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Publication Order of Bigtime Books

Bigtime is a series of paranormal romance novels written by Jennifer Estep. The books follow the escapades of women with super powers who must confront both the heartaches of romance and the challenges of contending with super villains.

+The Story

The Bigtime series is a parody of the comic book genre. Jennifer Estep’s books take place in a world where super heroes are real. Bigtime is a city in New York were the paranormal and the extraordinary have become the norm.

A select group of individuals have special abilities. From telekinesis to pyro kinesis and regeneration, these gifts have placed the individuals in question in a position to impact society for the good or for evil.

Those who go astray happily take on the moniker of super villain and make it their goal to bring the city of Bigtime to its knees in an effort to satisfy their own desires. And when the worst the paranormal world has to offer rear their heads, it falls on the shoulders of the spandex-wearing justice-infused men and women of Bigtime to step up to the plate and save the day.

And that is the tale of Bigtime. The series is essentially a comic book brought to life with the written word. The most distinct feature of the series is Jennifer Estep’s insistence on using female protagonist for each of her novels.

That might explain why the Bigtime series is most commonly classified as Chick-lit. Despite their superhero leanings, the Bigtime books are primarily romance novels that follow the trials and tribulations of those women of Bigtime that have been fortunate enough to manifest super powers.

‘Karma’, the first book in the Bigtime series, tells the story of Carmen Cole, a reporter whose life turns upside down when she finds her superhero fiancé in bed with a super villain.

Infuriated by the betrayal, Carmen becomes consumed by a desire to reveal the true identities of the super heroes and super villains in Bigtime, determined to bring the whole paranormal charade to an end. It takes an unexpected tragedy and the love of another super hero to bring Carmen to her senses.

‘Hot Mama’, the sequel, focuses on Fiona, a fashion designer whose fiancé was killed by super villains. Fiona just wants to get back into the dating game but the super villain activity in her city keeps ruining her romantic plans.

Carmen and Fiona couldn’t be more different. While Carmen despises super heroes as a whole, Fiona takes pride in her work. She relishes in the honor and glory that her name has garnered as a result of her heroic efforts.

Bella Belluci, on the other hand, spent so much time worrying about her super hero father that the idea of taking up that same mantle feels her with dread. That isn’t even accounting for the difficulties that her power tends to elicit.

However, those challenges do not stop Bella from facing the enemies that threaten her city.

Abby Appleby falls into a wholly different category. Her powers are a great source of pain for her, and she cannot help but wonder whether their benefits are worth the frustration she encounters on a daily basis.

These heroines and more act as lenses through which Jennifer Estep explores her world. From the feisty reporter to the shy nerd and the confident fashionista, Estep uses the diverse backgrounds of her protagonists to expand Bigtime as a city and a setting.

Estep’s critics will say that her characters, though wide ranging, are pretty paper thin in their development. However, the author’s fans will counter by saying that each heroine brings enough depth to the table to make each novel in the Bigtime series feel unique.

Though, even the fans will agree that the same themes tend to manifest in each of the books. You always have a heroine whose life has taken a complicated turn because of the presence of super heroes and super heroes.

Each heroine has hit a brick wall when it comes to romance. There’s always a central super villain that they must face and overcome in order to learn the lesson of the day, not to mention a man—typically a super hero—they want but cannot have because of a litany of misunderstandings.

Because these are romance novels each heroine is typically guaranteed a happily-ever-after, though their journey to peace and bliss is rarely straightforward.

The Bigtime books are not meant to be taken seriously. And Jennifer Estep has admitted as much. While she believes that there is a place for gritty storytelling in comics, the author prefers to write funny, witty, sexy stories about struggling super heroines.

The books are written in the first person perspective because Estep believes it adds an element of intimacy.

+The Author

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author that writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Estep is best known for the Elemental Assassin books and Mythos Academy series.


Carmen Cole has made it her life’s work to expose the identities of the Super heroes and super villains in Bigtime. Carmen wasn’t always so hell bent on the vendetta, though.

She was ready to walk down the aisle on the arm of a caped crusader. Then Carmen discovered her fiancé in bed with her best friend, a woman that turned out to be a super villain.

Carmen’s lust for revenge saw her fame skyrocket as she exposed the identities of some of Bigtime’s more notable heroes.

Carmen thought that getting the scoop of a lifetime would elevate her reputation into the stratosphere. Instead, the resulting tragedy brings her crashing back down to earth and into the arms of her city’s sexiest superhero.

+Hot Mama

People know Fiona as a successful couture designer. She has catered to and worked alongside some of the biggest players in Bigtime high society.

Few people realize that Fiona is also Fiera, one of the greatest superheroes in Bigtime.

Fiona’s fiancé was killed by supervillains a year ago. She never thought she would overcome that pain. And when the time comes for her to return to the dating pool, Fiona is more than a little anxious.

It doesn’t help that Johnny Belluci, the one man that causes her heart to flutter, has a litany of secrets in his closet. Fiona must balance her complicated romantic entanglement with her conflict against two new super villains determine to raise hell in town.

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