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Publication Order of Folly Beach Mystery Books

Bill Noel
Bill Noel is a mystery author best known for his debut series, the Folly Beach Mystery. Noel takes you on a trip to Folly Beach in this series, and this beautiful holiday destination comes to life through the pages. The talented author is also a fine arts photographer. Noel started writing after years of service as a university administrator. His debut novel was first published in 2007, and the author has been publishing one book per year ever since. Noel currently lives in Louisville with his wife, Susan.

Folly comes first in the Folly Beach Mystery series. The story introduces Chris Landrum, a man about to have an extended vacation on the beach. Chris is visiting Folly, a small island on the South Carolina barrier. The island is home to eccentric people who enjoy the bohemian lifestyle with the historic Charleston in their backdrop. A short while after settling on the island, Chris befriends a few people, including a realtor who looks a lot like Santa, a lovely reporter, a professor, and a friendly waitress. With enough friends around him, Chris is looking forward to an enjoyable holiday. Things change when Chris discovers a body.

A prominent developer has been murdered, and his body dumped on the beach. Once he discovers the body, Chris turns into a threat to the killer. Now his life is in danger, and he knows that the only way to escape death is to catch the killer. The local police do not seem enthusiastic about the case, so he will have to put his detective skills to good use. Is Chris up to this task, or will the killer prove to be too smart for him? Will his new friends step in to help? Follow Chris as he works to unravel this mystery, with a killer closely monitoring his steps. The killer will be revealed towards the end, and it is unlikely that it is the person you will have in mind at the beginning of the story.

This is a character-driven story with many unforeseen twists and turns. Even the secondary characters are well developed, and it is a joy interacting with them as the mystery unfolds. Another thing that you will love about the story is the author’s vivid description of the island. If you have been to Folly, you can feel the beauty from the descriptions and tell where specific scenes take place. The search for the killer turns into an adventure for Chris and his newfound friends, and once they drag you in, you will not want to stop reading until the killer is found.

Folly is an intriguing mystery story that unfolds at a steady pace. While there is a murder involved, the story is cozy, and the author focuses more on the investigation than the gory details of the murder. The protagonist is a likable and funny guy who will leave you in stitches a few times in the story. Secondary characters are well-fleshed out, and you will keep hoping that you will see more of them in the next installment. This book is about 200 pages, and you can read it all in a single sitting. It is a perfect read for those lazy afternoons on the beach.

The Pier
The Pier is the second installment in the Folly Beach Mystery series. After extending his holiday, buying a retirement home on the island, and solving a murder, Chris is looking to enjoy his retirement. He is in Folly beach to stay, and after the drama-filled welcome, all he wants is to sit back and enjoy all the beauty on the island. However, it seems like his new home has something else planned for him. Murder and mayhem continue to follow Chris wherever he goes, and somehow, he always finds himself interfering. Chris thinks that he has his hands full when the first murder happens until another person drops dead, and it is clear that quick action is required; otherwise, bodies would continue piling.

This is another engaging beach mystery that will take you deeper into the island with all its quirky characters. In this case, Chris will be working to solve a double murder that the police didn’t initially think was a homicide. Just like in the first installment, Chris will have to act fast to prevent more damage. The fact that he is an amateur detective means that he makes many mistakes, but he keeps pushing, even when the odds are not in his favor. It is fun spending time at Lost Dog Café with Chris and his amateur detective friends as they try to unravel the mystery killing.

This story will have you hooked from the first page. The small-town feel makes it exceptional, and the big mystery in it will just keep you turning the pages. Who is involved in these killings, and why won’t the police put more effort into finding them? Is it possible for the amateur detective and his friends to catch another dangerous killer? Chris remains a lovable character, and Bob has a way of warming hearts and leaving you with a smile. The author has outdone himself in fleshing out the characters who easily come to life on these pages. Join Chris on this adventure, and you can be sure that you will enjoy every moment in it.

The Pier is yet another exhilarating ride into Folly with its beautiful beaches and intriguing characters. Unlike your regular mystery with young and experienced detectives, this story mostly comes with elderly characters who rely on nothing but their guts to help resolve the murders. Chris’s innocence makes him endearing, and his interactions with the rest of the cast turn this into a fun read. Noel’s writing is exceptional, and the narration and flow will keep you entertained to the last page. While this book is the second in the series, you can still enjoy it as a standalone. All strings tie together beautifully in the last chapter, and you will be left wondering what mischief Chris will be up to in the next installment.

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