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Publication Order of Billionaires' Club Books

Billionaires Club series by Raylin Marks
Author Raylin Marks writes the “Billionaires Club” series of romance novels.

“Dr. Mitchell” is the first novel in the “Billionaires Club” series and was released in 2020. Billionaires like Jacob have a type, and it’s not Ashley. She’s not the sort of girl that even has one night stands. Except, she did. What can she even say? After a couple drinks with this gorgeous guy that made her feel alive for the very first time since she lost her mom, she was powerless to tell him no. and she didn’t regret it. Not a single minute of their hot and mind melting night spent together.

However he wasn’t a forever sort of guy. So she just walked away. Ashley was never supposed to see him again. But then she did. It turns out that her sexy one-night stand is Dr. Jacob Mitchell, and he is the cardiothoracic surgeon that just saved her father’s life. But the shocking part is that he never forgot about Ashley or any part of their night together.

And he wants more. He wants it all, actually. However she’s no fool. And just because he handles hearts on a daily basis does not mean that she will give him hers. Not without putting up a fight, anyway.

This is a spicy contemporary romance novel that features an alpha billionaire/reformed player, and the feisty free spirit that steals his heart. Sexy times are definitely included, and the happily ever after is guaranteed.

Marks’ writing and the story she tells are each brilliant, with some well rounded characters that make it easy to fall in love with. Both Jacob and Ashley are strong characters and try hard to make their relationship work.

“Mr. Mitchell” is the second novel in the “Billionaires Club” series and was released in 2020. The billionaire always gets what he wants. And this time around, Jim wants Avery. Avery’s trip to London was the first lucky break that she has had in a long time. It came right at the perfect time, allowing her the opportunity to escape from her sad reality for just a bit. And the guy that she met on the flight? Absolute perfection.

The short week that they spent with each other was filled with passionate, raw, and unbridled nights. It couldn’t last however. She is a single mother with a shady ex and a troubled past. Romance is not something that’s in the cards for her. Which is why she walked away from Jim without looking back. This was before she landed her new job, and before she met the boss.

All before she learned that Mr. James Mitchell, CEO, was also her Jim, her unforgettable Jim from their week together in England. Judging by that smile on his face when he sees her, he remembers it all. Now he wants more. The timing couldn’t be more horrible. Her life is a mess, and she just knows that her ex is about to do something to ruin her. Again.

None of that matters, however, when she is in Jim’s arms. So what are the odds that she is finally due for a happily ever after of her very own? With her luck, it’s not bloody likely.

Readers loved Avery, especially the way she’s strong right from the first page of the novel until the very end. Fans also enjoyed how she didn’t want to spoil Addison, her daughter. Avery’s got some great comebacks and a large appetite for food. Jim was great too, highly protective and likable. The guy is funny, yet serious when it’s needed.

“Dr. Brooks” is the third novel in the “Billionaires Club” series and was released in 2021. Collin Brooks and Elena Alvarez shared the love of a lifetime. It’s too bad that she doesn’t remember any of it. Pieces of her life were ripped away without any warning. Her control, her career, and her sense of self, all of it’s gone. And so are her memories of him. Elena knows him as the handsome doctor that was there for her when she first woke up after her accident. However before that, he was the love of her life and her everything. Or so she’s told.

Elena isn’t the woman that he remembers. She is only a ghost that has her face. This unfortunate remnant of the happily ever after, fairy tale sort of romance that they apparently had with each other. Collin’s saying that he will wait for her. That he isn’t going to quit fighting for them, even if he’s got to make her fall in love with him all over again. Elena believes he’s right, she will fall for him. However the real question is, can he truly ever really love her for who she is now? Or is his heart always going to belong to the memory of who she used to be?

“Mr. Grayson” is the fourth novel in the “Billionaires Club” series and was released in 2021. Bree should never let her guard down. Especially not with Alex. She’s used to being strong and in control. She has to be in order to run her corporation. So, she should’ve been able to hold her own against him. Against the guy’s devastating good looks and his relentless charm. But she couldn’t and she didn’t.

Doesn’t matter that their companies are tied together irrevocably, or that being with the guy is beyond inappropriate. It does not matter that he is a known player and she doesn’t tolerate games of any kind. It doesn’t matter that he makes her lose her prized control with each and every heated glance, dirty whisper, and stolen touch. Bree craves the guy.

Being with the guy could cost her everything that she’s worked so very hard to build. However as strong as Bree is, she cannot seem to walk away from him. Now all she’s gotta do is figure out whether or not the price of following her heart, which is pushing her right into Alex Grayson’s arms, is a lot more than she’s willing to pay.

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