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Billionaires of Manhattan Books In Order

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Publication Order of Billionaires of Manhattan Books

Most Eligible Billionaire (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Billionaire's Wake-up-call Girl (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breaking the Billionaire's Rules (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Billionaire's Fake Fiance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return Billionaire to Sender (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Not That Into Billionaires (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Butt-dialing the Billionaire (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Billionaires of Manhattan” series are a set of novels by contemporary, romance, new adult, gay and comedy fiction author Annika Martin. Martin has achieved a lot of success over the past few years, in which she has become a bestselling New York Times bestselling author.

Annika currently makes her home in Minneapolis from where she writes most of her bestsellers. Before becoming an author, Annika was an employee at a plastics manufacturing company and several stints working as advertising copywriter and waitress for several years.

Annika has also written as Carolyn Crane under which she has won the RITA award. When she is not writing her novels, she can often be found enjoying lattes at coffee shops alongside her writer husband.

She is a huge lover of reading and writing about grumpy heroes. She also likes eating chocolates, taking long baths, saving the planet, running and taking pictures of her cats.

“The Billionaires of Manhattan” series by Annika Martin are an enemies to lovers series of stories. They feature handsome billionaires who do not believe in love that suddenly find themselves falling in love with the most unlikely women.

In the first novel of the “Billionaires of Manhattan” series, Vicky Nelson who runs an Etsy store learns that she is the spokeswoman of a dog left very rich by its owner and hence has to sit in board meetings to protect his rights.

Henry Locke, the playboy son and CEO that was supposed to inherit is not too pleased and goes on a quest to oust Vicky and save his legacy. But the two are strongly attracted to each other, even as they undermine and are at each other’s throats.

In the second novel of the series Elizabeth Cooper is tasked with finding a wake up call girl service for her domineering boss, who everybody at work treats like a god. Since she cannot find a service that would take her surly boss, she takes up the job only for the man to become obsessed with her.

The third novel of the series tells the story of a sandwich delivery girl who is struggling as an actress. Things get interesting when her high school nemesis comes back into town and she has to deliver his lunch to him.

“Most Eligible Billionaire,” the first novel of the “Billionaires of Manhattan” series of novels introduces the dog whisperer otherwise known as Vicky.
Out of nowhere, her neighbor suddenly dies and she leaves everything she owns including her company worth billions to Smuckers her dog.

As her dog whisperer, Vicky is made his spokesperson. Out of nowhere she goes from owning a small store on Etsy to sitting in on board meetings in oak paneled boardrooms on Wall Street.

Henry Locke who is the dead woman’s son and the most eligible bachelor in New York could not be more frustrated and angry at her. Word on the street is that the man is as talented in the bedroom just as in the boardroom.

He is an infuriating and arrogant man and gorgeous to boot. He insists that Vicky conned his mother and will not be persuaded otherwise, even as he tried to control, buy off, bully and seduce her.

He may be adept at making all manner of women do anything he says but he may have met his match in Vicky. Despite his charm she won’t give in to his demands But he had a devastating and wicked smile that one cannot resist for long.

The second novel of the “Billionaires of Manhattan” series by Annika Martin is the “Billionaires Wake up Call Girl.”

Elizabeth Cooper is tasked with finding a new wake up call service for her boss and thinks it is a piece of cake. But given the man’s surly personality, no company in the world is willing to work with him.

Determined to keep her job, she decides to pretend to be the call girl and calls him every day at 4.00 am in the morning. She is not the nicest call girl, given that she is often grumpy at that time of night.

Luckily, the man seems to like the gruff get out of bed commands from her. But slowly over time, what are supposed to be impersonal calls are becoming more intense and wild. Snuggling under their covers they begin sharing secrets with each other.

However, Annika needs to ensure that her boss never finds out that she is a lowly assistant in his company. She believes he would be terribly disappointed if he were ever to meet the girl with frumpy dresses who works in reception.

But the man now wants to take her out on a date and has been combing through the city trying to find her. The overachieving billionaire is determined to find his princess and nothing will stop him.

“Breaking the Billionaire’s Rules” has Mia in a quandary as Max, her high school nemesis and now billionaire has come into town. The worst thing is that she has been tasked with delivering his lunch wearing a cat costume.

She knows that he is going to be full of mirth with a smirk smile and superior attitude. Afterall, he is one of the most notorious playboys in New York City and can get anything he wants.

She is mortified and is thinking of quitting her delivery job until her roommate gifts her with a copy of a work that her billionaire panned on how to get hot girls. It was the novel that had made him a star all over the United States.

If she can read and internalize the techniques, she might just be able to use it against the man. Mia intends to wrap Max around her little finger, crush his heart and bring him to his knees. She calls it payback for all the hearts he has broken over the years using his legendary seduction techniques.

But once she starts seeing Max everyday, she learns there is a side to him that is the opposite of the jerky image everyone has of him. He smiles, even if only at her and when he does, he melts her heart sending shivers down her spine.

Moreover, he is driving her wild with his kisses. She never planned on falling for him but it is happening whether she likes it or not.

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