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Publication Order of Bitter Creek Books

Publication Order of Bitter Creek: Mail-Order Bride Books

Texas Bride (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wyoming Bride (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Montana Bride (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackthorne's Bride (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Bitter Creek Collections

The Men of Bitter Creek (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Joan Johnstone is one of the best contemporary and historical romance American novelist. She is the bestselling American author with over 40 historical romances and contemporary novels. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and was the third child out of the seven in her family. She has two children and a grandson. She also has two homes, one Florida while the other is in Colorado. The mother was a music teacher while the father was an Air Force sergeant. She attended various universities where she acquired her degree in theatre arts. In 1970, she got a B.A in theatre arts from the Jackson University. In 1971, she got an M.A in theatre from the University of Illinois, Urbana. Later in 1980, she got a degree in law with honors from the University of Texas Austin. After this, she worked with the Hunton and Williams firm in Richmond, Virginia as an attorney for about five years. Besides this, she also worked as a college professor at the Southwest Texas Junior College, University of Miami and Barry University. Joan Johnstone also worked as a newspaper editor and drama critic in San Antonio, Texas.

She is a great writer who has done several books that are read world-wide. Her historical fiction books are very smart and you can always get them online or locally from the nearest libraries and bookshops. In the Bitter Creek (Series by Joan Johnston), there are ten books that you will find very fantastic. The first book of the series was published in 2000 while the second book was published 2001. These two book currently have nine and six editions respectively, and they are known as “The Cowboy” and “The Texan”. The last book of the series is known as “Shameless” and was published in 2015. These are just but some of the books that make up the series. They are very smart novels that you don’t want miss reading. In order to get your copy, you need to go online and buy or read the book. Alternatively, you can get books at the local libraries and bookshops for an advanced reading.

The Cowboy

This is the first book of the Bitter Creek (Series by Joan Johnston). The book has 400 pages and was first published on 1st February 2000. It has nine editions to date. The setting of the book is based in Texas, a place known of wide and open unbridled ambitions and prairies. The story revolves around two ranching families known as the creeds and the Blackthornes. The Blackthornes have got a son who falls in love with the gorgeous daughter of the Creeds. This is therefore a very passionate and vengeance novel that is full if star crossed love. The two families had been torn apart some eleven years ago and this also separated Trace Blackthorne and Callie Creed. At this time, Trace Blackthorne is one who applies the principles of what he was taught from the cradle. He has decided to take Callie Creed despite since he was always advised to take what he wants. Since Trace has now returned home, he has been made a great offer by a ruthless and hard-eyed stranger. His appeal to Trace is to marry Callie Creed in order to save her family that is really struggling financially. This is a very tough moment since, despite being in love with each other, the past memories of their own families are really haunting them. This is something they had no control over and Callie Creed has to be very prudent in her decision. She makes an impossible decision and very desperate of the family who really needs her and on the other hand, she is also dying to be with the only man she has always loved in her life.

What did Callie Creed do? Did they finally end together? What were the reactions of the two families? These are some unanswered questions that will leave you with a lot of suspension. To get more about the love story, then get this smart romance book and you will definitely love the story created by Joan Johnstone. The books are readily available both locally and online.

The Texan

This is the second book of the series that comes about a year after the publication of the pioneer book. The book was published on 6th March 2001 and has a total of 368 pages. It is another perfect romance novel that has its setting in Texas and still revolves around the Blackthorne and the Creed families. The protagonist character in this novel are known as Ioner Owen Blackthorne and Bayleigh Creed. Owen Blackthorne is described as a lone wolf since he is a man who is only needs himself and no one. Far in his home, Bayleigh Creed appears to her. She is a very beautiful and charming woman who is in search of her missing brother. Owen Blackthorne gives her a warm welcome and very ready to help look for the brother. They, therefore, head into the desolate wilderness of West Texas. This is happening despite their families being mortal enemies. The two have decided to survive together by joining forces. Is it the ruthless wilderness that will try to keep the two together or will they be attracted by the love they have for each other. It is another tough condition for the two since their families have unfinished businesses. Can love go beyond boundaries and put these differences aside. Find out if Owen and Bayleigh really fell in love by getting a copy of the book.

These are the best romance book that you will definitely love reading. With only ten books in the series, you can read the Bitter Creek (Series by Joan Johnston) in a couple of days and you will find it very romantic. It is from this book that you will learn that love is true and despite the past or family differences, it is quite hard to separate two people in love. Go online today to get a copy of the novels or you can visit your local library to read more about the romance books.

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