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Publication Order of Billionaire Aviators Books

Turbulent Intentions (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Turbulent Desires (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Turbulent Intrigue (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

A New York Times bestselling author, the American writer Melody Anne is highly regarded for her unique and incisive style of writing. Clearly knowing and understanding her market, she really manages to get to the heart of what it is that she is writing about. Not only that, but she also has a keen understanding of character too as, whilst she writes stories that are entertaining at heart, she also manages to create strong and believable personalities. These are noteworthy in that they stay with the reader long after they’ve finished reading her books, staying with them, whilst also keeping them coming back for more. Reaching readers far and wide, she writes from a very personal place, as she also simultaneously never fails to make her stories accessible to a worldwide audience. Largely focusing on writing contemporary romance novels, she produces love stories in the most classic sense, as she brings her own unique flavor to the table too.

This gives them a distinctive approach and one which has resonated with many readers, regardless of their backgrounds or where they’re from. Mainly looking at the corporate world, she likes to write about powerful men, providing a sense of escapism for her many readers. This has proven to be a successful formula over the years, as she has amassed a global following, all eagerly awaiting each subsequent release. Over time she has also written a large quantity of series too, with long over-arcing narratives that keep her readers coming back time and time again. An excellent example of this is that of her long-running and much loved ‘Billionaire Aviators’ series of romance novels. These follow along the thematic lines of billionaire aviator brothers the Armstrongs, who take to the skies, soaring into the hearts and minds of the women that love them. Rich and powerful, they live a jet-set lifestyle, flying large jets and planes, living a fast and exhilarating existence, whilst whisking partners off into the sunset. Featuring a new story and romance with each instalment, they only really follow on from each other mainly through the basic setup of the premise alone. This means that they can be picked up at any time, thus ensuring that they will provide a fun and entertaining collection of stories for a long time yet.

Having started out in 2013, this series has lasted for four books so far and counting, as it has the potential to carry on indefinitely. Beginning with the title ‘Turbulent Intentions’, it was later followed up in 2016 with ‘Turbulent Desires’ and then ‘Turbulent Waters’ and ‘Turbulent Intrigue’ in 2017. This has, therefore, seen four of the Armstrong brothers, taking a look at each of their relationships and respective love lives in turn. Whilst Melody Anne has stipulated that the fourth book is to be the last in the series, this really is a franchise whose legacy will grow from strength-to-strength.

Turbulent Intentions

First brought out through the ‘Montlake Romance’ label, this would set-up the series overall. Originally published on the 17th of February in 2013, it would also provide the first romance as well. Combining a number of different genre elements, it manages to make for a highly compelling read.

As first novels go, this manages to create a clear idea of what the series is really all about, providing readers a straightforward look at what’s to come in the books to follow. The characters are all direct and to the point, as it offers a fun sense of escapism with their larger than life personalities and general demeanour. Set in the world of high-society, both figuratively and literally, it manages to also be playful in its sense of location too, never taking itself too seriously.

Wild-at-heart as they are reckless, the Armstrong brothers are all equally wealthy and just as equally carefree, as they live on the edge. That’s when their father stipulates that in order to inherit their fortune, they must marry thus proving themselves worthy of receiving it. Starting his own airline, Cooper becomes the CEO, whilst looking to settle himself down, but that’s when his ex one-night-stand from several years ago, the fiery barista Stormy Halifax, shows up out of the blue as his house sitter. Not remembering her at first, he soon finds his passion growing for her, as he quickly realizes that she really could be the one for him. Will he manage to win her back? Can they overcome the obstacles placed in their path? What will become of their turbulent intentions?

Turbulent Desires

Marking the second title in the ‘Billionaire Aviators’ series, this was first published on the 8th of November in 2016. Released through the ‘Montlake Romance’ publishing outlet again, it manages to pick-up from where the last left off, with another self-contained romance. It would also develop the dynamic between the Armstrong brothers too.

Working as a continuation of the themes and ideas of the first, this really does deliver, whilst also standing on its own two feet in the process. Providing new characters and new story, it does feature one of the brothers from before, but this doesn’t take up two much of the plot, as it can effectively be read on its own. Using the skies as its canvas once again too, it offers a carefree sense of adventure and romance, whilst also bringing in some very real human drama with which to ground it too.

Once a strong, independent and optimistic woman, the ER nurse Lindsey Helm had a love of life, that was until she was attacked one night at the hospital, an attack which left two of her colleagues dead. Now having retreated from the world, she isn’t the person she used to be, as she shies away from any and all danger, keeping herself to herself. That’s when Maverick Armstrong enters the scene, as he’s a handsome fly-boy who works as an F-18 pilot for a living, and he wants to show her what she’s missing. Aiming to heal her heart and move on, he intends only to help her before disappearing, which is until he finds that his passion for her may be more than her first anticipated. Is she really the one for him? Can he help her heal the wounds of her past and move on? Will he manage to overcome his turbulent desires?

The Billionaire Aviators Series

As contemporary romance series go, this really is up the top of the list, as it really understands and has fun with its tropes. Showing a clear sense of wit and intelligence, Melody Anne guides the reader through the series with a sense of confidence quite unlike any other. This gives it a sense of weight and heft that it otherwise may not have had as, in her hands, she really makes the most of what she has. That’s not to say that she doesn’t shy away from more heavier themes when the time is right though, as she uses drama to bring in a sense of tension for the reader too. All of this adds up to it being one of her most comprehensive and enduring series to date, as it will continue to find fans for many years to come.

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