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Publication Order of Bitten Point Books

Croc's Return (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Panther's Claim (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Python's Embrace (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gator's Challenge (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bitten Point is a series of romance novels with an element of fantasy by Eve Langlais. Eve is a stay at home mother and full-time author who loves to write romance about aliens, cyborgs, and shapeshifters. The Canadian author is a hybrid author and publishes both as an Indie author and with publishing houses such as St. Martin. Her heroines tend to run the gamut from soft-spoken and shy to those that will laugh and kick a man in the balls. Some of her work does cross the lines and push the boundaries as she often stomps on religious ideologies blurring the lines between good and evil. Her novels also tend to have a lot of sexual tension, given that most of her characters eventually do give in their fleshly desires. As for her heroes, they tend to be strong alpha males, shifters with naked chests with an attitude to die for. Langlais asserts that she has a sarcastic and twisted sense of humor. This is the reason she tends to make most of her characters otherworldly beings or shifters who abduct their women and drive them insane with passion and pleasure.

When she is not writing her novels, she admits to leading a mundane and very boring life. Her idea of fun is cooking, reading, playing video games and shopping at the local Walmart. She gets most of her inspiration from her husband that she describes as a total alpha male that sometimes makes her go crazy. Nonetheless, she loves him dearly despite his overly masculine nature even if she sometimes feels like clubbing him over the head with a frying pan. While she describes her life as boring, it actually is not as she spends most of it thinking about her next romantic and humorous happily ever after story.

Bitten Point by Eve Langlais is a series of novels set in the small town of Bitten point, where the majority of residents are secret shapeshifters. They long to live and love like every other person but their existence is in danger from some people who hate them. They are being hunted and changed into something they are not. It is up to some brave couples to get to the bottom of the mystery and snuff it out before humans find out that there are shapeshifting monsters in their midst. In “Croc’s Return” the first novel of the Bitten Point series, Caleb is croc shifter who had left town in mysterious circumstances to go join the military. His girlfriend, brother, and mother had been really upset with his decision. Five years later he wants to come back to his girlfriend and child but is afraid since his experience in the military may have enhanced his darker animalistic side. In “Panther’s Claim” the second novel we meet Cynthia a spunky and sassy girl with a wolf for a mother and a bear for a father, which made her very wolf-like in temperament. The sexy woman with curves to die for has Daryl the playboy kidnapped and claims his heart without much trying. The funny and witty Daryl wants to be angry but even though he fights his feelings resisting Cynthia is futile and it would seem his days playing the field are over. In “Python’s Embrace,” the third novel a python shifter named Constantine has been trying to figure out the bizarre happenings in Bitten Point. He lives for his Chihuahua Princess and is adamant that whoever wanted to be with him had to love Princess too. And then he meets Aria an eagle shifter on the run from the people responsible for the weird happenings in town. But Aria has lost her memory and while she regains it the attraction and sexual tension between them builds.

“Croc’s Return” is the story of Caleb the crocodile shifter that had left his home town of Bitten Point Florida five years go. He had just upped and left to go join the military without offering an explanation to his loved ones. But now he is back and is not getting the warm welcome he expected from his brother mother or his girlfriend Renny, who is the mother of his now five-year-old son. It will take a lot for his loved ones and friends to accept him and for things to go back to what they were before. Even as he deals with rejection from his family he still has to keep his inner beast leashed as letting him out may destroy everything forever. Moreover, he has been physically and mentally scarred by the experiences in the military which have made him quite a different person than he was before he left. Renny is the one that had been bewildered and hurt the most by Caleb’s desertion and had only recently come back to Bitten Point. She is determined not to rekindle things between her and Caleb but soon learns that it is not that easy. When she thinks that her son is in danger, she calls up Caleb and the closeness rekindles the old feelings.

In “Panther’s Claim” Cynthis is heading to Bitten Point where Ari her best friend has gone missing. Ari had sent her a picture of a sexy feline shifter and that was the last anyone had heard of her since. Cynthia decides to track down the shifter no matter what it takes. Daryl was looking to enjoy himself in town and maybe get lucky after a few drinks in town when he wakes up taped to a chair. He at first thinks it is a prank by his friends only to realize that he had seduced the wrong woman. He does not know how to deal with a crazy yet very sexy woman who had him kidnapped. However, he still feels very attracted to the beautiful and curvaceous woman who has him literally in a bind. He immediately knows that she needs his help and so he agrees to help her. When the dinoman and dogmen begin their attacks he knows that his decision was the correct one. There is something very wrong in Bitten Point and he is determined to find out just what it is. With the mystery deepening as they begin to look for Ari, hell is unleashed on the two shapeshifters. Will they find their happily ever after, now that they are the targets of some cunning people out to kill or turn them into monsters?

In “Python’s Embrace” the third novel of the Bitten Point series, Constatine is a firefighter and mighty python shifter. He is guided by the philosophy; if Princess his dog did not like you neither would he. The Chihuahua is the love of his life and his fierce precious baby until he meets a fiercer competition for his affections. He stumbles upon Aria stumbling out of a swamp caked in mud. It turns out that she is Cynthia’s best friend that they had been searching for. She is an eagle shifter that the cold python want to get cozy with. She had just run away from the lab where shifters were being experimented on and being turned into monsters. But the problem is that she has lost her memory and they have to wait for her to gain it back. It is a race against time to solve the mystery of the people who have turned shifters into monsters that are now terrorizing Bitten Point. Can Constantine keep Aria out of the hands of the people hunting her down?

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