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The author, Bill Beverly was born & then brought up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The author had studied literature & writing at Oberlin College. Also, he had studied theater & the great Industrial Revolution. Later, he took an admission in University of Florida in order to pursue a Ph.D. degree in American literature. His debut novel is Dodgers which has been published pretty recently (in April 2016).

Early Background & Other Specific Details – Bill Beverly : The author is currently associated with Trinity University in Washington D.C where he specifically teaches American literature and writing. He lives with his wife and his daughter (Olive) in Hyattsville, Maryland. Here to mention, his wife (Deborah Ager) is another eminent poet and writer. The author doesn’t have any specific hobby; however, he surely loves to collect empty beer cans.

While, Bill Beverly may not necessarily be a professional writer, however, his unique style of writing is unquestionably great and pretty commendable. Here to note, the author got an overwhelming response for his debut novel. In fact, this awesome book has been nominated and further received an array of awards within a very short span of time.

Description of two early books as written by Bill Beverly : The author is pretty new in this industry. Nevertheless, he has already made an impressive start by debuting the featured Novel, Dodgers that has been published pretty recently. Apart from this novel, he has also worked in several other books too. In this context, the brief description of two of his featured books are mentioned below :

1.Dodgers (April, 2016) : This is the debut book of the author which immediately made him highly popular. This book is excellent, completely unique, and it contains enough twists & turns to keep the readers engaged. Within a very short period of time, this book actually got an overwhelming response. On top of that, it has received several awards too.

This book is just a thriller which seems to come out to be a unique novel in its category. While the standard of this book can be easily compared with famous authors like Richard Price & Mark Twain, however, it seriously retains its own style, layout, plot, and ending. Here’s a twist; while as a reader, the beginning may seem pretty familiar to you, however, the ending is completely different, unique, and unpredictable. This book features a perfect narrative style of the author where Bill Beverly entirely focuses on people & personalities maintaining an overall impressive and interesting plot throughout the book. With rhythmic dialogues, a fast-pacing plot, the measured violence, and an unexpected ending, this book features to be as one of the best “crime fiction” in its category. This book surely has everything adequately; neither too much nor too less.

Now, coming to the story of this debut novel, it features a dazzling crime novel that presents the readers an ultimate self-discovery journey which contains enough thrill and excitement.

This terrific novel tells the reader a story of one young man (East). East is one of the major characters of this book. He is just 16 years old & he has lived his entire life in a pretty small part of South Central L.A. There, he has been appointed as a guard for a particular local drug house. For East, it is the only world that he has ever known & he really does his job well. East also has a younger brother (Ty) but they barely have any proper relationship; obviously, they share the same mother, however, there is no such bonding between this two brothers. While being younger, Ty is much more aggressive than his elder brother (East). In fact, Ty seems to have an antisocial personality. Whereas, East has managed to live a quiet life despite all the odds that are stacked against him.

Now, suddenly, one of their houses gets raided. Next, they find out that a witness (who’s against one of their bosses) urgently needs to be killed. East and three other kids (including East’s own brother Ty) will now be sent out in order to accomplish this job. Now, the witness is residing in Wisconsin and East is completely new to this place. Plus, he does not really possess a violent personality & he has never killed anyone before.

Slowly, a fascinating story will continue to unfold while revealing East’s journey where the readers will find what basically happens when a decent kid is just thrown into some impossible circumstances. Will he and his personality change with time? – the story continues with many more twists and turns while keeping the readers guessing about the possible ending.

2.On The Lam : The Narratives Of Flight J. Edgar Hoover’s America (May 2003) : Bill Beverly made a profound research on the criminal fugitives and all these research (with stories surrounding them) eventually became this great book that was published in 2003. It is merely an exploration of how the fugitive actually took the spotlight in American literature, film, & media news. Here, the author brings a novelist’s sensibility to cultural criticism and literary.

Focusing a period of 20 years (between 1932 and 1952), this particular book maps the changing landscapes of criminal flight in American texts. Overall, through this book, the author actually observes the sheer importance of the fugitive figure to the so-called American culture at the dawn of being modern or during America’s final transit into superior modernity.

Rewards & Recognition : Bill Beverly has made a wild & auspicious debut that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Since this gritty & propulsive debut novel features a stunning literary achievement, it has been nominated and eventually awarded for being the best crime novel of the year. This book has won “The CWA Goldsboro Gold Dagger 2016 Award” for being the best-ever crime novel of 2016. Along with that, it has also won “The CWA John Creasy New Blood Dagger 2016 Award” for being the best debut crime novel.

Bill Beverly – The Final Words : Needless to mention, the author is pretty new in this industry. In fact, his first novel has been debuted only a couple of months ago. But, during such a short period of time, he has witnessed an unprecedented success for his debut creation. With a premise and terrific execution & a memorable character, East – this book is clearly hypnotic, breath-taking, beautiful, and interesting.

If you’re looking to read an impressive crime novel, don’t forget to have a look at this book!

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  1. Anne Forrest: 3 years ago

    I have just finished listening to Dodgers. I adored it and the character of East,such a special person. I do so hope that we have not seen the last of him! More please!!!


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