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Kay Hooper is a high prolific author who has done several novels in her career. She has done over sixty books that have greatly impressed all of her readers. Kay Hooper was born in 1958 in California, United States. He stayed with her father who worked at an air force employee, hence they got the opportunity to stay at the air force hospital base. They never stayed at this place for quite long before the family moved to North California that the family had moved from. This is the place that Kay Hooper attended his school. Unfortunately, she is still single and now stays in a small town in north California. This has given him the opportunity to stay close to his family. She loves cats and kittens that has made her begin a non-profitable rescue organization that she also sits on the board. She began her writing back in the 1980s and up to date, she has done great job that you will always love reading. She attended the East Rutherford High School and went to Isothermal Community College. She has done several books like: ‘The Men of Mysteries Past series’, ‘The Once Upon a Time series’ and ‘The Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series’ among others. All her books are available online and even at the local libraries where you will definitely enjoy reading. Get the books today for a fantastic reading.

The Bishop/Special Crimes Unit (Series by Kay Hooper) is one of her smart series that you Kay has done. The series has a total of sixteen books that are very perfect for you. The genesis book in the series is known as “Stealing Shadows” which was published in 2000. The last book in the series is known as “Fear the Dark” that was done in 2015. The second of the series is entitled “Hiding in the Shadows” that was also done in 2000. This therefore implies that the earliest books of the series are Stealing Shadows and Hiding in the Shadows.

Stealing Shadows

This is the first book of The Bishop/Special Crimes Unit (Series by Kay Hooper). It was written in August 2000 and up to date, it has been highly rated by all its readers. The book has about eighteen editions till date. The main character in the book is known as Cassie Neill who is a psychic. When you read the book, you will find out that Cassie Neill acts in a very unique way because he is very unpredictable. In the first place, we find her aiding the L.A police to find the killers that you can see their terrified faces of their prey as they go in for the kill but unfortunately, they are unstoppable. We find that the makes a very foolish mistake that leads to the death of one innocent child. She therefore decides to fly to a small town in the north of California with the hope of a quiet life will shut the mouths of those who invaded her unwilling mind. The only challenge that Cassie has is that she is only aware of few boundaries. Cassie is somehow certain that the ruthless killer may be stalking Ryan’s Bluff.

Cassie has been able to sense this because Ryann did something foolish and of preserve excitement. Despite Cassie suspecting him, he doesn’t know where bluff will probably strike next or even who is Bluff is really is. The sheriff doesn’t not also care about her and won’t even listen to her. Cassie is not very sure but her thoughts are somehow right. This is proven the time that she finds the first body that was murdered just at the exact point that she had suspected. To find the killer himself, she decides to enter his twisted mind by unmasking him. In every single step that Cassie makes, she is very fearful and uncertain of what will actually happen next. This is because she will certainly be trapped at the same point if she senses her within him. When this happens, she will never find her way out that may bring to a halt of all her investigations.

This is just a small summary of this smart novel. In case you want to find whatever Cassie did in this critical situation, then you need to find this smart books and you will enjoy reading it. The books are available online and even at your local bookshop. The books are relatively cheap and affordable both online and at the libraries. With only sixteen books in the series, you will find it very simple to read them just in a couple of days. Get the novels today for a fantastic reading.

Hiding in the shadows

This is the second book of The Bishop/Special Crimes Unit (Series by Kay Hooper). This novel was published just a month after the genesis book of the series. This therefore implies that the book was published on September 2000. The novel is about terror that waits just out of sight. The protagonist character of the book is known as Faith Parker who has greatly impressed her doctor. Her impression is not by doing something right but by doing something very fearful that her doctor never expected. Faith Parker who is an accident victim has been awakened from the coma that was holding her prisoner for some weeks. Despite this happening, she has can’t tell of what really happened that nearly took away her life. She does not also remember Dinah Leighton, a journalist who visited her while admitted in the hospital. She never recognized her until Dinah went away without her a trace. As Faith recovers, she is disturbed and tortured by the vision of a brutal man that pains her very much. She can’t actually tell who the man is or how does he look like. Besides this, she inexplicable ties her long lost memories of the real friend, Dinah. She tries to get some connection and get some hints about her old friend. She therefore tries to go save her but it is quite impossible because death is talking away both women.

This is just an overview of this novel. Get your copy today to enjoy reading the entire story. They are readily available. The Bishop/Special Crimes Unit (Series by Kay Hooper) is one of the best series that has been done by Kay Hooper.

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    it been a couple of years since we have had a new book. I hope all is well with you and that a new release is right around the corner.

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    Love the Bishop hopefully more will come, I have read all several times Just love all the people in these books they all have their own place . Please do more books love live love them Thank you for such great reads . Judy Matson


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