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Publication Order of Black Flagged Books

Black Flagged Alpha (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Flagged Redux (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Flagged Apex (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Flagged Vektor (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Flagged Omega (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Covenant (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inception (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vindicta (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chronologically, Inception is a prequel short story to the series and Covenant is a short story to be read prior to Omega.

Black flagged is a series created by Steven Konkoly.Black Flagged takes place in the modern world focused around secret originations and the lucrative inner workers of the military and government. It involves global threats that could jeopardize the world as we know it. The story is a fast paced thriller with twists and turns ready to come out around every corner as you are left not knowing what to trust. It is a Black-ops talethat keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

About the Author

Steven Konkoly uses his military experience as a light basis for the series. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1993 with a bachelor of science in English literature. He served eight years on active duty traveling the globe as a naval officer. His experience directing operations, taking commands from officers, and working beside others helped to nourish his understanding of military protocol that became infused in his books.

Steven spends his time with his family. His time is focused around writing novels. He is a bestselling author and creator of ten novels and several novellas. He has created several other series such as Wayward Pines, The Fractured State, and The Perseid Collapse. His books are focused on grittier tones being faster paced stories giving the reader little time to breathe as he keeps the plot moving forward.

Starting off Black Flagged

The series of Black Flagged is focused upon a man named Daniel Petrovich. He is venerated as the most skilled solider created by the Department of Defense’s Black Flag Program. Having entered retirement, he finds himself ensnared by blackmail and forced to serve on one final mission.He enters into a ruthless federal manhunt and enters a “24-style” race against the clock to stop his dark secret past from being exposed.

His survival wanes on uncovering his own past. He must learn to access his dark identity that had few moral boundaries and loyalty to almost no one. He cannot trust anyone as even a close friend could possibly be an enemy. He only has himself and his expert combat skills to keep himself alive. He uses his black-ops training to accomplish his mission.

Black Flagged is a gritty, heart-pounding series. Its rapid pace keeps the reader on the edge as Daniel’s foes force him to keep moving ahead. Twists and turns fill the story as each character you meet leaves you questioning if they might be friend or foe. It will leave you in suspense wondering where the story might go as moral ambiguity fills the book.

Gritty action peppers the book delivered in a realistic sounding way to keep it from sounding to farfetched with some sense of plausibility. Once the action starts the book continues to provide a constant roller coaster ride full of intrigue to keep the reader involved. As a reader you feel as if you are in Daniel’s shoes having to act quickly in order to get through the problem in one piece. Political intrigue and action sets build the tension in the start of the four book series.

The Series in Brief

The story takes place over 4 books. The 1st book Alpha: A Black Flagged Thrilleracts as a prequel to introduce the world and characters. It works to build up the story and introduce the organization. It establishes Daniel Petrovich and his push out of retirement to work to expose a problem and protect his dark secrets from being exposed to the world.

The second story Redux: A Black Flagged Thriller begins 2 years after the original story. A newly formed black-ops organization is brought into action. They are charged with stoping a bioweapon from being finished. With many enemies more than willing to obtain it, they must stop a Russian scientist named Anatoly Reznikovfrom completing the since retired bioweapons program.

Apex: A Black Flagged Thriller the third title in the four part series continues from the events of the second book as the threat of a biological weapon being unleashed lingers even closer than it has before. The black ops team is sent to uncover what the threat might be. Filled with more twists and turns, the stakes are brought up another notch as a new threat becomes even more eminent.

Vektor: A Black Flagged Thriller is the final story in the four book series. It continues from the third bood as political intrigue builds. Russia begins to act more on their own accord as they square off against the United States as events from the early books shape the political tension between the nations. The team is sent in order to try and deescalate the situation, as the risk of another Cold War is brewing between the nations.

The series plays off one another in order. Each book culminates building upon the last. Alpha: A Black Flagged Thriller serves as a prequel, although its plot and character development help to establish the books following it making them easier to understand and get into the characters. The books each keep the fast pace working off one another helping to pull you through the series as a whole. It completes a full tale able to give unique segments of the story to conclude while keeping the same general plot flowing.


The Black Flagged series is developed upon the concept of a gritty world. High-octane action is meant to give a continuing sense of tension throughout the series. The underlined aspect of the story is the idea of politics and the intricate webs they spin. Several elements of conflict in the series involve not a complete enemy but an ally and the difficulty of finding a resolution. This likely references the difficulty between different branches of government or military bodies’ often functioning apart growing conflict despite being on the same side. This is expanded upon to reference countries that might have a similar goal but work against one another.


The Black Flagged stands as an excellent four book series for those who love black ops tales, political intrigue, and a fast moving plot. Its constant twists and turns leave the reader wanting to find out more with a constant feeling of tension flowing through each book.

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