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Publication Order of Black Knights Inc. Books

Black Knights Inc. is a series of romance novels from bestselling writer Julie Ann Walker. The novels follow a group of smart, sexy heroes and the women around whom their lives begin to revolve.

+The Story

Black Knights Inc. is a covert team of elite ex-military specialists. Operating behind the façade of their motorcycle shop, they encounter many dangers during exploits that see them kick ass and deliver justice to the deserving, even while struggling with inescapable desires and uncontrollable lusts.

Described as romance/suspense, the Black Knights Inc. series emphasizes the men of Black Knights Inc.

Each member of the team brings a unique attribute to the table, their individual traits often manifested in the tricked-out motorcycles they ride and the women they eventually find themselves struggling towards and away from. Loyal and Brave, Julie Ann Walker’s stories are typically purposed towards creating dangerous scenarios that force her heroes to contend with the women they are enamored with for better or worse, the resulting thrill ride allowing the heroes and heroines of each novel to achieve a sense of contentment.

Julie Ann Walker’s series has been compared to the works of authors like Allison Brennan, Nora Roberts and Suzanne Brockmann to mention but a few.

+The Author

A New York Times Bestseller and Author of Award-Winning romantic suspense novels, Julie Ann Walker was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Growing up in a house filled with women (three older sisters), Julie’s young life never wanted from drama or romance.

The moment she learned to read, her mother enrolled her in a book club, this sparking her insatiable appetite for the written word. It was hardly surprising that writing came so naturally to her. She would go on to win numerous writing contests in high school, at one point holding the position of senior Editor of her school’s newspaper, The Tiger’s Tale.

With reading and writing coming so naturally to her, Julie began to search for greater intellectual challenges during her college years. Eventually receiving a Bachelor of Science degree and teaching advanced Mathematics in High School, Julie Ann Walker enjoyed the time she spent working with her students; though her love for teaching did little to overcome her desire for reading.

Indeed, she often looked forward to the hours she would spend curled up in front of the fire, losing herself in her books. Julie blames her husband for encouraging her to experiment with writing as a career.

Julie Ann Walker has won numerous awards over the years, these including the Romance Writers of America’s RITA award and the Book Buyers Best award, this not including the nomination she received for the National Readers Choice Award.

Julie loves hiking, cycling, camping, traveling, and reading.

+Hell on Wheels

Nate ‘Ghost’ Weller cannot remember a time when he did not love Ali Morgan. But, having done something so heinous, so unforgivable that he doesn’t think she could look at him the same way if she discovered the truth, Nate has endeavored to keep his feelings to himself.

When Ali Morgan blows into town with the motherload of bad guys on her trail, Nate cannot deny her plight, not when he might be the only one capable of helping her.

To Ali, Nate is as solemn and aloof as they get. He might also be the sexiest man she’s ever known. Despite secretly yearning for his touch, Ali has spent years avoiding him, thrown off by his dark scowls and brooding silence. Now, Nate might be the only person she can rely on to escape the malevolent shadows haunting her every move. Can their love conquer all, or are some secrets too hideous to forgive?

The first book in the Black Knights Inc. series, Hell of Wheels is mostly what you might expect from a romance novel, emphasizing the seemingly burgeoning and sometimes waning relationship between protagonists Ali and Nate.

Hell on Wheels is targeted towards a very specific reader; individuals with little interest in this particular genre might take offense to this novel, especially the seemingly juvenile nature of the Ali/Nate love story, the strange rationale of ex-military specialists choosing the heaviest and least maneuverable of motorcycles to execute missions, the rather lackluster capabilities of the supposedly badass Nate and so on and so forth.

Those fans of romance, though, will forgive these elements in favor of Julie’s strength, this including Ali and Nate’s cute interactions, the lovable characters, decent sex scenes and a laugh or two. Even among fans of romance, though, the opinions surrounding Hell on Wheels are quite varied, with some readers less than enthused by the simple plot and incongruous action elements.

+In Riders Trouble

Becky ‘Rebel’ Reichert is never far from trouble. It always finds her, no matter her determination to stay on the safe road. Frank Knight is one such manifestation of trouble, suddenly showing up at her door and determined to use her motorcycle shop as a cover for his elite team of special ops.

Becky’s pride has always been in her ability to hang with the big boys, driving, welding and shooting with the best of them.

Mayhem is Frank’s way of life. The last thing he wants is for one reckless blonde to come within fifty feet of anything that could go boom. It’s just his luck when she’s taken as a hostage in an increasingly dangerous situation at sea. Determined as she might be to stand on her own, Frank will get her back, whether she thinks she needs him or not.

IN Rides Trouble doesn’t differ that greatly from its counterparts within this genre; the second novel in the Black Knights Inc. series, readers can expect to encounter every romantic cliché they know, this including two leads that are drawn to one another but have continued to fight their attraction for reasons that might not be as rational as they presume.

Along with tormented pasts, the eventual release of sexual tension and a thrilling scenario that brings the entire saga together, Julie Ann Walker’s novel, while doing little that is new, manages to entertain. The characters drive the show, their romance perfectly paced and delivering at every front. While hardly the best of Julie Ann Walker’s novels, this sequel to Hell on Wheels none the less delivers.

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