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Publication Order of Big Uneasy Books

Relatively Risky (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Family Treed (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Spaces (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Louisiana Lagniappe (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Worry Beads (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fais Do Do Die (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beaucoup Fracas (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Family Way (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pirogue Wipe Out (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bourre Brouhaha (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soc Au' Lait Stiff (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Big Uneasy book series is a wonderful series of mystery, romance, cozy mystery, thriller, contemporary mystery, and romantic suspense stories. It is written by a USA Today bestselling American novelist named Pauline Baird Jones. The series began in 2013 and comprised of 5 novels and 1 novella up to 2020. Pauline has set the plots of this series in New Orleans and nearby areas. Each book of this series consists of a different set of main characters, who help to carry the series forward. Some of the essential ones created by Pauline Baird Jones include Nell Whitby, Alex Baker, Hannah Baker, Logan Ferris, Becca Smith Poole, Zach Baker, Laura Baker, Archie Gunn, and several others. At the series’ beginning, Nell Whitby is introduced as a writer of children’s books. She starts her life over again by moving to New Orleans, where she tries to find a publisher for her new book.

In between, Nell helps out tourists to earn some money for her living. Nell’s fresh start begins to look absolutely perfect when she is asked for a date by a charming detective. He is none other than Alex Baker. Alex looks to solve murders and keep underage girls at a distance. Later, Nell Whitby indulges in a carjacking and falls in the hands of an angry mob. Alex Baker comes to her rescue. After saving her, Alex indulges in a romantic affair with her and vows to protect her all the time. An interesting book of the Big Uneasy series written by author Pauline Baird Jones is entitled ‘Dead Spaces’. It was self-published by the author in 2015. This novel features the primary characters in the roles of Logan Ferris and Hannah Baker.

Initially, Hannah Baker is shown working as a forensic surgeon. She is employed in the Coroner’s Office in New Orleans and also assists her father in running his company Baker’s Dozen. Hannah seems to have good control over her life and knows where and how to dig, when to stop, and when to move out. Later, her older brother forces her to indulge in the exhumation of two old coffins. This makes her realize that one cannot ignore their past. Hannah Baker does not like being involved with the shadowy and annoying figures of New Orleans and wants to get out of it as soon as possible. Later, she comes across a handsome NOPD detective named Logan Ferris and sees him as her safe exit. Logan has the habit of staying out of big troubles and focus on his work. And by having one look at Hannah Baker, he becomes sure that she is going to bring uneasiness and trouble in his life.

Another exciting novel penned in this series is known as ‘Louisiana Lagniappe’. Pauline Jones self-published this book as well in 2017. She has depicted the lead characters in this book as Zach Baker and Becca Smith Poole. The book opens by depicting that Becca Smith Poole attends the 45th reunion of her high school. It doesn’t turn out to be normal and ends in the discovery of a dead body. Becca begins investigating the mystery to find out the murderer as she is known for possessing problem-solving skills. She also wishes to find out whether her former crush from high school is still handsome just like he was in the past. Becca’s breath is taken away when she discovers that Zach Baker still looks quite charming. He is a retired detective now and lives a lonely life by looking after his family business.

One day, Zach Baker sees Becca’s picture in a brochure and desires to meet the lady he could not connect with during high school. They meet each other at the reunion party and before Zach could express what he feels for her, the party is broken up due to the discovery of a dead body. Zach’s son is about to get married and several problems occur that threaten to destroy the big day in the life of Zach’s son. Fortunately, he has Becca Smith Poole with her touch of solving problems. Meanwhile, Becca and Zach seem worried about the incident that happened at the reunion party. As they team up to investigate the case and go on the trail of a cunning killer, Zach wonders if he will ever be able to express his love for her.

Pauline Baird Jones is a renowned American writer of paranormal romance and science fiction stories. She is well known for writing the Lonesome Lawmen series, the Project Enterprise series, the Uneasy Future series, and Big Uneasy series. In addition to the book series, Pauline is known to have written several standalone books, which are widely successful. She is also credited to have contributed to a few omnibus collections in collaboration with authors such as Michelle Dienner, Amelia Treader, Maeve Alpin, Aurora Springer, Lisa Morrow, Jenna Bennett, Alexuz Gynn Latner, Christine Pope, Lindsay Buroker, etc. She has even penned several collections of short stories, written a standalone novella and some nonfiction books, and contributed to the series of other writers.

Author Pauline Jones was born in a family of four brothers. She was schooled by her brothers all the time until she grew up. When she started reading, she was particularly attracted to the romantic suspense genre. Pauline Baird Jones even started her career in this genre. However, she soon realized that she needed to explore more worlds, break more rules, and bend more minds. So, she shifted her focus towards time travel stories and began writing science fiction novels. Pauline Jones also tries her hand at writing a few Steampunk stories. As of now, she wanders among different genres and tries to write a little bit of everything.

Even in her free time, Pauline keeps thinking about ways to improve the personality of her characters or give more dimensions to her stories. Pauline has the habit of giving happy endings to her books. She cannot stand her primary characters losing in the end to bad guys. She has expressed her gratitude to all those who have helped in making her novels successful. There are many critics, writers, close friends, and family members that she has to thank for supporting her through the times of thick and thin and believing in her abilities. Right now, Pauline is working on the development of her latest novel and is hopeful of releasing it soon.

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