a courier service that allows him to indulge his adrenalin junky side, not to mention his being a really good pilot and driver.

Unlike the “Book of Deacon” series (which is another novel series that Lallo writes), this series does not require readers to read it in the order that it was published. Instead, the novels stand alone more.

“Bypass Gemini” is the first novel in the “Big Sigma” series written by Joseph Lallo and was released in the year 2011. This novel takes place in a very distant future. A guy named Trevor “Lex” Alexander was going to be a great race pilot. That is, until a race (that was fixed) got him banned from participating in the sport. He is reduced to playing a freelance delivery man; this makes him think that things cannot get any worse for him. He gets a package, one that gets him mixed up with a megacorp, the mob, and a nutty scientist. His future depends on finding out what their plans are, and figuring out a way to stop them.

Fans of the novel felt that the novel does not go into long winded explanations about the technology, but weaves into the characters and plot so that the average reader will understand and at the same time the tech geeks will still be interested in things. There is a lot of action and humor here to keep things fun. This is quite the page turner, something that this author has been gaining a reputation for doing. There are bad puns, dry wit, great pacing here in the novel that will keep readers interested and laughing well past their bedtimes. Some found that they took a chance on reading the book, and felt that they were well rewarded with what the book had to offer.

“Unstable Prototypes” is the second novel in the “Big Sigma” series written by Joseph Lallo and was released in the year 2012. After his last adventure, Lex’s life has gone back to normal, somehow. He spends his time delivering packages and taxing passengers where they need to go; there are even some cases where he tests some very experimental equipment. He and Michella Modane have gotten back together and are dating again; she has gotten very popular, becoming a star, since the whole Bypass Gemini thing happened. Things are going well for Lex, right now anyway. That soon changes. He is getting ready for a visit from Michella, something that he does not often get, and finds out that Karter Dee (a reclusive inventor) has been abducted. Getting the authorities involved is not something that can be done because of the inventor’s past; Karter Dee is someone who is both eccentric and a little on the deranged side of things. His artificial intelligence, Ma, with little options; Ma helps keep him sane and cooks his meals. Ma goes to Lex to try to see what he can do. He seems to be the only one that she can trust. She needs for him to put a team together, one that is made up of Karter’s old allies, so that they can get him back before the world is terrorized by Karter’s captors with some of his new gizmos and contraptions.

Fans of the novel found that this is a bit on the campy side, but still fun. Some like the way that there is a mention to the fact that Lex is able to attract improbable events to him. It does not simply face the problem that the characters have, but the relationship troubles that are bound to pop up when you travel throughout the whole entire galaxy. Some, who were not fans before they read this book, are now fans of Lallo’s work; this will make them search out other things that he has written, to see if that is just as good. This is what happens when a good author writes a novel, you get something enjoyable that will keep the pages turning and will keep readers hooked.

“Artificial Evolution” is the third novel in the “Big Sigma” series written by Joseph Lallo and was released in the year 2014. Eventually, Lex and his girlfriend Michella would have to face the consequences that comes from going up against a mega corporation like VectorCorp. It is amazing what one corporate agent that has the resources of a many world conglomerate can do to someone’s career when they want to. Lex is out of work and Michella is being urged and feeling pressured not to do so many hard hitting stories. She is not to be silenced, though, and decides to continue the investigation that she is doing by claiming that she is doing a puff piece about some kind of extraterrestrial. Who would be better than to be her driver on this mission than her very own Lex? Silo and Garotte (who are mercenaries) are still trying to get at the terrorist group that is known as Neo- Luddites.

Fans of the novel found that the characters here are both unique and complex, there is some great humor here, and the plot is twisting and turning. This author has been able to make a name for himself, by self-publishing and fans are grateful for his contributions to the field of writing. Fans enjoyed reading the book, as it was great to catch up with these characters, at the same time, they wanted more books in the series. The scenes in the novel that have a lot of action were well written, say some. This novel focuses more on the interactions that the characters have with one another rather than the plot, unlike the earlier installments in the series.

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