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Birder Murder Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Bob White Birder Murder Mysteries Books

The Boreal Owl Murder (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on Warbler Weekend (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Bobwhite Killing (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falcon Finale (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Murder of Crows (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swift Justice (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Kiskadee of Death (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Birder Murder Mysteries (Series by Jan Dunlap) is a series of books that are quite interesting. The author’s writing style is a flowing deluge of Bob White’s thoughts. While Bob is the protagonist, there are many other characters in this series. The author incorporates elements of tangents and sidetracks to bring suspense into the story. Sidetracks act as imagery, giving the reader a full picture of the character while also weaving birding into each level of the book. This gives the reader something they can easily relate to. You might not be a fun of murder mysteries but with the Bob White series, you are guaranteed to become one. The series relate to Bob’s work as a counselor and his connection to the teaching profession. The chilling scenes of murder will not affect you, instead you will be distracted. The murder mysteries in this series can only make you laugh out loud due to the humor in this story. The amount of high school softball in these books is higher than murder, for a mystery. At the end of each book, the author gives a list of birds seen. I would advise you to start with the first book in the series. If you are a lover of birding or nature in general, you’re sure to enjoy the series even more. Below are two of the books in this series. Read through and you will get enough insight into what they are all about.


This book starts within the mountain setting of birding, when the main character Bob White stumbles upon a body while pursuing an elusive boreal owl. Soon he realizes that the body belongs to a colleague now dead in a pool of coffee. Once he discovers the murder of this world renowned owl researcher, Bob becomes the target of an unknown killer. He is engulfed by bad luck as well. While still chasing the elusive owl in the high mountainous region of Missouri, his winter blues are getting the better of him to mention just a few of the many tribulations that he goes through.

Dr. Andrew Rahr, an ornithologist who had done extensive research on the boreal owl was also very secretive on where the birds were found. He seemed to have been hit on the head and was ironically in street clothes. His hat, mittens and parka are missing. Suddenly Scary Stan, another birder, and a bear appear out of the darkness. Stan shoots at the bear and pursues it.

The head of the police becomes suspicious of Bob for a short period, to a point of calling his school to check his record. As a result of this, the school management gives him a leave of absence. Bob is willing to help police officer John Knott solve the case.

Bob commences his investigation by going to the University of Duluth where he meets Dr. Rahr’s ex-secretary Alice Wylie, and his former graduate assistant, Ellis. Also in the process of bringing the truth to light Bob met: Margaret head of Save Our Boreals; her pal Ven Thompson; an ex-logger and owner of Very Nice Trees; and Stan. Everyone in the birding community is in the dark over what Scary Stan does to make a living. But soon Bob finds out that he is dating his sister and claims to be an accountant.

The murder discovery plunges him in the middle of a murder investigation that endangers not only his job but also on a hunt for the unidentified killer as well as his nemesis bird. He relies on his exceptional birding skills as well as his birding friends. As he juggles his bossy sister, drama queens, death threats, and his beautiful girlfriend, Bob becomes an unenthusiastic sleuth.

This birder mystery is a fun and great read. The characters are distinct, believable and appear to be true as portrayed by the author. Birding, school counseling, environmentalism, academia politics, police work, romance and friendship are some of the features the author has incorporated to make this series so interesting.


This is another one of the books in the series of Birder Murder Series. For Bob white, May signifies three things: coaching young girls softball, counseling high school students with the spring fever and searching for warbler species during their spring migration.

In this book, our main character Bob takes his mother on a mother’s day outing to see spring warblers at a park. But incidentally, his mother discovers a dead body and more items are added into his suspicion list: controversial land deals, shady politics, murder, gambling addictions, not to mention the possibility of him wearing an orange jumpsuit while creating license plates.

The magical way in which the author has woven the day to day mundane work of a counselor with great bird watching experiences and blackmail creates an interesting read. This genre of cozy mystery features incidental aspects such as murder giving the story so much suspense. The author has provided us with a plethora of villains and likely suspects, but ironically it is the story which is important not the crime. The sequence of action in this book is amazing, while the style I which the author has handled the dialog between characters is simply excellent. This makes the story seem true and believable although as with any fiction story, some events may be exaggerated.

In this book, the author depicts Bob the protagonist as a compassionate, determined and curious person when he quips “I really want to find corpses when I go birding. It’s so boring when all I find are birds”. Bob’s resolution not only solves the murder subplots and suspects but it also resolves the endless conversation ensuring that Bob and his fellow birders get more habitats to explore in the future series.

Through the Bob white tales, this main character is a sympathetic character and an enthusiastic birder just like his father, his best friend and his girlfriend. This book has rich characters, woven into tight clean writing in a great descriptive environment. This is natural storytelling that will keep you turning the pages. I hope that you find these series interesting.

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