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Publication Order of Fatal Folklore Trilogy Books

The Beast of Barcroft (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Northwoods (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Colony (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Slipping The Cable (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Guilty One (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bill Schweigart is a published American author. He is known for his Fatal Folklore trilogy as well as his novel The Guilty One and co-writing the story “Women and Children First” along with James Patterson in Three Days to Live.

The author used to serve in the Coast Guard as an officer. He took from his experiences while he was at sea to help him write the novel Slipping the Cable, an exciting nautical thriller, as well as Running Light, a romantic comedy.

He is married and shares his daughter with his wife. The family lives in Arlington, Virginia with their cats and a huge Newfoundland dog. The group are able to give the author more adventure than he could hope to handle!

The Beast of Barcroft is the first novel in the Fatal Folklore trilogy from Bill Schweigart. The novel was first released for readers to enjoy in 2015. If you are a fan of horror or thriller stories or love Stephen King, then you have got to give this author a try and see what the newfangled vision of suburban horror looks like!

Main character Ben McKelvie thought that when he first moved in, he had a neighbor that came from hell. He may not have known at the time, but he ends up being right.

Ben is thrilled when he and the woman that he’s engaged to marry end up purchasing a house together. It’s located in Washington D.C. in the suburb Barcroft, a cozy and comfortable area. He thought that this was the sign that they were finally making it in the world, but quickly finds out that he might be moving down instead of up like he thought.

This is all thanks due to one singular woman named Madeleine Roux. She is the neighbor who has lost her mind, who has enjoyed a property that is full of vermin and is not only a treat to public health but just serves as an eyesore to anyone who sees it. It is definitely not the type of neighbor that Ben envisioned dealing with before he first moved here, that is for sure.

Ben is not prepared when things start to quickly unravel. His fiancee ends up taking off and leaving him behind. His beloved dog dies, something that he thinks happened thanks to Madeleine luring in a predator with her own animals. But he knows that he’s dealing with some type of killer, but he thinks that it is more than a person or run of the mill wild animal. This is the type of beast that doesn’t usually exist in the world and is definitely its own special breed.

With the locals being pursued by an evil creature, Ben knows that it is his time to act. He’s got to do something to deal with this force, and decides to get some help on his side to even things out. A curator from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo helps him out, and Ben listens to the theories of a guy who thinks he is a cryptozoologist. He’s looking to find out the truth behind what attacked the animals and why. However, figuring out that it’s a Beast of Barcroft and managing to take it down for good are two entirely different scenarios.

Can Ben find this animal and take it down for good? Or is he about to find out that the Beast of Barcroft is very real and makes tangling with his neighbor look like child’s play? Read this fascinating story to find out!

Northwoods is the second novel in the Fatal Folklore trilogy by author Bill Schweigart. This book first came out in 2016 and continues all of the exciting events of the first book before going on to culminate in the third novel of the series, The Devil’s Colony. If you love anything to do with thrillers and horror or read the first story and loved it, then give this book a try!

There are some borders out there that just should not be crossed. Davis Holland is a former Delta Force member and now is a Customs and Border Protection agent. In the course of his career, he’s seen just about everything that there is to see. However, nothing that he has experienced has been able to get him ready for what he ends up seeing along with the sheriff in the Minnesota woods one night.

The pair of men are looking into an illegal border crossing report when they find a scene full of blood that they never anticipated. The mass murder scene spooks them and they get out, just barely protecting their own lives in the process. There’s been just one clue to what happened there, and that’s a wooden chest that has been put at the center of it all.

The small chest is the only clue that they have related to what happened here. But Holland knows one thing for sure, and that is that something bad has come into their territory. Something terrible has come here and he is not sure at the end of the day that he wants to know what that is. Something from the land of nightmares has just come over to their reality to play.

Richard Severance is a cryptozoologist with plenty of money. When he hears about this incident, he sends out a team of three people to go and investigate up north. Those people, Ben, Lindsay, and Alex were almost taken out by a shapeshifter not much longer before this.

The trio are now wounded as they go through their day, as they all share the horrible memories together that make living a regular life next to impossible. But the team may not be fully prepared for what waits for them in the Northwoods, a force that might just make what they have been through look easy in comparison. Are Ben, Lindsay, and Alex ready to take on something this intense? Or are they doomed to fail? Read this exciting thriller to find out!

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