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Bill Runner is a bestselling thriller fiction novelist who is best known for the “Axel Blaze Thriller” series of novels.

Before he became a novelist, he used to work as an investigative journalist but always dreamed of one-day writing novels. During his childhood, he grew up on a regular diet of Western movies and novels about lone rangers that influenced much of his later work.
Bill Runner published “Blaze Returns” the debut novel of the “Axel Blaze Thriller” series of novels in 2021. He now has at least seven titles to his name and has been averaging at least two novels each year.

Outside of his writing, Runner has been interested in martial arts for most of his life and is an experienced mountain climber too. Studying martial arts and working the crime beat is what has helped him become one of the best thriller fiction novelists as his works often come with well-executed action sequences.

For his work, he won the London Book Fair’s award for debut novelists.

Bill Runner’s novel “Blaze Returns” is the debut novel of the “Axel Blaze” series of novels that introduces the lead as Axel Blaze, a former deputy US Marshall.

But he has now been asked to come back to find Joe Carter, another marshall who was one of his best friends that has gone missing. Carter had been investigating the disappearance of two men who had gone missing while in witness protection.

The little town in Nevada had been run down by the chaos of a Mexican cartel and a most unlikable group known as The Dawsons. Once Axel appears on the scene things, get interesting as neither group knows what to do with the unstoppable former deputy who will do anything and ride roughshod over anyone who would stand in his way.

Even as he works on the case, Axel somehow finds the time to charm Daphne, a very interesting love interest. He is something of a Jack Reacher who can shoot like no one else, throw a knife like the best of them, and has quite the punch.

What makes Axel so believable is that he has a special forces background in addition to being a former US Marshall.

Bill Runner’s “Lethal Force” is another mesmerizing work in the “Axel Blaze” series of novels. Axel Blaze the former US Marshal that was introduced in the debut is a man who knows how to deal with dangerous men.

Since he had once been a US Marshall and had also been in the special forces, he is a lethal opponent and one of the best tactical fighters ever. As a US Marshal, he had taken on the Mexican cartel and beat them and this cost them their reputation and a lot of money.
The cartel leader sent an assassination crew after him to kidnap and kill the people nearest to him. But what they do not know is that they messed with a hornet’s nest as Axel takes the fight to the psychopathic leader of the cartel and goes to confront him in Mexico.
He joins forces with Adriel and several victims of the Cartel to go decimate their enemies and destroy their lab. He intends to go and put the fear of death in them before striking them hard so that they would never come back.

With contract killers coming after him, Blaze ups his game and destroys just about everyone the cartel sends after him.

“Hard Target” by Bill Runner is another fascinating work of fiction that follows the life and times of Axel Blaze. At the opening of the novel, the man is on vacation in Kentucky when he comes upon a gas station that is under siege. He immediately goes into battle mode and takes out the former military assailants.

A police officer is injured while his rookie colleague is in over her head. The two had been taking a young man accused of murder to another holding cell when they were attacked. Badly outnumbered, they had taken shelter at the isolated gas station. Luckily for them, in came the slow-walking, lanky, lean, and fast-fighting Axel Blaze.

Axel works with Mason Biggs an ex-hacker who has evidence against several pedophiles, one of whom is the owner of a company that supplies mercenaries. While the bad guys have the numbers, they are no match for the ex-US Marshal and ex-special forces man Axel Blaze and his crew.
He is joined by several people to form a very interesting crew that helps him deal with the bad guys, making it even more interesting.

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