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Publication Order of The Death-Cursed Wizard Books

Death's Collector (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wee Piggies of Radiant Might (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death's Baby Sister (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sorcerers Dark and Light (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Void Walker (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sword Hand (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Lands (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Sorcerer of Bad Examples Books

The Dragon's Manservant (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragons at That Awkward Age (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bill McCurry
Bill McCurry blends humor, action, and vivid characters in dark fantasy novels. They’re largely about the ridiculousness of being human, yet with swords since swords are cool. Before getting published, Bill wrote three novels that sucked like black holes, and suggests that anybody wanting to write novels should write and finish some bad novels first. You just learn so much.

Bill has spent decades as a comedy improv actor. He typically looks for what is funny whenever possible. And just because it is funny, that does not mean that it isn’t serious.

He writes fantasy novels for adults, which doesn’t at all mean that there are pages filled with sex. Instead he writes about things that adults are likely to deal with: the need for meaning, grief, love, cynicism, living in a changing world, and courage in the face of loss, etc.

Bill was born in Fort Worth, Texas, where the stockyards stink, where the West begins, and the old money families run it all. He later moved to Dallas, where Tom Landry is still loved, Democrats can get elected, and the fourth leading cause of death is starvation as you sit on the LBJ Freeway.

Bill has earned an MA in Sociology from the University of Texas at Arlington, which sits halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Arlington is a lot like apples juggled by a smiling yet overworked clown. Dallas would be sliced apples resting on a bed of arugula and kale with a nice vinaigrette, while Fort Worth would be sitting in a bin at the Farmer’s Market.

The most useful thing that he learned while he was at university is that no one is under any obligation to teach us anything at all, and that includes professors. Always be ready to teach yourself. Things made a lot more sense, once he learned that.

People have paid Bill to do an odd variety of stuff, from business operations, construction, and improv acting.

“Death’s Collector” is the first novel in the “Death Cursed Wizard” series and was released in 2019. He has been cursed to kill and cursed to love it. And he hates that he loves it.

Bib the sorcerer hates just how much he loves his job. Having been cursed by the God of Death to collect more lives, he focuses his thirst on snuffing out just contemptible ass clowns and the lowlife losers. However once the innocents under his protection get brutally murdered, he flips the switch on the ultimate revenge spree.

Bib, now bent on obliterating the bum that’s responsible, is more than just a little bit miffed once he learns the shocking truth about his own degenerate nature. However knowing the sort of killer that he is inside, the reluctant hero isn’t going to be stopped until he mows down every single evil dude that is in his path. Can Bib fight his way to redemption before he loses his very soul to blood lust?

“Death’s Baby Sister” is the second novel in the “Death Cursed Wizard” series and was released in 2019. Fighting some insane goddess for an annoying little girl’s soul is not how Bib planned on spending his retirement, however somebody has to teach her not to make it rain whales or turn people into sand.

He flees with her to try and find a safe place, however safety keeps getting farther and farther away from them, not closer. Tragically deranged sorcerers destroy cities in their way, this crusade of murderous zealots is pursuing Bib, and the mad goddess makes some appalling overtures to the little girl.

While paths to escape grow narrower, Bib has to decide what he is willing to sacrifice to succeed in saving this girl, and what he can possibly bear to do should he fail.

“Sorcerers Dark and Light” is the third novel in the “Death Cursed Wizard” series and was released in 2019. An underpowered sorcerer forced to fight. One banished demigod that’s abducting kids. And an impossible battle for a virtuous cause.

Bib has retreated back to his home, having become wracked with grief. After he doomed his own daughter, he has been unwilling dragged into this conflict with the demonic son of the God of War. Even though he saves his town from this petulant deity, his tragic miscalculation allows the sadistic fiend to make off with a hoard of children.

Bib, enraged and determined to right the mistakes he’s made, has to yet again negotiate with the gods for enough power to overcome this sinister foe. If that does not work, then he is just going to have to summon the dead. Is Bib going to defeat the snarky Goliath and save all the kids from a horrific fate?

“The Dragon’s Manservant” is the first novel in the “Sorcerer of Bad Examples” series and was released in 2023. He is single handedly battling an army in order to defend an entire kingdom filled with ungrateful idiots. Can he possibly keep his legacy from going up in smoke?

Bib the sorcerer is finished trying to save the world. After her volunteered to guard his realm’s vulnerable backdoor by staying in exile for the past seventy years now, this snarky sword master has got zero interest in bailing out the next generation from their catastrophic war. However when his late wife’s step grandkids turn up and beg him for his help, his initial refusal becomes vengeance once one of the youngsters is offed by a hitman.

Bib, who is grimly determined to balance these scales, returns to his old home and is greeted with a mocking populace and unfamiliar sights. However in his own eagerness to be victorious so he will be able to give them the finger and stalk into the sunset, this famous magic-wielder seriously underestimates a lethal foe. Is his arrogance going to get him spit-roasted by this new master of his?

For those that like heroes unable to catch a break, fast paced action, and novel twists, then you’re sure to love this laugh out loud adventure from Bill McCurry.

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