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Billie Letts Books In Order

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Where the Heart Is (1995) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Honk and Holler Opening Soon (1998) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Shoot the Moon (2004) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Made in the USA (2008) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Billie Letts was an author who was based in America and was widely known for the novel, Where the Heart Is. Apart from being an author, Billie Letts also served as an educator at the Southern Oklahoma State University. Letts was married to a professor, who later on turned into an actor, one Dennis Letts. Dennis and Billie had three children, Tracy Letts, Dana and Shawn who is a musician and composer. Billie Dean Gipson was born to Virginia Barnes and William C. Gipson.

Billie Letts Best Books

Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is, is one of the best books by Billie Lets. In this novel, author Billie Letts introduces the readers to Novallee, a seventeen-year-old pregnant girl. The novel begins as Novallee is on a road trip to California, with her boyfriend. Novallee hopes that she is going to build a great home with her boyfriend, who has been working on the railroads. Novallee is more than determined to ensure that her baby has the best life possible, a life that is much better to the one she had. Looking forward to having her place, Novallee keeps a journal that is full of pictures of houses. She constantly looks through the pictures imagining how her dream house would look like. However, her dreams are shattered when her boyfriend to be, ditches her inside a Wal-Mart. Despite the fact that she is a city that she knows nothing about, does not mean that her adventures have suddenly ended.

In the streets of California, Novallee meets with different people including an exceedingly kind and generous lady, who provides everything that Novallee wants. She also meets with Moses Whitecotton, a professional photographer who advises Novallee to give her baby a strong name as well as Fernley, a librarian who secretly cares about Novallee more than she thinks. With that said, Where the Heart Is, is a story about people’s lives as well as the hardships that these people encounter and unexpected sadness, as well as how they managed to deal with turbulent times.

Shoot the Moon

The year is 1972, and the residents of a small town in Oklahoma, are extremely shocked by a vicious crime. One of the locals, Gaylene Harjo, is found dead in her trailer and her body covered with several stab wounds. Nick Jack, Gaylene’s baby, is missing. Presumed dead, the local police department begins digging around the trailer to see if they can be able to find Nick’s body.Just a few meters from the trailer; the police come across, Nick’s torn and bloody pajamas. More than thirty years down the line, a tall and good-looking man comes into the town and claims to be the baby, who went missing, Nick Jack. Nick’s reappearance stuns everyone, including the local police and also challenges the long-held assumptions. One of local Sherriff is angered by the reappearance of the boy because he does not like people questioning his crime-solving abilities. With that said, author, Billie Letts has crafted a great and entertaining mystery narrative.

Initially, looking forward to meeting his mother and also find out the reasons why she had given up on him, Jack’s discovery that she had been killed only leads to more and more questions. How did the baby end up in California, with an adopted family? Who was responsible for the killing of Mark’s mother? Who was Mark’s father? As Mark begins to look for answers, Teeve Harjo, his aunt and Ivy his cousin, assists him. Authro Billie Letts has a way with dialect and dialogue, which in turn brings all her characters to life. The minor and major characters in the novel are fully drawn and very interesting. Billie Letts plotting has been exceptionally done.

Made in the USA

The story begins as an author, Billie Letts, introduces the readers the fifteen-year-old, Lutie McFee and her brother Fate, who is twelve years of age. These two children have been living with the overweight, Floy Satterfield in her dumpy home in Spearfish, North Dakota, Floy Satterfield is the ex-girlfriend to their father. Their mother is dead while their father decided to take off, thereby leaving them behind with her ex-girlfriend. In the process, Lutie has taught herself how to avoid being attached to people, possessions, and places as well. Fate, on the other hand, is a weird child, who a majority of his time is spent watching extremely weird programs. There are also times when he reads. To pass her time, Lutie decides to master the art of shoplifting. While the two were visiting Walmart, Floy collapses and dies on the spot. Lutie decides to act quickly before social services or the local police find them as well. She decides to steal, their stepmother’s beat-up vehicle

The Honk and the Holler Opening Soon

A former rodeo star owns a famous roadside café, the Honk and Holler and wheelchair bound veteran. The rodeo’s longtime help is not pleased after a homeless crew arrives with a Vietnamese cook and a three-legged dog. Caney is an easygoing person. The doors to the café normally open when his regular’s arrives and ends around 9 P.M when the last person leaves. Molly normally tends to Caney’s needs and stays around until she feels the need to leave. Molly is not happy with the introduction of the new help because she has been taking care of Caney, ever since he was young. The Honk and the Holler have been set in Oklahoma, near the I-40, in an exceedingly small town, where the many regulars do not go to the restaurant for the quality of the food. The customers are connected to one another through their custom community and their shared history as well. The newcomers are slowly absorbed into the mix.

With that said, the Honk and the Holler is a heartbreaking and heartwarming novel as well. This is a story of misfits who come together in the small town of Oklahoma and somehow manage to make their families extremely strong. These individuals are brought together by their friendship and not by blood. Apart from pain, the Honk and the Holler is filled with despair, loneliness, PSD, mental illness, kindness, tolerance, love, and morality.

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