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Bishop’s Snowy Leap Books In Order

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Publication Order of Bishop's Snowy Leap Books

Kathi S. Barton is a published American author of fiction. She writes novels that are primarily in the romance genre.

Kathi was born in Covington, Kentucky. These days she resides in Nashport, Ohio and is a best selling author. She is married to her best friend, Paul. They have three children together that are all grown and happily married. Kathi gets to be the happy grandmother to her many grandchildren and loves doting on them. When she is not busy spending time with family, the author likes writing, which she finds fun and relaxing.

Barton’s novels have won her awards and a devoted fan base. Kathi writes erotic paranormal romance with dark fantasy elements. While it may not be for every reader, Barton brings a touch of spice to the lives of her readers. She notes that her muse is a man that is like a mix of Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Stewart. She hopes that her writing brings the characters to life in such a way that the readers will want to return continuously to read more of her stories. She loves paranormal romance as a genre, especially when it has a lot of spice to it.

Kathi S. Barton is the creator and the author of the Bishop’s Snowy Leap series of fictional novels. This series first began in 2019, with the publication of the debut book Sawyer. That was followed by the sequel, Chandler. The books are all named after the men in them. If you are a big reader when it comes to the romance genre, love romantic stories, or want to try out something new, check out this series!

Sawyer is the first book in the Bishop’s Snowy Leap series by Kathi S. Barton. This story features the main characters of Raven Addington and Sawyer Bishop.

Raven never had a problem with the way that life was going for her and kind of liked her life just how it was. She has a daughter named Molly and the two are great together. Her mother may not have thought that they would have done this well, but she rarely had anything complimentary to say about anything.

Then there’s Sawyer Bishop. He’s just given the police force his notice even though he could use the cash of a full time job. The thing is that he didn’t want to let his hot tempered partner sabotage his chances of being alive. Matching up with that guy was like transforming into a walking mark. Besides, his parents would be happy with his help on their farm as they really need it, so departing from the force can only be a good thing.

Before he left, he takes a dispatch call since the force is short instead of manning the desk. The call was going to be the last one that he took, and then he’d be free to do whatever. Sawyer gets to the scene and the situation is horrible. The victim is breathing, but just barely, beaten very badly. Sawyer knows that Raven was wealthy, even though he doesn’t know her personally.

Hhe is a shifter Bengal tiger, and Raven is his mate. He can tell from her scent. But with so much money, could they even be compatible since she was much more well-to-do than he was? It was shocking to come upon his intended mate in such a way. He rushes her to the hospital, but when she codes, Sawyer has to act fast and make a choice. Will it pay off or backfire? Read this book to find out!

Chandler is the second book in the Bishop’s Snowy Leap series by Kathi S. Barton. Check out this romance story if you liked the first one!

Sasha Harvard has come back to Ohio to a small town for an unusual reason. Other people can’t talk to the dead, but she can. The ghost of Hailey Riddle had led her to this place and she’s been speaking with those who have passed on for a long time. Sasha’s even worked with the cops, going into the field to try and work cases. She’d been searching for the spirit of Melinda when she found her first.

Melinda was her sister, or so she told Sasha. When she was killed, the man believed she was Sasha at the time. Melinda died of her injuries, but did what she could in order to deliver her child. She was marked, just as Sasha was, and when she had grown older the dead would help to find her. Melinda tells her sister that she wants her to help raise the child. But the man that took her life is still out there and will come to find them due to their abilities.

Sasha wanted someone that could pick her up at her home for a meeting, so she tells Sawyer Bishop. That person is Chandler Bishop, ready to escort her to Bishop’s house. Chandler breaks in when he hears commotion and sees Sasha beaten, a man standing over her holding a bat. Then he just vanishes after Chandler yells at him. She’s surprised that she saw him, telling Chandler that the man was not a vampire. He was dead.

Chandler knows that Sasha’s his mate. Now he’s surprised to find that he might have the ability to see and speak to the dead. If they can find her niece, they can all be a family. But will the two be out of the woods? Or is the killer one step ahead of them? Read this book to find out!

Wesley is the third book in the Bishop’s Snowy Leap series. Wesley thought that when he agreed to let Emmie come stay, he was doing a friend a favor. They got along well and he knew that she wasn’t his mate, so they were free to be friends.

Emmie was looking to get away from her brothers. She wanted Wesley to go with her to meet Penny and her grandfather at the bank to review their accounts. Penny is gorgeous, but Wesley is overwhelmed once he gets her scent. She’s a feisty woman, and now the tiger shifter knows that they’re destined to be mates.

Can he get Penny to try and trust him? Can he keep her safe? Read this book to the last page to find out!

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