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Author Billy Taylor (who is from Ecclesfield and lives in London, England) is self-published. He also self-promoted the book on his own personal Twitter account, which worked wonders for sales of the novel, as most people who found out about the book, did so because of his selfies with the book. These were mostly young women who follow his tweets. He also posts updates or talks about the books to generate buzz for the novels as he is in the various stages of releasing the book (either writing, about to release, or as the cover art is getting finished).

Note to readers: this is not the author Billy Taylor that wrote “Thieving Weasels” or “Based on the Movie”.

A little over two months after his first novel (which is called “Just Friends”) came out, in the year 2016, the novel had sold over 25,000 copies. Not bad for someone that almost failed an English class and needed a private tutor so that he could pass the class. But more on that later on. At first, his goal was that the novel would sell just one thousand, and felt that it was an achievement just having a book published.

He got the idea for the story from a dream that he had one night while he was sleeping. Taylor started putting things together, jotting down some notes; after he awhile, he started thinking that he had what would make an interesting story line. Taylor also looked into what it would take for him to publish the book on his own, before writing the book. Once he had some information about self-publishing, he started writing the novel. At the time he wrote the book, he was working a day job, but on his breaks, wrote his story. To focus on his story, he quit his job, which was quite the leap of faith for him to take at the time. This is because he was dependent on the job for his income.

Eventually the book was released. Sales started slowly at first, but were aided when the US branch of Apple iBooks wanted to add the book to their site. Sales for the novel rose, and before long, rose to three hundred per day; this quickly pushed the book into the top ten on the US chart for Apple iBooks. He is glad that the book has done well, and feels that it is like his own child. At the time he got the book published, he was just a teenager.

Part of the novel focuses on magic, and it is obvious that he has an interest in it. He says that he was inspired by such films as “The Prestige” and by “Now You See Me”. The magician in the novel, is Ethan Knight (the male lead in the novel).

The novel was chosen by Apple iBooks to be one of their Best Books of 2016 So Far, in the standout debuts section.

Since he was young man, Billy has had a passion for writing stories, but he freely admits to having a problem with the English language. At one point, Taylor almost failed an English class. He had to have a tutor for awhile to build up his English skills, but by the time he was done, it was his best subject that he was in.

“Just Friends” is the first novel written by Billy Taylor and was released in the year 2016. August Bishop (who wants to be an actress) and Ethan Knight (who is a magician) met at Ethan’s seventh birthday party, and ever since, they have been the best of friends. Twelve years in, things are still growing more and more and their friendship is going strong. They have seen magic, money, and fame; not to mention a miracle neither can explain in a car crash that they were both in together. The pair is willing to do anything for each other (especially Ethan, even if it means risking his own life), and it obvious that the two share a very strong connection and bond for one another. After all of this, August figures that she may want to become more than just friends with Ethan. This is after they have tasted fame and glory and have drifted apart from one another for a little while. She will find out how this will affect their friendship, and if he feels the same way about her as she does about him.

Fans of the novel found themselves interested throughout. The novel really is something that you will love throughout the entire thing. It is mainly for the teens and young adults (not to mention females) who are looking for something good to read. Parts of this novel were really great, and were developed as well as they could have been. Some cried more than once while reading, and found themselves reading for fun for the first time in a long time. Some found that the novel was just mature enough not to be for teens and just PG to be readable for a younger audience. It still had a few cuss words spread throughout, but turned out to be an adorable read. This novel makes you want to read more from this fantastic author. Readers were glad that they gave the book a chance, finding that it was as good as they hoped it would be. Some felt the novel was for those looking to get a certain kind of romantic story. The novel, once you get used to the way the author writes, is something that you will really enjoy and keep you turning the pages until the morning hours to find out what happens next. You will want to know whether or not these two interesting characters (Ethan and August) get together or not.

“Mutual Feelings” is the second novel written by Billy Taylor and was released in the year 2017. It takes place a few days after readers last saw August and Ethan. This time, the focus is on a character named Will, who works at a place that is called Ron’s Ice Cream. He has nothing but an ordinary life that gets turned upside down.

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