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The Cosmic Serpent (With: Victor Clube) (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Origin of Comets (With: M.E. Bailey) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cosmic Winter (With: Victor Clube) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bill Napier
Bill Napier was born in Perth, Scotland on June 29, 1940. He is an honorary professor at the Institute for Astrobiology of Cardiff University and an astronomer at the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland.

In the year 1963, he got his Bachelor of Science degree and then his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1966, both of which from the University of Glasgow. He spent most of his career as an astronomer at observatories in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Italy.

Bill lives with his wife, dividing his time between penning novels and carrying out research with his colleagues in California and the UK. He also enjoys cooking, but he faces stiff competition from his kids and his wife.

He is interested in the relationship between the Universe and life and is one of the leading authorities on the celestial hazard issue. He has co-authored three scientific books and around eighty research papers, all of which focuses on cosmology and comets. His collaboration with Victor Clube, a fellow astronomer, and others on the role of comets in Earth history, is also known as “coherent catastrophism”.

Bill’s debut novel, called “Nemesis”, was released in the year 1998. His work is from the tech thriller and non-fiction genres.

“Nemesis” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 1998. The code buried in an ancient manuscript is the only salvation for American survival.

Dr. Oliver Webb (one of the top physicists in the world), from an isolated Scottish mountain, gets transported by military chopper to the Mexican border. Along with some of the leading men of physics and a sexy atom smasher, Webb is handed an impossible mission: identify the asteroid, codenamed Nemesis, which is on course to destroy America. They just have five days to stop it. If they are unable to, the President is going to retaliate first by ordering the US military to pull the nuclear trigger.

He has got every reason to suspect that there is more to nemesis than he knows after a colleague of Webb’s is found dead. He makes a rather stunning discovery: the secret to save the world can be found in a seventeenth century Latin manuscript that went missing mysteriously.

Readers enjoyed the fantastic plot and the novel was just well written. The novel features a ton of scientific details and is rather accurate. Bill delivers an action packed, fast moving, with a ton of surprises and is a top notch thriller. Fans enjoyed the wonderful storyline the entire time with a plausible storyline and combines historical aspects and details of modern technology.

“Revelation” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2000. Dr. Fred Findhorn, a British scientist, gets offered a king’s ransom by some Japanese corporation to get a briefcase from a Russian military aircraft that crashed half a century ago, so naturally he is intrigued.

Finding the briefcase is the beginning of a lethal race against time as rival groups all attempt to stake their claims to its contents. The briefcase holds the diary of Lev Petrosian (an East European wartime refugee that worked on the development of the hydrogen bomb). Petrosian also discovered something else, something capable of changing the course of mankind’s history, or put a sudden end to it.

Bill Napier delivers a magnificent tale with this one that is able to engage and keep you intrigued the entire way through. He pulls no punches and there is a bunch of action the entire way through. Fans have a tough time not recommending this book to everybody they meet.

“The Lure” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2002. One research station in Eastern Europe gets suddenly bombarded with some rhythmic bursts of subnuclear particles from the skies. It is a pattern so complex that it could have only come from a highly evolved intelligence. The scientists are in awe from the information the messages reveal: secrets of an alien technology that is farther in advance of our own.

Should contact be established and the signal acknowledged? Superpowers in the world have got other things planned. Suddenly, scientists find they are at the center of a global conspiracy and on the run from different forces looking to suppress these messages and what’s in them. What is going to be the effect on a world that is suddenly faced with this unimaginable technological breakthrough?

Fans of the novel contain intrigue, science, lots of chase-type action, philosophical discussions, conspiracy threads, a fast pace, and a touch of romance. The author uses his years of experience and all this research well to craft a magnificent novel.

“Splintered Icon” is the fourth stand alone novel and was released in the year 2003. Harry Blake is an antique map dealer in a tiny English town, and appreciates the quiet life. A local landowner asks for him to appraise a four century old journal and then gets savagely killed only twelve hours later. It makes Harry start to suspect he could have been pulled into something rather sinister. What could this dusty journal have in it that is a matter of life and death? Why is somebody ready to pay Harry a fortune for it?

He goes to Zola Kahn, marine historian, to reveal the mysteries. When they meet up at the old Greenwich Observatory, Harry is certain that there is more to Zola than meets the eye. The journal’s trail takes him into a world filled with Elizabethan conspiracies, with a thread from history that takes him through a millennia of religious intrigue right back to the blood-soaked Crusades. There is also one long lost icon whose rediscovery has got the potential to ignite a worldwide religious war.

Bill Napier penned a book that is part treasure hunt, historical fiction, and part modern-day thriller and he hooks you right from the start and doesn’t let go until the finish. The plot is very fascinating and all of the characters are multi-dimensional and interesting. The author interweaves a mysterious modern day treasure hunt and a mysterious historical event.

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