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Publication Order of Black Dawn Books

By: Caitlyn O'Leary, Samantha A. Cole
Her Steadfast Hero (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Devoted HERO (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Passionate Hero (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Wicked Hero (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Guarded Hero (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Captivated Hero (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Honorable Hero (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Loving Hero (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Black Dawn Series
Black Dawn series is a literary series by Caitlyn O’Leary. A Seattle-born writer who was born in December 1964 and a Pacific Northwest resident; Caitlyn has been writing since January 2014, and has been the California Dreamin’ Conference’s presenter since April 2014. Caitlyn majored in theatre studies at the Washington State University.

Encyclopedic inspiration aside; the one-time dyslexic Caitlyn’s literary influences include: American writer Julie Campbell Tatham, particularly her Trixie Belden series that Caitlyn spun off; David Robbins and Franklin Dixon, especially their Hardy Boys series; and Edward Stratemeyer, especially his Nancy Drew series.
American soldiers-inspired romantic suspense is the niche of Caitlyn whose Passionately Kind Publishing-affiliated publications include her earliest March 2015 book Revealed—book one in her Found series.

Books in the Black Dawn Series
Caitlyn’s Black Dawn¬—named after a fictitious American military unit consisting of Navy SEALs—is her second-most notable series after her Midnight Night series.
Initially dated June 27, 2017; Black Dawn’s book one is titled Her Steadfast Hero. The protagonists: a military investigator named David Sloane; ex-combat medic called Sarah Kyle; and a physician named Dr. Carys Adams.

Her Steadfast Hero’s has a Californian setting—in Las Flores, Orange County—that is reeling from a disastrous earthquake, notably missing people that include jail escapees. The earthquake’s aftermath prompts David’s mandate to especially extract international humanitarian workers, including army widow Sarah (her spouse Matt died in action) who reunites with him after a four-year-long separation. When the fleeing escapees attack Sarah’s workplace in absentia, wherein her colleague Dr. Carys is targeted for a kidnap-for-ransom, it prompts the David-led Black Dawn unit’s timed search-and-rescue mission.
Originally dated September 25, 2017; Black Dawn’s book two is titled Her Devoted HERO—its protagonists are Kenna Wright whose heroic protector is named Dexter “Dex” Anthony Evans. Kenna is a selfless single mother of one whose son Austin is aged 15; an unconfident ex-wife nicknamed Mary Poppins (or SNMP), Kenna is a medic and personal secretary too. Nicknamed SailorBoy69, Dex is a Navy SEAL attached to the Black Dawn unit, where his specialty is computer technician.
Dex and Kenna’s romantic email correspondence sparks their extended online relationship on CaliSingles, an online dating service. However, Kenna’s rich employer, named Rosalie Randall, is a villain who interferes with the lovers’ romance. Buddy and his grandmother Rosalie’s desire to spy on Kenna’s online dating-related communication—and are interested in acquiring CaliSingles—mysterious relates to a serial killer who has already claimed her medic colleague and is possibly targeting Kenna too, prompting Dex’s protective instinct.

Initially dated January 30, 2018; Her Passionate Hero is book three of the Black Dawn series. Set in East Los Angeles, the protagonists are American-Czech schoolgirl Aliana Novak and a relatively older Black Dawn unit member Hunter Diaz. Hunter used to shield his one-time schoolmate Aliana from bullies during their schooling days. He is handy again when, according to his adoptive grandmother, street gangs start intimidating Aliana who has since survived an assassination. Thus, Aliana and Hunter reunite after a 13-year-long separation, where identifying—and protecting her from—her hired assassin and rekindling their mutual feelings are his priorities.

Originally dated April 17, 2018; Black Dawn’s fourth book is titled Her Wicked Hero whose protagonists are Dante Zaragoza (nicknamed Zed), a Black Dawn unit member, (of Mexican origin and from Los Angeles), and Marcia Price whom her captors claim that she a daughter of a NSA leader named Harold Brockman. There is a Dante-led Black Dawn unit’s search-and-rescue mission for Marcia and his father Harold, who are among eleven yacht passengers unaccounted for while cruising in the Far East.

Dante is obsessed with saving the attractive Marcia who is a captive of a deranged blackmailer-and-rogue ex-Navy SEAL called Raymond—the captive and captor are settling scores. The ensuing coordination between Dante and Marcia has a romantic twist.

First dated September 18, 2018 and set in Lake Tahoe; Black Dawn’s fifth book is Her Guarded Hero whose protagonists are Dalton Sullivan, another Black Dawn unit member, and potential murder victim Aurora Chance who is seemingly targeted for rescuing horses. Dalton is hiking when he chances upon Aurora who is nearly killed while horse riding. Aurora assists her selfless, self-appointed protector to overcome his traumatizing family tragedies, thereby prompting a mutual dependence.

Initially dated December 31, 2018 and with a Middle Eastern setting; Black Dawn’s sixth book is Her Captivated Hero whose protagonists are Lieutenant Gray Tyler, a Black Dawn unit’s commanding officer, and a government virologist-and-military consultant named Riya Patel who previously acquainted with each other in his colleague’s party. Hereby, Gray is mandated to protect—and he does it obsessively—Riya who is ordered to spearhead efforts to contain a viral outbreak meant to notably eliminate Jordanian royals. Upon reuniting, her brilliance and charm during their mission impossible attracts the unmarried Gray who reciprocates with heroic protectiveness for her against bioterrorists.

Originally dated November 21, 2016 and has a Canadian setting; Protecting Hope is both Black Dawn’s seventh book and Caitlyn’s other Midnight Delta series’ book 5.5 because it incorporates cross-team members—also Midnight Delta military team. Protecting Hope’s protagonists are Griffin Porter, yet another Navy SEAL, and government analyst Miranda Slade. The fellow train passengers recognized each other from their months-long train journeys three years previously, when the survivors bonded—the couple has a daughter too—following a fatal and traumatizing coastal train crash. Now, Griffin is shielding his young family from the deathly mockery of Miranda’s enemy.

First dated May 21, 2019; Black Dawn’s eighth book is Her Loving Hero whose protagonists are Emily Hoag and her love interest, a Navy SEAL member named Wyatt Leeds. Emily, whose Middle Eastern sojourn traumatized her during her father’s ambassadorial stint in Oman, wants her go-to helper Wyatt to assist her kith and kin who are involved with terrorists.

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