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The Ice Conspiracy (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Peabody Connection (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bill Knussmann is a published author.

He came into print for the first time with the release of his first novel, which is titled The Ice Conspiracy, in 1998. Several years later, The Peabody Connection was released, a story that comes loaded with action and adventure. Pick up these titles and know you will be getting thrilling action and twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Bill Knussmann is the author of The Ice Conspiracy. If you are looking for a political action thriller that does not let up until the very last page, this is the book for you.

The story starts out going right into the action and takes the reader into 1967 in August. The plot revolves around President Johnson as well as his inner circle and what they decide to do that fateful summer. This all ultimately concerns the choice to back the government of South Vietnam during the United States and its self involvement in an ongoing conflict.

This story takes place before the fall of Saigon to the army of North Vietnam. The night previous to that event on April 28, 1975, a group of military men have their instructions. One Navy Seal and the Navy Special Ops Seabee along with a ranger for the South Vietnamese side and a CIA official with the United States Embassy have received a mission.

The mission will be classified as black ops and will be dealing with the actions that were taken by the president in 1967. While the four men take on the mission and are successful when it comes to completing it, there are still some hiccups to work through with this whole thing.

An embassy official was one of a small handful of people that knew what the real plan of the mission was. However, they were also killed when the team was on their way to getting out of the South Vietnam region and on their way to freedom. This complicates things slightly, as the reader can well imagine.

Now the reader is taken to modern times as the present day setting of 1998 is revealed. That is when an incident that centers around the former Vietnamese Ranger starts to crop up. The ranger is currently a citizen of the United States now and has started a new life entirely in the state of California in the city of Anaheim.

He has come a long way since the political events of the past and has committed to just starting over again. He has a nice life in California living with his family and everything appears to be going just fine until he is suddenly killed. The event looks like an everyday occurrence– a hold up going down at a local convenience store.

But is it all really that simple, or have the events of the past risen up to become relevant once more? There are only a few departments and individuals that know about the mission from 1975 and what its true importance was. This includes officials with the State Department as well as the Central Intelligence Agency.

Now the story turns its attention to the only living members of that team. There are just two of them, both former officers with the Navy. As these main characters continue on through the story, they both slowly start to realize that they are actually under surveillance twenty four hours a day and night. So just who is behind the spying?

They start to suspect that this surveillance comes courtesy of the CIA. They have no way of knowing that the Vietnamese Ranger was killed but quickly find out. Their doubts run wild, with the ex-Seal speculating that the homicide may be tied to that mission all those years ago.

He has no other choice but to go and find the ex-Seabee and recruit him for another and perhaps final mission. Together with other characters they join up and create a team with the intention of covertly traveling all the way back to Vietnam. They see it as their only chance to discover just what the United States government found so important about that mission that was to meet such a bitter fate.

They have no idea what is waiting for them in their quest of the truth. The team goes to the Vietnam Delta in their own way and meanwhile, officials are looking into the cause of the homicide. With the CIA close behind them as well as the Vietnamese government, the team converges on that Delta location to find out what truly went on that night all the way back in 1975.

But when one of the members of the team appears to be a double crosser, the whole group is going to be in danger. This CIA operative had the mission of eliminating the evidence regarding this whole event, which includes taking people out if necessary to hide what really happened.

In the end, the government’s actions may be exposed or the group may fall victim to the ultimate cover-up. What will happen? Pick up a copy of this book for yourself and find out!

The Peabody Connection is another novel from Bill Knussmann. Based in D.C., Matthew Kittle works as an investigative reporter that is shocked when he finds out about a scheme that has the potential to shake up the government’s very foundation if it were to get out.

He’s following up with some research on this operation. However, Matt knows some higher ups in the government had direct involvement in this plan. Just days before he’s going to publish the story, he is discovered dead at his D.C. home. The paper turns over his investigation to two reporters, Sarah Jameison and Stan Barton. The two can do the work but not draw attention to the true intent.

As the reporters pore over the reporter’s notes, they find that there are key missing elements that would unite the story. They go through the same process that Kittle went through in an attempt to track down some answers.

As the two travel across the country and globe, can they expose an international operation? Or will they become targets along the way instead? Read this book to find out!

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