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Biscuit McKee Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Biscuit McKee Mystery Books

Orange as Marmalade (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Yellow as Legal Pads (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Green As a Garden Hose (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blue as Blue Jeans (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Indigo as an Iris (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Violet as an Amethyst (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gray as Ashes (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black as Soot (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red as a Rooster (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pink as a Peony (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
White as Ice (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Biscuit McKee is a fictional character and on of most enduring creations of Fran Stewart. The character is featured in Biscuit McKee Mystery series where she is described as a middle-aged librarian, marmalade, and the orange and white cat. The series consist of seven novels and has received positive critics globally.

The first book in the series is Orange as Marmalade first published in 2004, the second book being Yellow as Legal Pads released the same years as the debut novel. The latest series is Gray as Ashes released in 2014; it is expected more of Biscuit McKee will be available soon.

Descriptions of early books Orange as Marmalade
The first book on the show is Orange as Marmalade it introduces the readers to an amateur investigator and a librarian currently single but planning to tie the knot pretty soon. Biscuit and Marmalade are kinds of like jam and toast. When a body is discovered in a library in the small town of Martinsville on the northeast side of Georgia, it is evidently clear that a serial killer is on the loose. So who could have had the gut to kill Harlan Schneider, a nature photographer? No one seems to talk about the murder in the local town of Martinsville and the only clues available only points to a resident. However, no one even bothers to ask Marmalade, the only witness to the atrocity, and therefore she takes matters into her hands to bring the killer to justice.

The author of As Orange as Marmalade, Fran Stewart utilizes her prowess writing skills and integrates flashbacks. This is intended to inform the readers of this cozy mystery series of what had transpired before the death of the young photographer and the present events surrounding young McKee, the new local town librarian who is on final plans to wedding the town police officer.

What distinguishes Fran Stewart writing from other writings by different authors is the way she presents her characters. For instance, the readers get to intimately know Biscuit right from the wedding plans to her investigation matters. The author also makes vivid descriptions of the town itself, from house to house, yard to yard and every store, occupant, and each proprietor are describe in such a manner that makes her stand out from the other writers and not to mention the comments made by the cat.

Yellow as Legal Pads
The events of the Yellow as Legal Pads takes place after Biscuit wedding ceremony while on their honeymoon in a small hotel proximal to Savannah. Margaret Casperson, a wealthy friend from Martinsville, collapses against their door in the small hotel room. Why would anyone want to kill Margaret Casperson? On the other hand Colly Sloan who appears not to love her job and wishes that she a plumber rather than a police officer is in Savannah in search of her long lost cousin Margaret. This novel takes us through complex weavings and family dark secrets that have spanned for many generations. Bob and Biscuit find themselves in life and death struggle and therefore must investigate and establish the killer on the loose not forgetting the Marmalade the cat who adopted Biscuit McKee in the first book of this series.

This mystery novel is a real suspense; writing is articulate, and there is a good realization of the characters. The author clearly brings out the nature of each character pretty amazing such that the good people are described in a manner that people love them while the villain are made truly villainous. Fran Stewart won the Georgia Author of the Year for writing Biscuit McKee series.

Green as a Garden Hose
McKee decides to go out to for rock climbing with her son Scott. Unfortunately, her first rock climbing attempt ends in a disaster when a woman falls to her death on the same cliff McKee is trying out. She suffers a broken nose as the body of the victim bruises her on the way down. The woman is identified out to be Diane Marie, Was it murder of was it a suicide? Apparently, Martinsville town has three Diane Marie. One which McKee was aware one she liked, one she hated the other and hardly knew the third one.

What follows after this fascinating introduction is an entertaining thriller with serious undertones regarding suicide, domestic violence, and family relationship. Marmalade, the cat, is ever present and taking her crucial role and looking after her special humans. However, she spends most of the time while trying to lead the people in the right direction because she is the only possible witness to the actual events.

The plot of the novel is entertaining, with each scene providing a good flow to the next scene. Naturally, Biscuit is curious of what could have possibly happened and tries to dig deep and investigate to come up with a convincing conclusion on the death of Diane Marie.

Indigo as an Iris
A person is kidnapped in Martinsville, but the real person identity is not yet known for quite some time. Biscuit McKee is looking forward to spending some quality time with her sister Glaze while her husband is away on a course. However, the two have a serious quarrel and Glaze just disappears. In this small town of Martinsville, people do not just disappear without a trace, but this time it happens. Many of the residents of the small town are away on their daily travels- and Reebok the town deputy sheriff is hoping for some crime investigate while his boss and other residents are away.

It is later revealed that Glaze- McKee bipolar sister has an ex-boyfriend in the state penitentiary and the only person who is behind Glaze disappearance and Biscuit best friend Margaret becomes a tool in this game of revenge. However, complications result to mistaken identities, extreme misunderstandings, and a kidnapping terribly gone wrong.

This 5th book in the Biscuit McKee mystery series by Fran Stewart feature secondary characters which are vividly described. The Marmalade, the cat, in this case, tries to help the humans who seem not to understand its way of expression.

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