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Publication Order of Big Sky Romance Books

A Cowboy's Touch (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Accidental Bride (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trouble with Cowboys (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Denise Hunter is an American author.

She has won many awards and has penned many novels. Some of her books include A December Bride as well as The Convenient Groom. Both of these were developed into Hallmark movies, so you can watch the movies based off of her books too!

Denise Hunter is known for writing romantic love stories that are set in small towns. She likes to let her readers have the thrill of falling steadily in love vicariously through her characters. This comes with a happy feeling at the end at the prospect of characters starting their lives together. You can close her books knowing that the characters will get the happy ending you hoped they would.

Denise Hunter resides with her husband in the state of Indiana. They have children together, three sons. The two of them are adjusting to having adult children amid everything else going on in their lives and the world today.

Denise started to write what would be her first book back in 1996. She would get some work done while her children were taking naps. It got published just two years after that and ever since that year she has been busy writing and has not stopped! She certainly has a knack for it as she has sold several books. Perhaps it is due to the popular nature of the romance genre or her ability to write engaging romantic stories.

Either way, you can tell that there is a lot of romance and love in her books and it is something that her readers like! If you ask the writer’s husband, he would say that he is the one that is giving her all of the inspiration for all of the romantic material. If you ask Denise, she would say that she has a decent imagination that helps her along with the writing too.

She is the creator and the author of the Big Sky Romance series. These novels became available for fans to read in 2011 with the release of the debut story in the series. Two more came out in this series to make it a trilogy and readers have really liked checking out this rustic and imaginative romance from an author that has a proven track record of penning popular romance!

A Cowboy’s Touch is the debut story in the Big Sky Romance series. Readers get to meet the feisty young lady of Abigail for the first time in this interesting story set in Montana. Abigail thinks that she is just going to be residing in Moose Creek for a little while. She has no idea that this summer stay is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

The only reason that she is here for the first place is for her great aunt. She promised that she would take care of her this summer, and had no big plans to be in Montana otherwise. She figures that being in the middle of a town that is essentially nowhere taking care of Aunt Lacey will not be that bad. After all, she’s doing a good deed.

Abby Jones thinks that it is just going to be one summer and that is it. She took time off of her job and getting a break from that type of work is the thing that she really needs. Abigail desperately needs to look at her life and her future with some fresh eyes. Maybe being in a new place is the ticket to figuring out what she is going to do overall.

She likes the slower pace that people have here and this is actually the first time in a long time that she has been able to relax and take a deep breath. She doesn’t have to feel rushed all of the time. Montana also has natural beauty and scenes that can take your breath away. Abigail is finding that she is feeling like she is discovering once more who she is and even has renewed religious interest.

This young lady had no idea that a handsome guy is about to come along that might just take her breath away even more than the beauty of the big sky country. He’s a cowboy and has also been widowed. Even though he lost his partner, he still has his ranch and has to keep living on in Montana. it just happens to be where her aunt is staying.

The rancher ends up being without a nanny for his daughter one day. Abigail figures that it is not going to require that much of her to step in. For his part, Wade has a major crush on Abigail and has from the first moment that he saw her. The only trouble is that he is very protective of his child and he can’t just disrupt everything or risk that for someone he’s simply attracted to.

Wade soon finds that Abigail is the perfect nanny. They all start doing a little better, including his daughter. Abigail has found that she is finally in a place where she feels like she belongs. Could this be her home in the future too? She doesn’t know if Wade is ready for that, and has secrets of her own. Can they ever admit that they have feelings for each other or will it be destined to pass them by? Read this book to find out!

The Accidental Bride is the second book in this series. Shay might just have gotten married in a reenactment that might have been the real deal. It’s all part of a holiday for Founders’ Day, but when the groom is Travis McCoy, Shay doesn’t know what she greed to.

He used to be her sweetheart, but left her for fame and money in the rodeo. She meanwhile was on the ranch raising her daughter. She worked hard but the bank wants to foreclose on her house. It’s been tough making ends meet and she has been hoping a miracle would come through.

Could being married to Travis end up being a good thing? Read this book to find out if she can save her home and if the two fall for each other!

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