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Publication Order of November Man Books

The November Man (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
Schism (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shattered Eye (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
The British Cross (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
British Cross (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Zurich Numbers (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hemingway's Notebook (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
There Are No Spies (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Infant of Prague (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Henry McGee Is Not Dead (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Man Who Heard Too Much (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
League of Terror (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Good German (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burning the Apostle (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Drover Books

Drover (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drover and the Zebras (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drover and the Designated Hitter (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Sweeps (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Public Murders (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Time for Frankie Coolin (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen's Crossing (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Priestly Murders (As: Joe Gash) (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Newspaper Murder (As: Joe Gash) (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
The El Murders (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bill Granger is an American author of fiction. He has also gone by the pen names of Bill Griffith and Joe Gash. He used to work as a newspaperman, but then ultimately turned to writing fiction full time. He wrote twenty-five novels throughout the course of his career. His novels were largely in the crime fiction genre and were usually set in Chicago.

Granger also specialized in police procedurals as well as international spy thrillers. Many of his novels would have characters that were especially colorful. His most well-known novel and a personal favorite was the 1980 novel Public Murders. The book received an Edgar Award in 1981 from the Mystery Writers of America.

In this book, a city is in a crisis as a combination murderer and rapist keeps on striking, continuing to strike fear into the hearts of the public as they speed through the city unchecked. As pressure from the public grows and the politicians are making sure that the detectives working the case are put under the microscope, the race is on to catch the killer before it’s too late.

Bill Granger is the author of The November Man series. The series kicked off with the debut book in 1979. The November Man actually was a spy novel, but apparently it was overly realistic because it caused an international stir. This is due to the plot in the novel to kill one of Queen Elizabeth’s relatives by causing a boat to explode. The plot seems fairly far-fetched, but plausible enough to be inspired by reality.

Unfortunately it was a plot point that proved to be prescient. Lord Louis Mountbatten was the cousin to the queen and later that year he was killed when a bomb on his fishing boat blew up. It was placed there by the Irish Republican Army and the bomb met its mark, just as the book described. Sometimes truth isn’t just stranger than fiction– it’s exactly the same thing.

The November Man series’ seventh book was adapted into a feature film starring Pierce Brosnan. It was a 2012 spy thriller that was directed by Roger Donaldson. The movie made $25 million in North America and grossed $32 million against a budget of $15 million.

Even though he published several books under his own name and by his own hand, Bill Granger always saw himself as a reporter more than an author. He said in an interview that he couldn’t conceive of a day that didn’t have ‘newspapering’ in it. When he worked in journalism over the course of forty years, he reported for such publications as The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chicago Daily Herald.

Granger covered Northern Ireland’s sectarian violence. He even penned a series that was based on the interviews he had with a veteran that had witnessed the Vietnam War’s My Lai massacre in person. He had an illustrious writing career, but a stroke in January of the year 2000 would put an end to Granger’s writing career for good. Two years alter until the time of his death he resided in the Manteno Veterans Home. Ultimately his cause of death would be determined as a heart attack. His wife Lori and his son Alec survive him, as well as his work.

The November Man is the first novel in the series by the same name. Deveraux’s code name is the November Man, and he is an agent for the United States government. He is in Scotland for the purpose of preventing what is rumored to be an assassination going down.

This American agent is really going to have to show what he is made of as he takes on terrorists, Russian agents, and more. What happens? Pick up this thrilling debut novel to find out!

Schism is the second novel in the thriller series The November Man by suspense author Bill Granger. When Father Leo Tunney leaves the Cambodian jungle, it has been twenty years’ time. Two decades have passed since he entered, and now that he has come out, Tunney is carrying along with him a secret that has potentially global importance.

Father Leo Tunney definitely has some type of knowledge, but what? Quite a few people would like to find out. In fact, you could say that they have a burning vested interest to discover what this Father knows. But what could be so important that he immediately has people chasing after him to find out?

Not only does Moscow want to discover what he knows, now Washington and even Vatican City are part of the chase to track him down. They’re going to find out what this guy knows, and they are going to find it out based on any cost. When it comes to agents that work for the United States government, however, they may find that they have more on their hands than they initially bargained for.

When an international bank that is quite powerful joins the hunt, Deveraux must double his efforts to evade the people that pursue him. They will stop at nothing to track him down and pull the information out of him. It is up to this smart and cool and collected United States agent to make sure that they don’t get to him– or that he can get to them before they do.

Deveraux’s code name is the November Man. Perhaps it’s because anyone who meets with him suffers a great fall. With his mission clearly set in his mind, nothing can distract him from the goal at hand. Even a young journalist who is quite beautiful and may have her own interest in getting the answers out of the priest by any means necessary.

With the race fully on, this November Man must do what he can to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Can the journalist outwit this stealthy agent, or is she destined to fail as Deveraux’s expert training and ability to get the job done save the day once again? You must pick up Schism, the exciting second novel in the series by Granger, to find out for yourself!

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