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Publication Order of Billionaire Builders Books

Everywhere and Every Way (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Any Time, Any Place (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Somehow, Some Way (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
All or Nothing at All (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Billionaire Builders” is a series of romance novels by Jennifer Probst the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author that is best known for her erotic, contemporary romance novels. Jennifer has always wanted to be an author and believes she was blessed to find her dream so early. She wrote her first book as a twelve-year-old which she bound in a folder and then read it in front of the class. However, it took her a long while to get published since she never wrote in college and then got married, got children, and went to college to get her master’s degree in English Literature which made writing impossible. Her first novel was “Heart of Steel” that she first published in 2004. Since then, Jennifer has published more than twenty novels in the “Marriage to a Billionaire,” “Searching for Always,” “Sex on the Beach,” “Stay,” “Sunshine Sisters” and the “Billionaire Builders” series. The first novel of the Billionaire Builders series was “Everywhere and Every Way” that she published in 2016. “The Marriage Bargain” the first novel of the “Marriage to a Billionaire series” was on the New York Times bestselling list for more than twenty-six weeks. With the popularity of her novels, they have sold more than a million copies and been translated into more than twelve languages across the world. She currently lives in upstate New York and when she is not writing, she spends her time indulging her passions that include Italian wine and food, horse racing, dog rescue, scrabble and housekeeping.

The “Billionaire Builders” Series tells the stories of three brothers that were lucky to inherit a huge family estate. However, there is a stipulation attached before they can get to enjoy the riches – they have to manage the business together and turn a profit or lose everything. They each have a specific talent and all work in the carpentry/construction industry but went their different ways when they lost their mother to a tragic accident six years ago. Caleb Pierce had remained in their hometown of Harrington and had been running the business until the death of his father. He now needs to convince his brothers Tristan and Dalton to work with him so that they can inherit Pierce Brothers Construction. Caleb is good at his job but his life gets more interesting when he gets a job with an interior designer named Morgan Rainer a Southern belle. Dalton the second brother had been adversely affected by the death of his mother and had moved away to California far from the complicated family dynamics. But he is back home and helping to run the family business. He usually spends a lot of time after work at a bar named My Place as he is intrigued by Raven whose attention he has been trying to get for months but has been getting nowhere. The third brother Tristan had once had a passionate affair with an inexperienced and much younger Sidney Green before they broke up and he left town. Now back home, he hopes to craft a new future and confront his past. But he had caused her so much pain that she is not willing to so easily forget the heartbreak he had caused her.

“Everywhere and Every Way” the first novel of the “Billionaire Builders” series introduces the red hot contractor siblings and the women they fall in love with. Caleb was the responsible elder brother that had started working for the family business alongside his father from a very young age. Since he was the only one that had stayed back home with his father when everyone else left. He was looking forward to when he would become the boss but his father threw a wrench in the works when he left a will saying that they had to administer the business alongside his two brothers. Things get complicated for Caleb when her Morgan a high-end home designer hires his company to build a customized dream house. She has a lot of powerful and influential friends and if anything were to go wrong, she can destroy the family business’s reputation. But Caleb has never been one to back down from a challenge and is determined to wow Morgan though he keeps getting distracted by the beauty and grace of his new client. But there is more to the Morgan than everyone knows and Caleb believes he is the one who can get behind her veneer. On her part, Morgan has been taken by the confident contractor and soon the sparks are flying despite her vowing to keep business and pleasure separate. Will they manage to finally find love and lay the foundation for a bright future?

“Any Time, Any Place,” the second novel of the series tells the story of Raven Bella Stratton and Dalton Pierce. Her father was killed in a tragic accident when she was a teen but what had galled her even more was the discovery that he had a woman with him. The woman was Diana Pierce and he was apparently going with her on holiday given the tickets to Paris and two suitcases in the trunk. She was so devastated that she left town and went to live with her aunt though she never got over the betrayal. When she learns that the mysterious woman was married and had three children she vows to leave the past in the past. But then Dalton Pierce the son of that woman comes back into town and is suddenly all the memories from the past come flooding back. He is back in town to work in the family business alongside his brothers and knows nothing about her or her family. Dalton is instantly attracted to the sexy, badass and smart-mouthed bartender at the local bar. However, she seems to actively dislike him and rejects his multiple advances. He offers to help restore her bar and she begrudgingly agrees and when he starts working with her a web slowly starts weaving around them, catching the two unawares. But Dalton does not know of the huge secret that may just destroy everything he has cultivated over the past few weeks.

“All or Nothing at All” the third novel of the “Billionaire Builders” series is the story of Tristan Pierce and Sydney Greene. Sydney has been in love with Tristan for years since he was her first love. However, he had hurt her deeply when he upped and left to pursue a career in New York. At the time he had left, she was pregnant with his child but did not tell him as she did not want to stand in his way. To his credit though he had been traumatized by the death of his mother and wanted to take Sydney with him to New York but she would not go. In New York, he had become a different man which now makes their interaction now that he is back somewhat tense. She is as headstrong just as much as he is stubborn but when they start working together the old feelings start flooding back. Tristan cannot hold back any longer and tells her that she has always held a special place in his heart and that he will do anything to win her back. As their relationship starts to get serious Sydney feels the pressure to tell Tristan the big secret she has been keeping but fears how he will react after seven years of her denying him time to get to know his child.

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