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Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Black Cat Bookshop Mystery Books

Double-Booked for Death (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Novel Way to Die (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Words With Fiends (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Literally Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Plot Boiler (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twice Told Tail (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ali Brandon comes from Texas where she was born and raised, and her mother used to work in the Texas Tech University. She got herself a degree of Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and currently lives in Florida where she’s been staying for a decade now. Her works have appeared on the New York Bestsellers list on several occasions under different names. Sometimes, her works appear under the name Ali Brandon, Alexa Smart, or Anna Gerrard. Her writing is not just tied to mystery books, or books that feature cats such as the Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries, but she also writes romance novels. She has written a number of highly-acclaimed novellas on romance for Pinnacle Books and Zebra Books. The author has a personal website where all her works and events are listed. Her complete bio can also be accessed from her personal website.

The Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries

This is no ordinary series. All the books in it surround a single bookstore owned by the main human character in the series, Darla. Sequel after another, the reader is taken through a world full of mysterious cases that need to be handled. The cases are complex and only small clues can help. The reader also gets the rare chance to interact with the creative books within the series and relate with the highly developed characters.

This is a series for people who love cozy mysteries. If one loves books and cats, this is definitely it, as there are a tone of good interactions between them. The series also portrays rare human relationships with cats, and how people of different works of life, such as a private investigator and a bookstore owner can relate well. The display of cat’s rare talents is also prominent. Cats and humans make a good pair anyways and this is no exception. Many of the reviews on the book at Goodreads are either 4 or 5 stars. Perhaps this shows how appealing the works are to the readership.

Double Booked for Death

Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries is a continuing series currently on the 5th book. The initial book is the Double Booked for Death which features the characters Darla Pettistone and the cat Hamlet. Darla Pettistone is getting acquainted to the bookstore, having got in the business just a while ago, and she has a new friend Hamlet who has been living in the store before Darla came. Hamlet is just not a regular black cat, it is a smarter-than-though breed with a special capacity to uncover secrets beyond everyone’s imagination. The story begins with the bookstore’s visit by a top selling author and the event ends raw. Everyone is left to wonder how it all happened, but there is someone who can uncover it all. The characters seems to behave normally, but clue by clue, you are lead into the answer.

There are problems to be solved, and this someone must try their level best to uncover what transpired leading to the author’s death. Hamlet, through its adventures, helps a great deal. It is an engaging story that displays rare use of talents, and how unintended turn of events hands over to the next. Throughout the book, Hamlet helps a lot in finding solutions such great mysteries even though its behavior is sometimes unwelcome. The story flows well and suspense is held at a height you’d expect from a top selling mystery book series such as the Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries. The main characters also display a great amount of their abilities and they do not fail to amuse. It is great to talk about amusement on a mystery book, whereby as you keep reading, the mysteries unfold in a funny way. Also, the characters’ behavior is laughable.

A Novel Way to Die

This is the sequel to the Double Booked for Death, i.e, the second book in the series. Darla Pettistone inherits the bookstore from her grandfather and the rare black cat, Hamlet, is still around. It is funny to believe Darla is the owner of the bookstore at any rate, as it seems the cat is the real owner given by the way at which the two influence the operations of the bookstore and the other related events. Darla feels she has to hand over part of the bookstore’s responsibility to someone else and a number of people apply. She ends up sending home most of candidates who do not fit into her strict criteria though, and a lad named Robert, a book lover at heart, gets the job.

Robert has his own secrets. But Hamlet seems to love him a lot and they are able to get along pretty fast. However, a death happens next-door. Hamlet had been roaming the neighborhood and he might just be the key into the solution of the mysterious death. The bookstore owner believes it is murder and the story begins. There is a decent amount of mystery, humor and love in there. The bookstore owner has a crush, Hamlet has a new friend, but there are mysteries to be solved in the neighborhood. All these make a thrilling read. It is however, funny that no one suspects the cat knows anything about what it is doing. This weaves a cozy offering.


There is a lot to desire about mystery books in nature, given their ability to play with one’s imagination to a great extent. This particular book series takes that to the next level by intertwining humans and their pets in a captivating story. Surely, the daily activities of the two parties do not necessarily correlate but the ability of the author to give power to all the characters is amazing. Each character is well developed at the end of the story and the reader can relate all their activities with the characters’ behavior. The writing style too is great. In fact, there is a lot of humor in there plus the story is well woven. It is one of those series that one never get’s enough thrill out of it. This might just be the reason the series is already receiving a fair amount of loyal following from the readers’ community.

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